Little Stories 22 : Passion and Defensiveness

October 05, 2012

Did I ever told you? If I can list down my passion :
  1. Travel
  2. Books & Writings
  3. Arts
It always circulate around that. 

Later last night, someone sent me a message asking me on similarity with other blogger. First on my doodle - which is fine, because I've accepted the fact that my doodles are quite easy to imitate and I try to ignore it as much as I can and take it as a compliment *or at least I am trying to. Second, on my writing and topics - which I suddenly became too defensive. One thing I learned about myself is I found books and the art of writing are sacred. I don't want to share , let alone imitate or copy other writer - ditto letting other people speak in my voice. 

This is my personal thoughts and I try to find my voice in my writing - which is hard to achieve. English is not my native language, but I love it nontheless - it gives me a chance to connect to the world much bigger than here. 

So last night I accidently opened the Pandora box and became a human and whined so much to Mr.S about it. I whined like a teenager. Like a drama-queen. Like a mean bitchy girls in  high-school they always show in the telly. 

I went home and slept the whole night, dreamed about going to Thailand and woke up at almost 7am. I wrote this fast enough at the lab in the morning because I arrived early just to let this out.

I learned several things :
1. Sometimes even how hard I try to be calm and find zen, there will be a moment when other energy will try to slap my head from the back and say "wake up, be human once in a while". 
2. Acceptance is still something I need to learn. If I get too defensive in the future when someone say I imitate other people again, I'll slap my own head from the back.  
3. Take imitation as a compliment. 
4. Ignore the world and keep on writing.
Real winners do not compete.

2 comments on "Little Stories 22 : Passion and Defensiveness"
  1. I think it can feel good to whine like a teenager once in a while. We females need to especially. ^^ Love your final statement.