App : Runkeeper

October 09, 2012

Hello !

A mobile application that I love to use during my exercise : Runkeeper.
There is also a web-based edition for Runkeeper.
Click here for iPhone version and here for Android version.

Features that I love :

1. Easy to use and straight forward
When I go out jogging, I will click open the application, choose an activity : running or walking, and click on the "Start Activity" button right away. It will then automatically track my location, how far, time, map, and such. 
Why it helps? It is a very convenient application to use. Click "Start" and off you go !


2. Achieving your Goal
I am aiming for 50 km running and 30 km of walking in 3 months.
Runkeeper gives you a platform to keep track your goals.
Why it helps ? Tracking how far you've achieved and how much farther you need will keep you on your track. Well, at least it helps me. 3 km more to go before aiming for 100 km run ! :D


3. Save your Activities 
How far, when, map, time taken to complete it, how much calories burned and such.


4. Share and tweet.
Why it helps? Everything is about social network nowadays! Share it with your friends, compete, drag them along. 


The web based can 
- list down events that you can join near you
- find street team
- save your routes & share
- make training plans
- give you visual statistic like this :


I work as a conceptual designer for mobile application and during my free time, I explore the beautiful wonder of arts in current digital medium mainly in tablets and smart phones. I'll share my finding here from time to time. Enjoy the geeky side of me ! :D - azreenchan

2 comments on "App : Runkeeper"
  1. wow, interesting. This might help me keep track of how much I'd run as I love to jog.
    But, since you said that it keeps track of the maps and everything, I was wondering, if it requires gps is it? thus requires internet connection is it?

  2. Well, if you have 3G, you can just use GPS tracking method, if you are offline, you can just use manual entry.

    Knowing how far you have ran is good enough for manual entry. Because usually smartphones are not installed with built-in pedometer, if I'm not mistaken, so it can't count your steps or anything like it.