October 30, 2012

If you love bright, modern, simple concept, say hello to Muji. It is a no-brand brand from Japan. Easily said, imagine IKEA for Swedish, Muji for Japanese, I guess Mydin is for Malaysian. Ha. It sells everything from small things like crafts & stationaries, to big things like furnitures and houses

I first found out about Muji from their Muji House while I was feeding my curiosity on small-concept architecture. I guess I fell in love with their brand. 

The first Muji was opened on 1983 in Japan, much older than I am !

There is one Muji in Pavilion, and yeay to another brand new Muji opening soon in Mid Valley this December. There won't be that huge pet store I used to go to anymore, Muji took over those 2 levels shop :D

Here, feed your curiosities :

Ps : Price range is not the same as Daiso though. 

3 comments on "Muji"
  1. thanks! and now im in love with Muji!

  2. but the one we have in pavi is not as big as in Manila though. i'm hoping they will put more stuffs in the shop.

  3. Izza, I bet the one they are building in Mid is much larger, or it seems like it. They are still closing the area tho.

    Me too awesome trio, I'm glad you do :D
    Say hello to little Addin for me!