Little Things 131 : Pi's Snippet

One scene in Life of Pi when Pi asked Anandi about her dance routine :
Pi : In the dance, you went from Pataka, which means the forest, and then you did-then you did Samputa, which means something that is hidden, and after that you did this... and then you did Chatura. But at the very end you did this.. None of the others dancers did that. What did you mean? 'The God of love is hiding in the forest? '
Anandi: No, that also means the Lotus flower.
Pi : Lotus flower is hiding in the forest? Why would a Lotus flower hide in the forest?
(Her friends giggled and she looked slightly embarrassed)


In Hinduism & Buddhism, lotus flower associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. So there's 2 3 possible meanings :
  1. Symbol of a quest, lotus flower hidden in the forest, or enlightenment hidden in deep place that is hard to go ie; the forest or spiritual awakening is something that is hard to achieve.
  2. Symbol of sexuality, 'the god of love' or the lotus flower, hidden in the forest. Some Asian mythology also symbolizes female organ as lotus flower. So, something beautiful like a flower, hidden in the forest, you know what I mean? That's probably why Anandi blushed and her friends giggled. Well said for something that is a bit personal and intimate.
  3. Should I even elaborate more on this?
  4. There is no meaning, just a lotus flower hidden in the forest. :D


Anandi wasn't even existed in the book so this part was probably added by someone other than Yann Martel (*maybe the producer or scriptwriter). But even for such a simple snippet added with symbolic meaning, thus makes the whole production pretty much aaawe-some. And to think there is a meaning and story in every dance steps, pheww.

2 comments on "Little Things 131 : Pi's Snippet"
  1. review ni hasil sendiri atau ambil dari mana mana source? atau dua dua sekali.

    1. Review ini hasil curiosity sendiri dan research sesuka hati.
      Haha. Tiada pengesahan daripada Ang Lee atau Yann Martel.

      The dance steps might meant nothing at all pun agaknya :D