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Tooth Story - the Root Canal Treatment & the New Crown

October 31, 2020

When I'm started writing this, I already finished my third root canal treatment. 
All these happened in around 6 weeks, the treatment was once a week. 

I came to the clinic in May 2020 for a consultation at a private dental clinic, right after they changed PKP to PKPB. If money is a big issue (since the MCO), then why did I went to a private clinic? It was because my right molar was broken, it was a huge one, it was broken before Sofi was even here, I was heavily pregnant during that time and having a major dental treatment wasn't advisable. So I waited for almost a year to deal with this. Even the old crown was now missing. So I needed a new one, and I needed one fast because my gum became sensitive and it felt more and more uncomfortable. But thank God I was never in pain.  

I knew if I went to KK, the doctor will just remove the molar completely because it was too big, the molar was problematic since I was in school and it was broken for the third time (if I'm not mistaken). It wasn't even a hole anymore, just a huge remaining to put a crown on. So the option at KK would be : remove the molar or a root canal treatment (scheduled probably next year). I couldn't wait that long anymore. 


The Root Canal Treatment fees :
  • Consultation - RM 50
  • 1st treatment - RM 300
  • 2n treatment - RM 300
  • 3rd treatment - RM 300 + RM 100 (for small molar filling next to the broken molar)

The new crown :
  • RM 800 (payment divided into 2 sessions)

The pain :
During the treatment I was shot with a mild anaesthetic that numb my right jaw, so I hardly feel pain. Maybe only once or twice during the treatment when the doctor put some chemical to kill the nerve (?) because it was a strong one, or during the shot itself when he started the treatment. Most of the time I felt uncomfortable, closing my eyes helped me avoid the unnecessary pain of imagination. Holding something also helped calming me down.

After the first treatment, later that evening when the anaesthetic wore off, I did feel pain. It was hard to eat, I made porridge and even that was hard to eat. But it was still mild to moderate level of pain. They gave me pain killer but I didn't need it because it was manageable. The next two treatments was not painful at all. 


The Duration :
  • Root canal treatment : The first treatment was the longest one, probably around 30-40 minutes, the 2nd treatment was around 10-15 minutes and the third one was around 20-30 minutes.  
  • Putting on a new crown : Just uncomfortable, the first session was to make a mould of my new fake molar, it took awhile (maybe around 20 minutes ?), and the doctor put a temporary filling so it won't be exposed for a week - I had to use my left side to chew and avoid the right side. The next session is when the doctor put the new crown (also around 20 minutes). 
  • That's it

A lot of things happened during the treatment, it was scary to be the one lying down for sure. But the pain level were mild, it was mostly uncomfortable. So if you need one, just go and deal with it because the longer you wait, the worse treatment you'll be needing.

I think having a filling done to the next molar was more painful than the whole root canal treatment itself because the nerve is still viable. The doctor mentioned that I have a start of a new small holes that needed fillings on my left molars and wisdom tooth. He reminded me to get them done soon =.= 

I felt disappointed. I've been taking a good care of my dental hygiene since I was in school (meaning that I brush my teeth twice - never missed, I floss, and I use mouthwash). Sure they are all straight and even all my wisdom teeth came out at the right places but my teeth are so weak. This keep on happening =.= Now all 5 out of 6 of my lower molars got fillings and 1 crown. 


By the time I finished writing this, several months passed after the treatments.
I still feel uncomfortable with the new molar, I'm not sure what. It is not pain, just a tingling feeling inside the root (different than before). The doctor said that the nerve is no longer functioning so I shouldn't feel pain or anything, I'm not sure what this feeling is. 

Well, I survived a root canal treatment in 2020 and it wasn't that bad.

Little Things 244 - Shikataganai

October 26, 2020

There are certain things in life that we can't change.

I've stayed at home for more than a year now, since I had Sofi. We hardly go out. We don't really go to public places or gatherings even before the pandemic. Sure it wasn't healthy, but I was determined to not let her be sick from cold or flu or fever for at least a year. I tried my best to let her grow in a controlled environment (which isn't healthy I know being sick is a part of growing to have a strong immunity).

Because I'm always worried, anxious. 


I'm trying to have a peace of mind nowadays.

'Shikataganai', letting go of things that can't be changed or helped. I'm trying to not be controlled by things that I can't do anything about. 

For example like how the pandemic is still the hottest topic in our daily life and every single day is a reminder about it. I'm already staying at home and we are taking all the precaution : wash hands, clean up and sanitize things from the outside world. I don't know what else could I do to avoid this pandemic. 

So I try not to feed my mind with fear. I've already tried my best to prevent it, I rather not have my daily life affected by thinking about the possibilities, every hour, every day. 

That's when shikataganai comes in, I need to be reminded to stop worrying about things that I can't do anything about. Still try to have a normal life, but at home, in a safe space. Letting go of the "what-ifs". I'm accepting that I've tried my best, and if bad things still happen, it is things that can't be controlled. 

I can't be afraid of living. 

I can't live in fear. 


Stay safe everyone. 

I hope you are well and I hope we can all survive this together.