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Little Things 86 : Keseronokan Kecil 2

Antara yang seronok,

21. Balik rumah, ma masak sup daging. *sup daging is my favorite and I know she cooked for me, especially.
22. Random ice-cream yang my siblings belanja tanpa minta.
23. Dedikasi IG photo.
24. Tengok passport sendiri dan berangan.
25. Tanda 'right' kat To-Do list.
26. Tengok orang bawa buku, baca buku.
27. Jiran rumah yang tak pernah tegur tapi senyum je dari jauh.
28. Awan datang melekat waktu baru balik kerja & tengah makan.
29. Dapat minum Cocoa Latte Chatime.
30. Budak-budak kecik datang office.
31. Tanya azmi :  " Dah baca dah blog post hari ni? ", "Dah".
32. Baca blog manusia yang suka tulis guna font size halus.
33. Bila buku doodle sudah penuh dan mula buku doodle baru.
34. Orang tak kenal repost ayat-ayat personal di Tumblr.
35. Tengok muka orang sebelah waktu tengok cerita scary.
36. Minum neskapi pagi-pagi. *ini adalah personal addiction, wuwu.
37. Dapat idea, tak kira merapu ke tak.
38. Bila ma kata : " Reen kalau mesej, suka type ayat2 belia ".
39. Super mini escapism, untuk aktiviti hujung minggu. *Kalau mini escapism adalah keseronokan besar :D Kalau escapism adalah ultimate keseronokan. Hewhew.
40. Orang beli sticker doodle.

Ini scheduled post dari cerita jam 3.30 pagi sebab baru bangun daripada tidur yang awal.
Ada sedikit pening2 unggas.

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Supermoon Attacks !

It is today ! 23rd June 2013, you can see the biggest full moon in 2013. It will be at the closest point to the Earth, and will appear about 12% larger & 30% brighter :D Read here. 

Tonight we can dance in the forest under the moon light and give offering to the moon spirits! And if you are lucky and the chosen one, you may receive kristal perak khayalan and send off to the moon *Sailormoon theme song blastering in the room - tiiiiiiba-tiba keajaiban terjadi, kekuuuatan muncul di diri, tenet tenet tenenenet. Untuk melawan semua kejahatan, kekuatanku harus digunakan, menegakkan segala kebenaran, ini keajaiban alam. Aku mempercayainya, ini keajaiban alam ! 


Update : I watched the moon last night and that was ze' most beautiful thing I saw in this month. Jerebu kalah, yeay !

Event : Evangelione Doll Exhibition


I went to Pipit little shop to restock my sticker sets and good timing, there was an exhibition by Evangelione ! Miss Tako made so many hand-made little dolls playing around the area. So take a visit and hunt their photos :D I met Miss Tako, bought one of her postcard and asked for her signature.

Evangelione Doll Exhibition
22nd - 30th June 2013
12pm - 7pm

Pipit Zakka Store,
click here for their address.



Mini Escapism : Melaka 3

Things I love in Melaka : Jonker Walk area

I was lost in this area, originally I planned to walk through the Jonker Street but decided to walk farther. It was a really hot day, I was squinting my eyes, trying to walk pass cars in the small lane. I arrived at rows of old shops, marked with the year it was built on the top of the building. Small temples, countless hostels and guest houses, bars too early to be opened, little personal factories, and little bookstore that sold old comics and second hand books. 

Precious roads, a walk that gave my face two-tone colours, to really signify the hot afternoon walk.

So, I didn't even went pass Jonker Street that day. 
I was lost in between, and found my way out.




Things I love in Melaka : Holy Places

Enchanting colours, beautiful cravings, and positive energy.


Mini Escapism : Melaka 2

Things I love in Melaka : Old Buildings

I think I yearned for old buildings in my every journey. I feel like I've been living a thousand years, repeating in loops. I tried to remember any encounters from my previous lives but failed. But I know, I know certain things inside me are scraps from the past.

Here is to the famous Portuguese fortress in Melaka, A Famosa - 'the famous'. 

Reach the highest level of Taming Sari and create your own version of the history, because it's actually there in front of you. You can see the river, the fortress on the hill, how strategic it was at that time, imagine the plan and attack - if you play Command & Conquer, you'll know what I mean. It just makes sense.

And touch those wall & huge bricks !



Event : Arts for Grab & KLAB 2013

I went to Kuala Lumpur Alternative Bookfest (KLab) in Annexe Gallery, Central Market yesterday. I haven't been to the city by public transportation for awhile so I let my brother lead the way - surprisingly I can't remember any of the routes, it was totally on him. 


We arrived there around 1pm, finally felt the cold air-cond in the gallery and started to visit every small booths. One that caught my eyes was 'Rumah Ibadat Kita', it's a project by our local youth on mapping the spiritual places in Malaysia. I bought their nice notebook with 'Have a HOLY Day' printed on it and received the map to Brickfields' spiritual journey. In the map, you can choose a hour walk or 2 1/2 hours walk, visiting all the temples, mosques, churches in Brickfield area. I wish they have other copy for Melaka map. 

They wanted to promote religious understanding between different faiths in Malaysia and I think that is a great idea ! +bonus : nice-creative designs too.


After I visited the Arts for Grab area, I went to the independent book publishers lane, and boy that was nice. There was 2 long rows of booths selling books and zines. I've never really followed their evolution religiously, but I know it just started several years ago and it was overwhelming. 

Book designs evolved, it is not as typical as it used to. There's artistic value and concept - far much better. The variations, the people, the supports. 

Bought several books with discount and wished I bought more :


Siapa yang termiss event ini,
cuba lagi lain kali. 
Wihu !

Doodle : Kawan Lama

Boleh jadi hari memperingati kawan-kawan lama.
Teringat tiap-tiap hari post gambar donut dengan kopi.
Dia kata yang paling best adalah adrenaline dan anonymity.

Kita jalan-jalan di tanah asing.
Besarnya dunia,
jumpa sekali seumur hidup.

Mana sekarang ?
Lama betul hilangnya.

Ini doodle sempena teringat hari-hari itu :


Dan lagi seterusnya :


Bila rasa kebebasan , melukis untuk diri. 
Guna pensel dan pemadam saja.

Little Things 85 : Lost Brotherhood

Remember when we were all 15, we talked about which one of us will get married first? We pointed fingers to the girls and predicted their age when it will happen. Always to us, the girls, because the boys got too much to do, too many things to achieve. 23, 24, 25, 26, 27. 

I'll probably will be married much much later than all of you.
No, you'd be the first. 

Years went by and slowly they got married. 
And you. Of all people, you got married, the soonest among us all.
I went to your wedding, despite my dislike to the ceremony, because you were one of my closest friend. The brotherhood. Our brotherhood. The remembrance of being accepted as one of the self-claimed boys league. Maybe I was too cool to be one of the girls, or maybe they just said that I was one of them for the sake of it. For that, I was never sure. But being one was cool enough.

I never appreciated the time when I can be one of your lepak-lepak friend. I thought I wasn't going to miss us all. But it changed when I found out that you were going to get married to the person who can't even hear my name. 
Eventually you got married and we can't be friends anymore. 
I was happy for you but it hurt a little bit. 

Now you are going to be a father.
And who would have thought, of all the people, you'd be the first.
God, I am excited, I am happy, for both of you. I wish I can be among you guys, to see the little one grow up in front of my eyes. I love kids, everyone knows that. Can we pretend that I am still one of the brotherhood member and let me be a part of that ? 
Or I guess better not - 

Little Stories 57 : 080613

Yesterday was my dad's 58th birthday. 

We went to his house, watched movie, ate lunch+dinner, he cooked for us this amazing nasi minyak special and oven-baked chicken. He also made this delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese as perfect as it is possible. He gave each of us - girls a present, black pearl bracelet. 

He took a lot of pictures, he recorded us all. He missed us, and it's killing me. 

Can I not talk about my parents without holding up my tears? Hardly. I love them to bits, they made me human, I learned about life from both of them in hard and indirect ways. I keep on digging for lessons in every encounter. We had a hard time growing up, but it's a never-ending process - no one said it was going to be easy. Without them both, I would never be here typing this down.

Seeing them growing older is tough for me. I wish I have more time, I wish I have more to offer, I wish I could give both of you the world.   

And to tell I love you. 
Every day, every night. 
So that you will always remember that you have me.


I wish it is easy, to love someone so relentlessly.
I wish it is easy, to look in someone's eyes and say that you love them.
I wish it is easy, to let them hold your heart in their hand.
I wish these are all easy.


And to you, 
Happy Birthday too. 

Mini Escapism : Melaka

I lingered through the old city, trying to find something new that I've never seen before. It was a hot day, sweat dampened the back of my shirt. I held my iPhone on my left hand while my right hand touched the texture of the wall. Mosses dried up on the wall, holding names of the passerby. 

I wanted the experience, I needed to feel something to be inspired. 
Two hours in the bus to Melaka from TBS with the return ticket that I bought the day before and another half an hour to Bandar Hilir from Melaka Central by the local bus - that they called Panorama, looked exactly like our Rapid KL. 

The crowd was over-whelming, maybe because of the school holiday, or maybe the old city was never really empty from the tourist. I walked and walked on the familiar route, sometimes I stop to take photos and sometimes just to be there and feel. I am not sure how other people feel when they go to places, do they experience it like I do ? Do they listen to the wind and old trees ? Do they touch those textures ? Do they watch the people ? Do they get lost and find new routes ?

I guess people should go to each place several times. The first time is to see everything - this would be fast, we hardly notice little things, the second and several more times are much slower, to repeat things that they like to do while they are there and to walk around, and more than that is by purpose , to be completely aware of the surrounding, to find new things to learn, to explore and feel inspired.

I knew Bandar Melaka, I visited the place every year. 
Being there feels like saying hello to an old friend that we know well.

It was a beautiful day, ended with heavy rain right when I was about to come back home. I fell asleep in the bus despite the cold air-cond, next to a stranger that lend me his shoulder and woke up when the sky painted orange and purple. Other than the guy in front of me spitting his phlegm every 5 minutes and snorted, everything else was perfect. Perfect. 


Another mini escapism please.

PS : My mom would never agree to this.
So please don't tell her :D


Semalam balik dari office.
Dah terlupa kenapa balik lambat.
Mungkin sebab hari hujan, lebat.

Berdiri tepi jalan, buka payung.
Lari-lari anak. 
Hujan lebat.
Lampu tepi jalan tak buka, gelap gelita dunia.

Angin kuat, 
okay boleh redah.
Tolonglah payung ungu, kuat sikit untuk hari ni.
Hari ni ja, tak lama dah. 

Ranting pokok besar jatuh tengah-tengah jalan, 
nasib baik tak atas payung kan.
terima kasih.
Baru nak tolong tarik ke tepi, bagi kereta lalu.
Tapi kereta Alphard super besar redah perlahan-lahan.
Boleh dengar ranting kayu tengah patah.
Jahatnya kamu, bunyi ranting patah macam kejam sikit.
Okay tanak tolong dah,
selesaikan sendiri.

Hampir sampai, 
dah boleh nampak stesyen di depan tu.
Kereta lalu laju di sebelah, splash air tepi jalan.
Macam terjun dalam kolam.
Kaku sebentar.
Okay, okay, okay.
Basah kuyup sebelah badan.
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Kalau marah jangan la hantar hujan begini lagi.
Suka uji begini ya.

Little Stories 56 : Bus Ride

I take the bus almost every morning to work for more than a year now, so I've come to recognize people I see in the bus : bus conductor, ticket man, and the driver. 

This morning I arrived at the bus stop when the bus was about to leave. I ran in my kurung and said 'thank you' for waiting. I got this habit of saying 'thank you' to everything even when I buy something at a store ; cashier would say 'thank you' - for buying and I would say 'thank you' for the help/service. So that would be 'thank you' and 'thank you' , not "thank you' and 'your welcome'.

I took a seat at the back of the bus until the conductor came to me for the ticket. 

Conductor : Where are you going ? 
Me : The commuter.
Conductor : Are you studying ?
Me : Nope. Work.

I'm not sure whether he forgot or he was trying to make a conversation, because I was the same person he asked to several times. Oukay. So I continued to listen to the songlist instead of my usual reads.  *Flu makes me distracted. Until the ticket man came to me and asked for my ticket. A shout came from the front of the bus.

Conductor : Hey, that's my amoi !
Me : *I cursed silently in my heart, started to make my body smaller and blushed*
Ticket man : What? Where? Which amoi? 
Conductor : That's the one, the cantik one.
Ticket man : Ohh, you mean this one. Ok cantik, cantik, even sit like that. Ticket please.
Me : *I gave him the ticket and smiled sheepishly. Thinking how loud can they possibly go.*

The ticket man left me and continued his work. 
And came back to me after a while, he took a sit near me. The ticket man is Chinese around 40-ish, I had a hard time understanding his accent.

Ticket man : Is he your husband?
Me : No.. 
Ticket man : Are you married?
Me : No.
Ticket man : You don't like the conductor? He's a nice man.
Me : Okay..
Ticket man : You work?
Me : Yes.
Conductor : Don't disturb my amoi aa ! *He shouted from afar*
Ticket man : Ya la, ya la. I'm not disturbing her, I'm asking whether she likes you or not. She doesn't like you ! Hahah. *continued talking to me* , Why you don't like him?
Me : No..
Conductor : She said to me, "Why you can't send me to work?" and I said "I can't, I need to work too, I can send you until commuter". That's why I am sending her to commuter. *this was all in shouting manner, the whole bus was listening to the story he just created.*
Me : *I have no idea how red my face was by this time*
Ticket man : Really ah?
Conductor : She's so cantik, I like her !

By this time, the bus stopped at the train station and I hopped off from the bus. The bus conductor reminded me to take a good care of myself to work and I just smiled.

And I missed the train.


PS : These little things make me feel tiny-bit younger than my actual age.

A conversation I listened to :
"After a woman passed 23, don't ask their actual age.
It's 'sensitive'. That's what people reminded me. "

Well I'm 26 going 27, and I'm enjoying my days.

Movie : KIL (2013)

After the long posted teaser in 2011 on Youtube, I finally watched Kil starring Redza Minhat and Suzanne Stocksill at the cinema. That was such a long wait ! It looked different than other local films, it reminded me so much of those beautifully crafted solemnization and wedding videos by our local profesional videographer, so I put it in my 'must-watch' movie list. 


I knew it would be a slow movie, and I knew there would be a lot of talking and snapshots of little things that didn't really considered as important. But I love to watch slow beautiful movie about simple things in life. Action-flick and sci-fiction are becoming less and less attractive to me. Real things are more real and well-connected to me.

Kil showed those little things in life, like waiting for the train, or stealing glances at random people, watching less-commercialized movies, wearing braces and interesting printed tshirts, snapping photos using polaroid, learning how to buy fresh fruits, watching the city from a rooftop of a building and so much more.

It was not perfect, and it got holes that can be improved and plastered but decent enough. Additional actors may be a bit awkward and fake, and the some background music was a bit out-of place, wrong music may catch the wrong mood. But what I know about making films other than to critique right? But when people in the cinema laughed at the wrong timing, it showed how the movie did not really captured the audience's right mood. But, oh, well.

I read from an article about the duration of the filming, it took around 11 days for the whole shooting process. Which was shocking ! How can they took 11 days for the shooting and 2 years to finally release it ?

I love it.
It's about time for someone to turn our local film industry and make more movies about life. Nice poster and teasers by the way :) Plus I loove-like-love Redza, you can just wear a simple office attire and still look good in it.


Little Things 84 : Go Local

I was trying to find the latest Yuna & Aizat's song : Dwihati that was released on iTunes a week ago, when I saw the latest album. So last week I bought Dwihati and enjoyed the tinkering music, listened to it until I fall asleep and this week I decided to buy Sixth Street that was released early last month on iTunes. Finally, Yuna is up on Malaysian iTunes! There are 5 songs on the EP, for $2.49 , ie : RM 7.70 , so 1 song = RM 1.50. If you support local artists, you can buy their songs on iTunes, if you don't, go ahead and download on the net or something. 

I personally love "I Wanna Go", "Young" and "Musician". I went to work today and listened to her soothing voice and music. I was and still having a bad flu, I felt like I was half-asleep half-awake the whole way. I hardly remember what happened this morning while I was commuting except for her loud voice swimming in my head. 

It reminds me of Zee Avi's abum - Ghostbird

PS : Mom said I have a very odd taste in music. She hated Yuna. 

Event : Mines Charity Run

I entered another 5 km run last week. This time I joined the event with Tasya, and without my brother ! It was a Mines Charity Run in the Mines, Seri Kembangan. Phew. It was my fifth run for this year, and I finally reached my 100 km targeted run & walk in 6 months time. I collected so many running shirts, medals and certificates - and I think I need a rest. I've wrote too many posts on running events already :p

For a self-reminder, the running track was a bit too hilly and there were so many huge dogs around ! 

I was interviewed by a local newspaper about the event. She asked me since when did I started running, and was I an athlete? I actually started running seriously this year, and I was definitely not an athlete ! I was far from being one. When I was in school, I have a letter from the doctor saying I don't have to attend Pendidikan Jasmani because I had a very sensitive skin - I started having rashes every time I sweat, like seriously. I was allergic to my own sweat. I am not kidding. 
But then, it got better over the years and I am not afraid of sweat anymore - this is for sure !  

For many people out there, if you want to join any running events, you can check out from myraceonline , runwithme or other running events sites. There are too many events offered, you can just pick one and try it out. 

PS : The tone of this post is very static because I am currently high on medication for cough and flu. Kudos Tasy, you managed to pass me the viruses.