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Last Weekend was Super Awesome.


Random doodle :
My Colleague's Gameboy Micro


Last weekend's Pipit was a success!
Thanks everyone :)

I'll post the details on the weekend tonight, ya.
Feel free to tag your photos in my facebook page's event pictures.

And another exciting thing is my little babushka 
will fly all the way to Greece.
Thanks for adopting them.
You can also adopt them, they are here in my etsy shop.


My views on :
you can agree to disagree



Handling Copycats & Imitation.

There was a time when I feel threatened by imitation and copycats. It was several years back, when my doodling career just started and I found a lot of my artworks were imitated by several sites.  To be honest,  just like any other normal newbies, I feel threatened and insecure. I was afraid of being pointed as a copycat myself. So, I might handled it the clumsy-whoopsy way.

But several years passed, and I learned a lot since those several incidents. 
Since I keep reading about this topic on and off at several other websites/blogs recently, I feel the need to share my experience as well. 

Things that I've learned so far :

1. Nothing is original. We artists, tend to imitate from their surrounding. Example : "I can't say this is my original piece", because there might be some little subject in my artwork that was taken from the Kenny Roger's ads I saw at the shopping mall. You will never know where you get the inspiration.

2. Share, but not too much. It's an IT world, anything you say will hit you back eventually. That is the scariest part. You want to be as human as possible. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes people get so angry, they want to boast it on their twitter or blog, well don't. Don't ever post bad things about other people, especially directly. IF some artist copied you, handle it professionally. Contact them personally. Don't write about them, you will destroy their life, their career, and maybe their future. For what? For an image that has been copied. And personally, I loathe reading blogs that condemning & destroying other artists. Just because they are much popular, they have the power to influence others. 

3. Don't make enemies. Enough said. We are here to make friends, to share. To lose followers and readers just because of the way you handle things? Well it's not worth it.

4. Stop it with the endless watermarks. Just notify clearly in the website/blog that copying is strictly prohibited. Enough said. Only mindless human can't understand clear statement, and if those case occurred, learn to handle them professionally. Privately. 

5. Do what you love, it will inspire you. Instead of making something to please others :) The fire will keep on burning, you will keep on running, you'll be breathless.

Here, read this inspiring website by Austin Kleon :


In hope of learning to accept how the world works.

Pipit Tomorrow !


I hope I'm going to meet you at 
Pipit Wonderful Market
tomorrow, at Annexe Gallery, CM :)
It was super hard for me to get a place in the event (*at first),
so I'm still excited with this whole Pipit stuffs :)

Unfortunately, I only managed to do some :
phone straps, stickers, badges & brooches.
And also some original illustrations on canvas & wood blocks.
My sister will also be there with her hand made items,
*that she's been making late at night after work everyday.

So come and support us!
There are a lot of other awesome independent artists.
And I know I will spend my money there too (*like usual).
Hand made items are so cool,
they sprayed a portion of their life into each and every item.
Well that's what I thought.

Random doodle :




love❤ holiday!
Holiday activity :


Why I feel comfortable using photoshop compared to illustrator?
Just the same reason as why I feel comfortable 
doodle freehand compared to doodle them digitally.
The feel of being in control.
But then, they are just a tool.
Explore everything, and find what fits you :)


Happy Deepavali!




and I'm beginning to hate it.




That's my super big drawing on large canvas,
and I took longer hours!
Because of the detailing.

No, I didn't use any ruler or sketch anything beforehand.
A fun way to doodle is by giving no limitation at all,
just follow where your hand leads you.
Super odd hand indeed.

Official : Paris :D

Let's get official.
I'm going to Paris next year :D

All those money I've been working on, those hard works, sleepless nights, weekends at home, limited food consumption, old handphone (4years), strained muscles, freelance works, countless events, running puking and starting all over again, are all for Paris.

Yes, the city of light, old civilization, great arts, magnifique buildings. The Paris.

Why Paris? I just want it to be my starting point. That's all :) I've been wanting to go there, so yes, I choose to be there next year.

I've been to Sapporo, Fukuoka, Madinah, Mecca, Jeddah, and Singapore.
I'll be going to Bandung by the end of this December.
My backpack travel should start now, while I'm still young with less responsibilities.
I've never aimed for big house and big cars, 6 digits salary and big wardrobe.
I just want to go to places, to explore, to learn.


So I need your support!
You can help me achieve my dream by supporting me at Pipit event this Saturday! :


I'm super serious.
I got a big project I'm currently planning when I get to Paris!

Pipit.Again :D



Barang-barang sudah hampir siap.
Lagi 4 hari saja untuk "Pipit Wonderful Market 7" !
Kita jumpa di Annexe Gallery, CM ya :)


Along with Art by Azah Azrina & Doodles by Zamzammee :D


And I just bought zamzammee tee last week!
Buy yours today by sending an email to :


My.Inspiration.2 : Oliver Jeffers & Oct gift-away (*update)

Here's some pictures for the Oct gift-away :


Aren't they adorable? :)

How to WIN this?
 All the best 



It's October and we can almost smell 2012!
Other than being super busy with jobs at work,
I'm having sleepless nights because of freelance works
and also getting ready for Pipit next week. 


Here is an example of my current freelance project :

I've been experimenting with vibrant colors for children.

Other updates :

I've just graduated last week! (*after 11 months since my last class)
My mom is doing her hajj along with her siblings ( *my uncles & aunties)
By December, it's official, ONE year working experience as a conceptual designer! 
My younger brother & sister just started their degree, together.
I'm craving for iPhone 4S (*without any shame or guilt)



It's been almost a year since I finished my studies in Uniten.
4 years of freedom as a student.

Both my younger sis & bro (*in the picture) just started their degree in MMU.
All the best!


What I've learned from my 4 years of university life? 

1. One of the useful learning process in graphic field is by learning from someone else's design. You imitate, you improve and you learn. If you learn designing from text book, then it will be obsolete, out-dated. The greatest teacher in graphic supposed to be professional designers who currently works as a designer. It's by experiences. If only I found out about this earlier.

2. You learn something, you use the knowledge, maintain it, keep it in your head. It's really important. Eventually it can help you in your future job. Those XML, HTML, CSS, CISCO, PHP, VB and those things that you want to forget? Those knowledges are your income.

3. It is super easy to score something, if you just make an extra effort on each subject. Do the works, go to class, answer every quiz, finish up your assignment, meet lecturer and study smart. It's a constant process. 

4. You will have all the time in the world. Use it well. Start your online business. Start writing. Start freelancing. Start photographing. Start early, there's too much free time.

5. DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Easy, just do the works given to you. Get it ready early. So you don't have to do any last minute works. I started my FYP 5 months before the due date, and that was good for me. I got time to relax and take it easy.

6. It's okay if you don't blend in. Seriously okay. I survived 4 years.

7. This is the time to read a lot, have fun a lot, do anything, anytime. Because once you start working, your time is not yours anymore. You are paid to work for your boss.

8. Make friends that worth to keep.

9. Flings are just a fling. Don't worry much. You will laugh about it in the future.

10. I don't mind continuing my studies in near future. But I need to pay off my loan first. Get scholarship!


Event : Big Bad Wolf

It's 8th day for Big Bad Wolf at MAEPS, with 1.5 million books, 15000 graphic novels & comics, every bookaholics should probably went here at least once! I went here 3 times already, bought 23 books. Spent about the same price of one graphic novel in Borders. How cheap! 

23 books from Big Bad Wolf = 1 graphic book from Borders 




Currently reading 2nd book :D
Bought any books lately?

*Update : I just finished plastic-wrapping every book
that I bought at BBW :D

What I do for money ?

Post taken from my old travel blog.

I know it's really hard to save money. Especially when you are young and you are relying on your parents for life expenses. When you start working, you will start paying off your education debts, car loan, house rent and the list will go on.

Here I will share with you my ways of saving money :

1. I started young
I first had a premonition that I will go far beyond Asia when I was still a teenager :p So, that was when I determined to save up my money to travel. I was a student back then, but it never stopped me. I saved up my daily $1 and almost every 3-4 months I gave it to my mom to put in my bank account. This kept going on and on until I finished my study in the university. It was a great start. Trust me.

2. I hardly go shopping
Yes, I do wear same clothes, I don't wear make-ups, I hardly watch movies/karaoke. My only happiness is to buy books - which I allocated some amount of money to buy every month ( around RM50 - max of 2 books )

3. I keep a coin box
Every time I got coins, I put it in my coin box. Simple. That way, by half of a year I probably have around RM40 and keep it in the bank. Never underestimate RM40 coins, after 10 years, the amount can grow up.  So whenever you got extra money, keep it. 

4. Freelance
Oh yes, I started freelancing since my uni years. I did various of job scopes : designing, illustrating, taking photos, taking care of my mom's shop, sewing, etc. Several jobs here and there,  your effort can help you achieve your dream :)

5. Turn your hobby into a small business
I started my online business : doodle, 2 years ago. It is a really small business, with big efforts & commitments. But it is going somewhere :)

6. Started working?
Oh I just started working ( 5 months & counting ). Every month, I save around 15% of my salary to my travel account. Be realistic & strict. 

7. Sell your unused items.
Whenever you got things you know you won't use anymore - sell them. For me, as an obsessive book reader, I got a big amount of books. I categorized them to 2 groups - books that I want to read again & books that I probably won't read again. So, I will sell 2nd hand books whenever my collection reach the right amount :) All my books are in great condition, because I just loooove books :D

8. Prioritize.
You should know what you really need instead of what you want. Eg : You need a mobile phone - you can buy affordable RM200, that should be enough, instead of RM1500 smart phone. It doesn't make you any smarter. I'm sure. 

Here are all tips that I can think off right now :)
It may sounded like Mr.Scrooge but no, I'm just building stairs to my dream.

Random Updates.

It's October! It's my busiest month in 2011 *excluding Nov & Dec. So many things happened and about to happen. The convocation, the freelance, the work, the business, the hajj, the next event, the ShangHai, the 4th meeting, the iPhone 4s, the death of Steve Jobs, the big bad wolf, the rehearsal, the reunion, the scary dream, the birthday. It's overwhelming. Super busy.

I bought 25 books at the Big Bad Wolf. I went there 3 times with different group of people. I spent RM 160 for those 25 books which consisted of graphic novels, international comics, children book, novels, the art & making of. Seriously, who would sell The Art of Bolt or Bee Movie for RM 12? Big Bad Wolf. Yes, they are nuts. You still have 3 days to check them up at MAEPS. Don't waste your time at MPH, Popular or any bookstores for this whole week. I'm dead serious. 

PS - I don't even have any space to put my new books, I had to line them up next to my bed, on the floor =.='

Do you know that some people are just plain ignorant & rude? And even though how hard you try to be patient and ignore their stupidest jokes and insults, they just don't care. Your respect and patience are just a 2 cents happiness for them. Cheap jokes & insults. Never thought I'll be surrounded by this kind of people again. I thought people grew up after high school.


Oh a moustache! 

I miss having free iPod,
I would definitely buy an iPod 4th generation
if there is no such things as new iPhone 4 or 4s.

My.Inspiration.2 : Oliver Jeffers & Oct gift-away.


Do you love children books?
  I do!  
Other than my graphic novels, the art & making of, & visual travelogue,
I'm also a a children book collector.


Here is one of my favorite children book illustrator :

I've collected several children books by him.
I love his simple illustration & color mixture.
I love his storyline, I love the fact that it is not a typical normal story.


So here's the deal.
I have a brand new :

It's for October's gift-away!

Do you want to read & own a new Oliver Jeffers's children book?
Either for your own collection or for your children/younger siblings.
Here is the chance!

Because we need to share things that we love  with people.
It's a good karma :D

How to win this ?

1. Write a comment below, informing your entry.
2. Write a blog post, twitter it, share it to facebook, with everyone!
*I'll track the source link to this page & choose the WINNER :D
3. Tell me why you love children illustration or why you want this book, 
I don't mind if the post in English, or Malay.
Tell me, tell me, I would love to know.

Due Date : 6th November 2011 
*in 3 weeks time*


So, free children book anyone?



Here is another piece of my work,
using pencil on a wooden block,
sprayed with clear acrylic,
as mini paintings 
( got magnets & wall hanger at the back )





I took a long hours playing with the flowers,
and finally, finished drawing the whole block!


A girl in Flowers


Still available :
Liesel & Death ( SOLD )


Post on :
oh dear, I'm so sad. 

"Stay hungry, stay foolish", Steve Jobs.

It's hard to imagine how one person can change how the whole world operates.
It deeply saddened me to know that Steve Jobs died today. He changed our world. He put chances in our lives by his inventions. He was an inspiration. He was our da Vinci. He taught us so many things, he opened our eyes. 

I've been admiring all this while, on his creations, on how he saw the world, how the littlest things turned into something so big, so vast that we can't really comprehend. I can't say thank you enough. 

It's not only his creations, he literally changed so many things. On how we talk with computers, imagine how there was a time when only programmers were capable of doing so. On how we live our life, imagine how there was a time when our entertainment focuses on TV, now we barely even watch one.  On how we can now have everything on our palm, anywhere, anytime. On how we communicate, entertain, work.

He said this :
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the result of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice, heart & intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

He reminds me so much of Randy Pausch, the writer of The Last Lecture, before he died of pancreatic cancer. On how both of them mentioned about their limited time, live everyday like it's their last day, cherish life, do what you are passionate about, and ignore the rest because they know they are going to die sooner, they had the time and they used it well. They touched people's heart. They became an inspiration.

"Time is the only commodity that matters".
So much things, too little time.

Oh dear.

Work Related : Mini Phone Strap 2


Last weekend's activity :

* Tada ! *


So, there goes my weekend.
Sitting at my messy desk with lots of new little charms.

I'm hoping for new adventures next year.
I hope I don't have to stay at home on every weekend like this anymore.
Wish me the best on this.

How should you write for online reader?

Readable vs too-long-too-much-too-many-things-in-one-line :

How should you write something on screen?
This is how I like, this is how I prefer it to be. It's just so hard to read a long paragraphs on screen. So I'm going to share with you some tips on online writing for bloggers and pray to God, article writers. Some of my job in my office are to do research, read and share review/findings daily, so it helps a lot if everyone knows the unspoken rule of writing :

1. Good title.
It should be straight and clear. So readers know what to expect. They don't have to read the whole things yet to know what writers are trying to say in their posts.

Some people judge a blog post by it's title. *true, true


2. Nice & short intro.
What I do to differentiate a good reliable post and a-waste-of-time post? :
the title, the introduction and the structure.

I would really love to know some rough ideas on the post before I read something up, so I will usually read the introduction first. I go through 20 to 40 articles, tips & tricks, blog posts daily, *too many interesting stuffs shared by the world, with time limitation, I need to choose what to read.


3. The structure
Every paragraph should consists of max: 3-5 lines. Why? It's just hard to read long paragraphs on screen, even for an avid reader like me. I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this weakness, but for me, long continuous lines of words are a total turn-off and my eyes just can't focus for that long.


4. Put numbering or bold/underline sub-topic or any important stuffs
It's easy and helps a lot. If readers don't have too much time reading, they can just read the sub-topics. No? Well at least it helps me a lot. Fast readers learn to read fast and only take important things, so by doing this, you will help them identify only important points.


5. Use of language
Instead of using texting-language with all those short forms, misspells words, and such, you should use proper language. After all, this is the time you can use all the knowledge you have learned in school. Remember learning Bahasa Malaysia and English? Well, use it well. 'Bahasa pasar' can be used while talking or chatting. Suitable usage :)


So who do you write for?

Think about your readers, make their time valuable, avoid writing things that won't benefit anyone at all. I tried hard not to make any post personal and a waste of time. So it keeps on getting harder and harder to post something up. After all, practices makes almost perfect :)