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Class : Doodle your Day with Azreenchan

Doodle your Day class date with me. 
I would like to spend a day with people who are interested in doodle journaling + illustrating. This is more like an informal class where we could get to know with each other, spend the day doing activities, sharing session and have a guided doodle practice along the way. More like when an introvert wants to share knowledge and skills to people but in a very controlled environment (compared to my previous doodle class with 30 kids for 8 long hours). 

Class Detail 😘 :

  • Weekdays in December + January 
  • 10 am - 2 pm 
  • In KL area, various places based on the selected day 
  • There will be activities to help you with your day journal task : eg - a day out in Aquaria / Bird Park , chit-chats at a cafe, etc. 
  • Will be conducted in a very small group (1-5 per class) 
  • Fees : RM 100 (not including ticket passes) 

Things you will learn : 

  • Basic doodling skill 
  • How to start doodling 
  • Doodle tasks to help you with your doodle diary + journaling 
  • 101 - Your personal zine-making 

Things that will be provided : 

  • 16-pages of 'Things you can Doodle' zine - that you will use for your doodle tasks 
  • Free gift bag + goodies
  • Foods at the selected cafes 
  • I'll also bring zines + self-published books by international illustrators for reference 
  • Washi tapes 😍 

Things you need to bring : 

  • Your doodle notebook / diary 
  • Favorite stationary 
  • Water 

Suitable for : 

  • Beginners 
  • People who love to draw + doodle 
  • People who want a doodle date 
  • Fresh from the oven designer/illustrator/doodler 

No experience in doodling necessary, just your interest + passion in learning a new skill or hobby. 
If you are interested, please book your class from my e-store here.

Note : Date & activities will be discussed via email after booked.

Event : Comic Play + Etsy Made Local 2017

November was a busy month. I joined 2 events in a week, activated the Etsy discount month for Christmas and we had a fully-packed weekends throughout the whole 2 months until the mid of December (because Comic Fiesta also coming real soon). 

Preparation :
The preparation took around 3 weeks, to restock all my sold out items from Jesselton Artisan Market and Machi Mochi Market during the previous month's events. I am still hand-cutting some of the sticker sets (not all anymore), pack all the items and hand-paint laser cut stuffs, so I'm pretty much occupied almost every day. 


Comic Play, Publika :
I think it was a 5-days event, but I joined for 3-days including the weekends under Animangaki (there were several organizers for the event) - is it fair to say that I never really know about them before this because I'm not fully into the anime/manga fever as I grew older?


Things that happened at Comic Play :

  • On the first day, we lost our parking ticket and we had to pay RM 60 for the fine. It was a lot of money, and I felt really sad thinking that we've been working so hard. Never keep parking tickets in your pant's pocket ever again - lesson learned.  
  • forgot to bring the pencil leads so I can't doodle in my book on the first day. 
  • On the second-day, as a present for ourselves for the hard work, we bought lattes. I had the worst stomachache and diarrhoea afterwards because Af bought for me a venti green tea latte at Starbucks - I am now lactose intolerance and I shouldn't drink that much milk on an event day. I rushed to the toilet at least 3 times on that day - lesson learned. 
  • I met a lot of old friends - I hardly meet people that I knew at events so it was a bit uncomfortable for me. 
  • There weren't many interesting things for me to buy, so I just bought several cute stickers to add in my doodle book.


a week later at Etsy Made Local :

I was excited, been waiting for Etsy Made Local since I applied (because it is a yearly event, and I've been using Etsy for almost 7 years now). But the worst thing happened, I had another episode of vertigo (the sensation of whirling and loss of balance, dizzy and nauseous).  This was the third time this month, I'm not sure the exact reason yet (I need to do an ear check-up if this continues). I didn't feel good, because the world was spinning so bad, I get nauseous and I can't walk or function like a normal being. Of all the busiest days of the month, it had to chose to appear on Etsy Made Local day :F 

So I had to prepare the booth with Af's help, all my strength and patience to slowly put out all the items on the table. Every few movements lead to me feeling like I was going to fall down or puke. It was really bad, so I had to ask my sister's help (she took care of the booth, while I went back to rest and sleep for awhile, then came back to pack everything later that evening). I felt better after the sleep.

Here are some photos I managed to snap when I came back later (the place was beautiful !) :

I didn't felt like I joined the event because I wasn't there most of the time. 
But Aja said the crowd was over-whelming, we got a lot of supports and love, and our sales was really great. Thank you so much to Af and Aja for helping me with the event (I never thought I would be sick on my important day, I always thought I was some-what invincible) :F

Kudos Etsy team & volunteers ! ❤

Little Story 226 : Fancy Brunch

Honestly I've never been to a fancy brunch session, because :
  • I hardly do any social gathering
  • I don't go out that much *I stayed at home gathering fats on my thigh
On Miss Chin, travel + travelogue :
My one and only friend, Tasy asked me to join her in meeting our former teacher from our high school; Miss Chin. I don't have many people from school that I'm still in contact with, and Miss Chin is the only teacher that we still meet every few years for 'borak2'. 

She's also my favorite teacher, I don't think she knows it. I love creative writing and English since I was in high-school, so I sometimes send my stuffs to her to let her read and improve - she was my EST teacher. She is also an avid traveller, she travels every year, and once she let me do her Europe travel scrap book during my holiday - where I collected all her photos and do cut + paste with her small notes & trinkets. THAT, was where I get the idea to record all my travelling experiences, because I felt really inspired by her travel stories. By 15, I already decided that I wanted to travel as much as I could and by 17, I decided to share my travel stories in my writings + photos (but I found writings alone will be a bit boring to read, so I doodle + illustrate). 


On the brunch + beautiful foods :
We set the meeting a week before, so I had already put a mental note on going to meet Miss Chin during the upcoming weekend without no excuse. I can be annoyingly super-anxious and cancel last minute, but I tried not to because I really wanted to meet Tasy & Miss Chin that weekend.

So Af drove me to Tasy's house on Saturday morning, we bid goodbyes ❤ and Tasy drove her car to Pavillion. Miss Chin was already there by 11 am, and I think we arrived 15 minutes late like a proud Malays 😅 . It was my first time in 'Wild Honey', so I didn't know what to order - they suggested to try the 'European' breakfast set (consisted of poach eggs, slices of chicken ham, roasted tomatoes and a lot of juicy mushrooms), Tasy ordered her 'Canadian' set (layers of pancakes and honey + jam) and Miss Chin ordered the 'Berkley' (greek yogurt and a lot of fruit compote and berries). 

They are vibrant and full of nice colours, I really love how they are presented. So I had to take some photos of the blog. Here's our lovely foods photos :

Note : If you don't do fancy places much, just ask people to suggest the meal for you and you can read up the description to see whether you might like it. It's okay to ask, don't feel inferior 😅


I'm glad I decided to go out and meet them,
it was so refreshing ❤

Mini Escapism : Video Compilation ❤

This is a compilation of our trip to Pantai Air Leleh in Pahang, 5 days trip in Sabah and a short weekend escapade in Port Dickson by Af :

Little Story 225 : Obikeee

So you know about the bike services that they provide all over the city?

We downloaded the app and we used the one in Putrajaya 2 nights ago, we were happy and excited, the night felt exciting after a long day of work. We planned to go to the 'Friday pasar malam' behind the Palace of Justice. So with empty stomach, the three of us rode there from the mosque where we parked the car.

There was no dedicated parking space for the bike near the 'pasar malam'. We decided to : lock the bike at a safe place near the pasar malam, go buy and eat dinner, and later come back for the bike to ride back to our car. So there shouldn't be any issue of leaving the bike all over the place like an irresponsible person. 

We hunted for food, I bought a nice chicken wrap *(later I decided that if I want it healthier, I should ask the one with no mayo, no sauce - because boy, they put way too much in there). Af ate 'nasi berlauk' as predicted and Aja ate 'yong tau fu'. 

We went to our bikes back with a full stomach and happy faces.

Here are problems that came next : 
  • now, to unlock the bike you need to verify your account (*no early notice whatsoever)
  • to verify your account, you need to pay refundable RM 69 through the app
  • we didn't have RM 69 x 3 
  • to leave the bike, means leave the bike at non-dedicated parking spot
  • leave bikes at non-dedicated parking spot means deduct -20 points from your account
  • it also means we need to walk back 2.5km to our car with a full stomach
Happy night turned sour. 
We had to leave the bike like an irresponsible person (Now I understand why some people left their used bicycle at random places. We thought we just need to leave it for 15 minutes and we will come back for it, later to find out we need to pay RM 69 first) 🙁 

And because of how I'm wired and I can be super 'pembaris' about something, I feel bad and super disappointed in myself because I didn't follow the rule and I left the borrowed bicycle at random places :