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Movie : Isle of Dogs

We watched Isle of Dogs, directed by one of my favorite director : Wes Anderson last weekend. Af'd been anticipating the movie for awhile. I wasn't. Although I love Wes Anderson's movies, I do not like stop-motion. So the movie was not in my list and I just watched it to accompany Af.

After the movie :
Booooy, I was wrong (*Like I was wrong when I decided to not watch Kubo and the Two Strings).
I loved it so much. I cried at least twice.
There were 2 things that I just can't 'tahan' : Animals and kids. Combination of both always make me bawl.

Things I love about the movie :

  • The whole aesthetic values : colours, design, frame shots, fonts  
  • The detailing of unique characters : "Oracle" because she can 'see' the future just by actually understanding how TV the works, the gossiper "Duke" although we don't see male gossiper in real life that much, "Chief" that was always there with the pack even though he refused to follow the boy "Atari", so it was so much fun to see him everywhere in frames always a bit farther than the pack.
  • Everything looked staged : organized and structured, as usual. Eye-gasm for OCD-ed eyes. 
  • A relationship between animals and a boy T^T
  • OmyGOD the cottons for cloud and smoke.
  • I love everything - if you have never watched any of Wes Anderson movies, what are you waiting for? Please start now and binge on everything he directed and produced - even short stories and ads are worth you time. 

Image credit to The Bearded Trio blog

Questions :

  • Do you think we can have a relationship/bonding with cats as strong as with dogs? Dogs seem to understand human and I always feel intrigued and awed by that. I wonder whether Awan even care about me after 7 years together T^T Noooo, Awaaan.
  • How can someone be this detailed ? Such dedication bothers me a lot :
I love them tiny maggots

I wrote about his movies before : 


Official Trailer :


Meet the Casts :


All stars out of 5★

Little Story 228 : A is for the Apple that you Gave to Me

Way back in 2012, I wrote this.

Gahh. Fast forward to 6 years after, and so many changes : I now own an iPad. I no longer hated the idea of having an iPad. I think this happened after they have created an Apple Pencil and at the same time a lot of companies created apps for people like us. I found it exciting to be able to draw/doodle anywhere without having to bring my MacBookPro (even though my MBP is small, it is still heavy to bring everywhere + wacom tablet + wires). So I always leave it at home.

But this is different, they have evolved. 
I loved it, I wanted it, I've put it up in my Patreon wishlist as an investment for my small business. I thought I'll be buying it next year probably after my next 2 trips because I need to invest on my trips first. So although it was in my mind, I didn't think much about it.

Blog title credit to Ms Langtree ♥️


Until came to our 3rd wedding anniversary last month. During our dinner, Af suggested exchanging our presents. I didn't have anything to give to him because I already promised to buy a new shoes for our next trip. I can't buy a surprise shoes, he needs to try it on and chooses it himself. So I didn't have anything at all :F

He passed to me a small wrapped gift and when I opened it, it was an Apple Pencil. I felt grateful, sure, but it was still a long way to go for me to buy an iPad - to give me an Apple Pencil is a bit mean (or so I thought). 

"Why give me something that I can't use ? - this makes me feel the pressure of having to buy one soon". But I said my "thank you" nonetheless. 

But then, he passed me another plastic bag with a box in it. 
This one wasn't wrapped and it was an iPad. 

" Nooooo, freakin' way ". 

It was definitely an iPad and it was not a joke. I've never seen this one coming, so I was a bit overwhelmed :
  • I didn't have anything to give to him at that time
  • My budget was limited to buying him a nice shoes
  • I thought I'm not going to have an iPad for at least another year
So I was excited + mixed with emotions.

Af bought me an iPad and Apple Pencil ! 


:F I'm so happy, can't argue with that. 
I  installed all my nerdy apps for work + travel use (because I'm that kind of nerd) :
  • Procreate (for digital illustrations + doodles)
  • Wunderlist (for checking ✓ lists, of course)
  • Scribd (for all my digital + audiobooks)
  • Airbnb (for accommodation)
  • Agoda (for other accommodation option)
  • XE (for money exchange currency)
  • TripIt (for our travel plans)
  • Dashlane (to organize passwords)
  • Sell on Etsy + Etsy (to manage my estore)
  • Netflix (to watch Will Graham anywhere I want)
I also bought a cheap-o iPad cover that I can use to keep my iPad and the Pencil from Lazada. I'm serious guys, I'm at the state of needing to use almost all my money to prepare for 5 events and 2 international trips in less than 5 months :F 

Every pledge means so much to me ♥️


Aaanyway, that's a little story about how I got my unplanned iPad and Apple Pencil. Af said I've always wanted to be able to travel and still work/manage my business. This should be a nice investment for Azreenchan T^T And I want to cry all over again.

Thank you LOVE,
Happy 3rd Anniversary ♥️

Travel : Morning Thoughts

At least 3 of us siblings (my older sister, my brother and I) travel quite a lot. We hardly let our money in the bank stays long, and we plan on our own travel trip every 6 months or even less than that. There are always plans to be made, places to go, money to be saved for our next travel. 

It seems a bit unhealthy because we keep on planning. Never staying. Too anxious to get away. We always had to go to the airport to send/pick any one of us. We need to update our calendar because there are one of us with travel ticket ready and planned in near future. Ma worries about how much we are spending on this / with whom we are travelling / clashing events / crimes & accidents / natural disasters / diseases / anything else moms could be worried about. 

And I'm always ready to leave.
I've talked about this for more than half of my life and I don't even know why I'm still here. 
This house, this loans, all these things still weighing me down. 


I already have plans ready for 2 travel trips this year and I will share with you when it's getting near. But if you can't wait for detailed stories, you can have a peek at my Patreon.

Work Related : Enamel Pins


Heyy guys,
 I just made these new enamel pins available for pre-order :

The pre-order sales only available until 31st May 
and the estimated shipping is the second week of June.


Little Things 243 : on More Books but Buying Less

I'm listening/reading to my 54th book this week. 
It's been a while since I can consume as much books as I can. Audio books is becoming my almost-daily habit this year. Most of the books that I'm listening to are non-fiction : biographies, memoirs, self-help, and anything knowledge-based. I found it easier than listening to fiction.

From the reading, I get few new insights about our current state of living among other things. Especially after reading Jane Goodall's Harvest For Hope - she mentioned about how we are destroying the future by being ignorant because we consume too much foods and buy too many things. We need to educate ourselves more and share about this among people around us if we care enough. That's why I'm writing this. I also read a lot of books on minimalism and having less, as a reminder to myself.

- Jane Goodall's books : Please read/listen to her books to understand more.
- Books for minimalist / searching for a way to a simpler life :
  • The Year of Less by Cait Flanders 
  • Lagom by Niki Brantmark 
  • The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking 
  • The Little Book of Contentment by Leo Babauta 
  • The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide by Francine Jay 
  • Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk

Side notes :

1) I'm urging my fellow Malaysians to read more books this year. 
I know books are quite expensive, so what I'm doing is using Scribd because I only need to pay $8.99 (RM 36) for unlimited amount of digital and audio books every month. That way, I can still consume as many books as I possibly can and also not buy physical books to reduce the paper waste. You can try this too.

I donated and sold a lot of my unread books and only leave books that I want to reread on my book shelves - so people can still read these books. I have too much books before this (around 2 huge bookshelves) and I thought I should be proud with keeping a lot of unread books :F Shame on me. 


2) I'm also trying to minimize the quantity of stuffs I buy. 
On clothes - I'm actively donating unused clothes. The clothes I'm wearing are mostly the same clothes all over again. I stopped buying clothes several years back, I'm never fashionable and a bit boyish in that sense pun. So repeating dark shirts and jeans all over again has never been an issue :F I geli melawa2 pakai make-up, and be all-womanly :F I guess I don't have it in me, even though I'm already 31. I'm that comfortable with those pimples, pure oiled face and huge pores on my skin. I was born  to be as natural as I can get.

On recycle - we always collect all the bottles, tins and glasses. We give them to uncles and aunties that collect those items in our neighbourhood every week so they can sell it and make some money.

On buying things - Mmmm.. I guess it is safe to say that we are still living as frugal as we are. We don't buy things that we don't really need. Maybe because we are still living together without any children, or I'm just a frugal person at heart. I care for the environment and I want to make a change, even a small one.

Let's try to buy less, recycle and reuse more ! 


3) Cook home-made foods.
I cook foods for my husband almost every day - he does eat his 'bekal' during lunch time at his office. I've been bringing foods for several years so eating my healthy lunch box isn't something new for me. I hardly eat out because I hate to mingle around during lunch hour - hah hah. 

Well, this year, let's try to bring home-made foods every day for lunches at work, guys ! :D


Extra : How to read more books :