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Work Related : Top10 Finalist Lejen Komik

Oh heyy, I submitted some of my visual travelogues from the previous Tokiyo Trip to Lejen Komik's travelogue contest just for fun because I've been keeping and peram-ing my Tokiyo travelogue for awhile now + I don't know when I will possibly finish it =.=

I made it to their top 10 finalist from 77 submissions ! :


I sent illustrations of buildings in Kichijyoji town : Nest Robe, Pack Mart and Puku Puku. Got a bunch of other buildings and stuffs as well, but I'm still keeping it for my future travelogue project. Peram peram sampai basi. Well, hey, here are the detailed version :


Little Things 222 : 2nd Haul from Taobao/Ezbuy

I'm thankful for the website where I can buy many cute stationaries like this exist : Taobao/Ezybuy/65daigou. Not quite sure why they got so many names but they are actually the same company. 

This time, instead of washi tapes, I bought label stickers and postcards specially for my Etsy buyers *because I love to make them happyyy. I chose the slowest shipping possible so that I can reduce the shipping fees and I also chose McDonald self-pick local delivery for free. Unfortunately I forgot the exact date of the delivery : which was the first week during Raya and I was in Pekan. So they picked another date and texted me that morning of the event instead. I had to call ma and asked her to wait at McDonald for the delivery van at 12pm sharp.

2 nights ago, I stopped by at the apartment to pick it up. Here's my happy happy stuffs for my nice Etsy customers all over the world. If you noticed, 2 of the label stickers are the same stickers that Kiwa sent to me, I like it so much I had to buy it for myself. Note : Most of Kiwa's washi tapes were used to send all Etsy stuffs : 


And these cute postcards are used to write some notes to people that buy stuffs from me online and choose to use snail mail to receive the items ordered from me. I used up all my pattern papers and cute paper stationaries in all previous posted items so I thought to buy nice illustrated postcard that people would enjoy this time. 

Note : So if you appreciate the joy of waiting for snail mail and would like to exchange cute stationaries which me, don't hesitate to tell me :D

2nd Note :
Also got additional free box of postcards with various of sky images as well. Not quite sure why they sent it up to me. So I'm also going to pass this around too. Let's exchange stuffs with me!

Events : Azreenchan at Random Events 2016

I registered for 2 events ! :

Date : Upcoming 30th & 31st of July 2016
Time : 10 am - 6 pm
Place : MAEPS, Serdang
Link : Website | Facebook

Categories :
Art Crafts, vehicles, ship and railroad modelling, war gaming, radio controlled cars, planes and drones, tools, devices, equipments and materials for modelling, electric vehicles,  architectural models, table games, literature, master classes and so much more.

Note :
Contacted the guy in charge and told him about how I just found out about the event - and whether there's another spot for me to open a booth? And yes, he managed to squeeze me in. I'll be making a live doodle - perhaps starting on the Friday before the event day and will continue throughout the weekends. Af will take care of the booth while I go and doodle some stuffs on and off. 

So come and meet us !


2. Public Garden Consumer Trade Show
Date : Sept 24 - 25, 2016
Time : 1 pm - 7 pm
Place : Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Center
Link : Website | Facebook

Note :
This will be my first international event. I applied for the event probably in June and heard from them back. Later they said that I am qualified to join their event and asked to make a booking payment. Long story short, I'll be going to Singapore to open a small independent booth! Can't wait!


Mini Escapism : Pantai Air Leleh, Pekan + Eid

It's just Af, Ma and I this year for our Eid at Pekan, Pahang. My other siblings were at my dad's with our new 'mak tiri' - it still sounds odd for all of us for having to accept a new family member. Roughly our first few days of Eid were packed with variety of foods from all our aunts' and uncles' open houses, mini escapisms during late afternoon before sundown, and answering to people's questions mostly on why my other siblings were absent + am I pregnant yet? *no. 


This sudden idea came from Af, on our first day of Eid. We were both bored and too shy to mingle around with people, so Af asked whether there were any interesting places in Pekan to visit. I can't think of any except for the nearest beach in Teluk Chempedak - for me it was still too far to spend around 40 minutes ride. So I asked my cousins and they suggested Pantai Air Leleh near the town. I've never heard of it before, we Googled the place and thought the images were decent enough for our time-constraint visit. It took around 15 minutes from the town to arrive there. We borrowed Ma's car !

Here what we found. A nice clean beach, strong wind, almost deserted except of few pondoks with couples hanging out - chatting. We were both excited ! I didn't even know we have a fast access to such a beautiful scenery near our kampung. All this time I can only imagine the dirty Pahang River when I think about Pekan. I was so wrong.  

There were 2 families playing by the beach. I spent the time mostly snapping pictures and trying to find a big crab. The weather was really nice, there was even a 5-minutes light hot rain showered us all - but nobody really bothered. Huge cloud blocked the sun so it wasn't hot and humid. Things moved slower, the sound of the beach was peaceful, and there weren't many people around to disturb the calm environment :D


This is the location to our new secret hideout :

Note : There were small rubbish like plastic bottles, pampers, tires and stuffs alongside of the farther side of the beach, of course. But compared to what we have in Port Dickson or Tanjung Sepat where I can't even dip my feet in the water, this beach was quite decent and clean. 


We were both pretty awkward in front of the camera, so this is the only picture of us taken by ma on the first day of Raya :

We spent 3 days in Pekan and by the forth day of our short holiday, we travelled back to the KL city. We stopped by at Raub to visit Af's family and makan2 raya before we headed back. There wasn't any famous festive-season traffic yet, we were one day early. Ma slept all the way because she wasn't feeling well, so Af drove back the Exora and I read Game of Thrones all the way.

Pekan to Raub - Almost 3 hours
Raub to KL - Around 2 hours

Happy Eid 2016 !


Video compilation by Af :

ESCAPISM EID 2016 from Farikarim on Vimeo.

I loooove the video and the song, thank youuuu ~  

Work related : The Fourth Month as a Full-time Freelancer

I am alive, I feel like I am running a long run without knowing where's the finishing line - the term running as something that I like to do, but extremely exhausting. That's my rough resemblance of what I am doing right now, for months since I decided to go freelance full-time.

So the month of June were about : keeping up with Freepik task, completing 2 longer-timeline projects and taking new online classes at the same time. All before the month of Syawal, during a tough fasting period when coffee wasn't in the picture. 


On Skillshare :

I actually subscribed to Skillshare early in June and took their offer of 3 months premium with only $0.99. A really great offer considering there are a lot of classes that I actually want to take for quite sometime. My current favorites are : Editorial Illustration by Mikey Burton, Pattern Design by Elizabeth Olwen, Pottery Class - Basic by Helen Levi, Freelancing for Creatives  by Margot Harrington.

Major thing I learned from these several classes I take : Keep a sketch book, doodle and sketch everyday ; your inspiration, daily scribbles, reference, visual journal, visual quotes, everything. I saw both Mikey Burton amd Elizabeth Olwen's sketch books and felt so inspired. I tried for the first month and I saw a huge difference in my working process. Freepik tasks are much easier and faster to complete if I spend at least 2-3 hours researching & sketching the previous night. It's like a planning before the actual illustrating process, and it helps a lot. I can't wait to share some of my contents later in different post :)

I did take some classes with the famous doodler : Jon Burgerman and the web-comic cartoonist : Sarah Anderson, but I found their classes pretty basic. I saved a long list of classes to take in these 3 months, hope I can finish them all !

So if you want to try Skillshare class for 3 months, I can share my referral code, just click on this link and try your 3-months premium. It's totally worth it!


On Freepik :

I completed 4 tasks (40 illustrations) during the month of June. I finally succeeded in following their initial requirement of 10 illustrations per week. A very productive month of Ramadhan !

My favorites are : the smoothies vectors, bakery and 4th of July themed items.

There are links in my facebook page if you are interested in downloading these free vectors :


On the new I'm a Backpacker series - Travelogue :

I can't reveal which book series I'm currently working on yet until it is published - probably after July. My most proudest achievement in this project is : I completed 25 illustrations of buildings + landmarks in the country and a huge visual map of the country ! Now I'm working on the second task of the project with around 31 illustrations to go, gambattee ~ !


On secret project with secret client :

The project that currently being put on hold for this festive season. I've been working on the pre-planning process for 3 weeks by now =,=


On Lejen Komik travelogue contest :

I thought I should just send the visual travelogue that I've been doing for my Tokiyo trip. They are currently short-listing the group. Not quite sure how good I did with the contest because I actually just sent what I have during that time. Well, anyhow, who knows ?