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Little Things 30 : Paper Birds

Do you know the feeling when you are so annoyed with everything and you can't understand your current mood swings and you search for loud song to bury those noises around you and you probably come across this and you click on the play button and scroll the youtube page to read the first comment and you read this :

I hate to ruin the mood but... those are paper pterodactyls. 
And those 179 likes on the comment alone came from people like me, who found the little stupid joke on random place, funny.


Huge spoiler : 
Lexie died in a plane crash! Lexie! Our Lexie Grey died in season 8 because she decided to stop acting in Greys. And for that, Abas Azmi, I give you thumbs up *for keep hitting me with spoilers that I don't want to know early every season and this is a huge spoiler ever. Ha. 

Hello Again Doodle !

Hello !

I've been hibernating for months ! Hardly done anything serious much these past few months. I've been actively writing in my other blog tho. There are many unfinished artworks and projects. There are many postponed little jobs here and there. I can't quite understand my artsy mood swings too.

Little did I notice, half a year passed like humming bird flapping its wings, so fast, almost unseen. I've grown into 25 year old working woman. Still with almost the same fashion taste, weigh much more than a year before, bushy eye-brow, and yeap, still the same person with a really bad communication skill.

Doodle, doodle. I'd be lying if I say I didn't do any doodles lately. I did! It is just nothing that serious. Sketchy doodles in my notebooks that I'll post on instagram. Naughty irresponsible behavior like sticking stickers at random random innocent places. Sleeping and acting busy. Painting my new apartment! Reading books. Scrolling blogs and instagram again. And many more important stuffs! *ahem*  

I miss those passionate hours. I do. 

* in the car with little naughty creatures *


Little Things 29 : Smell

Scent critic Chandler Burr & Frédéric Malle, Perfume Publisher.

Chandler : Do you think perfume is as much an art as painting & sculptures?
Frédéric : I'd say design or photography. I think great perfumery generates emotion similarly to certain abstract arts. I don't think it is as powerful as great music. Great perfumery touches a sensuous chord but not always a spiritual one. When I smell Portrait of a Lady by Dominique Ropion or Shalimar by Guerlain, it takes me to a world of beauty, but there is one level that is missing
This was taken from
In an odd way, I have a 'thing' with smell. And I agree with what Frédéric said. Although it can reach to a certain point which he called a sensuous chord, there is one level missing.

Some songs can make you cry.
Some paintings can make you laugh.
Some pictures can make you think deep.

But smell doesn't seem to touch your emotion. *Memories do!

It does give me pleasure, it can even seems like a whimsical feelings sometimes. It can bring back memories too, like how I can imagine my mom's old bedroom when she went out for rare dinner with my dad if I accidentally smell one of her old favorite perfume. Or random stranger's cologne while in a train can bring back memories from my ex's sweater, wayyy back when I was 19! I can even identify and differentiate people's perfume/cologne around me.


Little Stories 13 : Call in Sick

I always feel ashamed when I have to call in sick. My dad used to say that he hardly take a day off from work. My parents were workaholics, I never saw both of them lazying off that much. 

Even on Sunday. Perfect Sunday where people wake up late, watch TV and I don't know what else people do on Sunday. Because we used to wake up as early as 8 am in the morning, had quick breakfast and were forced to help him gardening around our house. For several hours. It was almost like a ritual. I used to hate gardening so much because of that. 

Being kids, we usually whined and talked behind his back because we were too afraid to speak up *knowing how strict my dad is. 

Sometimes I keep on comparing to other families :
On Sunday, people can wake up late because there is no school.
On Sunday, people can watch cartoons all day long.
On Sunday, people can do what ever they want.
I want my Sunday!

Ditto my Saturday. Which we were usually asked to help my mom with her batik business. My older sister took care of the shop while I helped her at her little workshop. So there was no rest from Monday till Sunday. Or that was how I saw it. 

I guess I was too young to understand that : time is the best commodity that matters. 


I grew up appreciating my time. I grew up knowing I need to use my time well. I grew up knowing taking a day off from work because I am sick is an excuse. I grew up almost feeling envy watching people become so immersed with their working life. I even considering taking part-time job on Saturday and Sunday so that my time is used well. I feel guilty if I fall asleep on daylight. I'll be feeling uneasy if I sit around doing nothing. 

Now I understand my parents better. 
Time is just too precious to be used on nothing. 

PS : Family time is super important too. Other than work. 
Because the only reason we work, is them.

Little Stories 12 : Paint

I spent several hours yesterday and today, painting the bathroom wall back to white, its original colour. And spent several more hours to do touch-ups on sloppy paints on each door. Muscle burning, I fell asleep after late lunch and short shower. Waking up to orange sky and the smell of dusk. Slight dizziness for those odd sleeping hours that I am not used to. 

I haven't been talking the whole day except with Awan and the last song I was listening to before I fell asleep was this.

How am I doing?
I am doing fine.


Little Stories 11 : In Numbers . 2

2.4km, that's how far I walked back home today. If I go on with the same routine, I'll be reaching my goal in a week.  *again using RunKeeper application to keep track.

Have I ever mentioned that I am quite obsessed with numbers? Although I don't like calculations, I do like to keep track, in numbers! 

Random example :
I count books that I've read since 2003, that is 292 books and counting.
555 days working with the lab.
Most of my posts are numbered according to their categories.
I played my songs in iTunes according to the number they have been played, because I know the most played songs are songs that I love to repeat over and over again, which means I love them so much. Make sense?


so it reminds me of :

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Grown-ups like numbers. 
When you tell them about a new friend, they never ask questions about what really matters. They never ask: "What does his voice sounds like?" "What games does he likes best?" "Does he collects butterflies?". 

They ask: "How old is he?" "How many brothers does he have?" "How much does he weigh?" "How much money does his father make?" 

Only then do they think they know him.

Save the Turtles!

Let's pledge to not consume turtle parts or eggs, and support amending Malaysian laws to fully ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs.

In Malaysia, we got 4 species of marine turtle : Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Olive Ridley Turtles. Even though turtles lay hundreds of eggs each season, only few of them survive :(

Nowadays turtles are near extinction. How sad :( Let's help the community, all you need to do is promise to yourself that you won't eat them, and you will try to help them in any ways possible. Your promise matters big time. 

Click here and make a pledge with me!

Turtle Sanctuary in Cherating Beach.


Little Things 28 : Train

My first train ride that I can remember is back when I was in elementary school. I am not sure if there are any other earlier encounter with train rides, but this is what I remember the most. Maybe because I took the experience personally. 

I remember my dad excitedly said we will take a train ride to KL that afternoon. We have never done that, usually he drove the car to places. So we parked our car at Bukit Jalil station and we went to the Mall, next to PWTC - of all the places.

On our way back home, we got the whole tram for us because it was pretty late. Having my dad as a father, we don't really show our childish excitement that much. So we sat quietly, waiting for it to arrive to our destination. I remember the soft sound of the air-cond and the dim white light. I remember my dad's tired face.

Today I got the whole tram for myself, and it brought back old memories.


Little Stories 10 : In Numbers

I walked for 2km today to the nearest train station from the lab, in almost 20 minutes, burned about 30 calories *using an app called RunKeeper to track it. 

My iPod said "Low battery" twice while I was walking before it turned itself off.

I was thirsty for walking a bit too fast because I thought I'll take longer time to arrive to the destination. I was wrong, it was just 20 minutes and thank God I remembered to bring water.

I was drenched with sweat when I arrived at the train station, used my shillings from my heavy little shilling pouch to buy a ticket and waited.

I saw an old friend in the bus but failed to want to have any small talks. No I'm not married yet, and yes I just came home from work. I wore like this because this is what I wear to work. No I am not working in big fancy company so I don't really have to wear formal attire except for meetings. No I am not living with my family. Yes, they are fine.

Oddly I bought chips on my way home for the second time in this month. Odd because I don't really eat junk food for fun. I am social snack-eater. I usually eat snacks only while in social/siblings gatherings. So my craving for junk food can be considered as not normal.

Extra numbers :
It will cost RM 3 to arrive home from my lab if I choose to walk and ride public transportation from the lab - but it will take almost 2 hours.

Around RM 9 if I choose to ride the bus, take 2 trains, and a taxi - in around 1hour +.

RM 15 if I choose to use taxi's service + bus ride : but in only 1/2 hour.


Being Frank :
Can you pick me up today?

Can I not pick you up except if you are going to sleepover here?

I knew this day would come eventually. Okay.


Can you be my Carl today?

No Ellie, I can't. 

Self - reminder : 
Your shadow will always disappear in the dark.

Random doodles


I hope this blockage is only temporary. 
I've been randomly doodling in my little notebook for awhile now. 



Awan eats a lot. Awan sleeps a lot. Awan bites strangers. Awan hops like a grasshopper. Awan loves to lay on me for 5 minutes every morning. Awan's favorite victim is cockroaches. Awan eats popcorn and cheese. Awan loves to lick my chin. Awan answers my call by wiggling her crooked tail. Awan shouts behind the door if she wants to come in. Awan saw other cat once in her life. Awan survived major surgery. Awan's fur is all around the house - which I hate the most.

Awan is almost a year old now.

Awan on lazy Sunday.


Works : Pahang Tourism


Alhamdulillah, the website is on the net last week! This is what we've been working on since February 2012, along with my other team members. This is my second full involvement with a project since the previous Petronas Pitstop Apps. 

Check out the new website for Tourism Pahang
Feel free to leave feedbacks & comments to improve the website.


Little Stories 9 : Chewing Gum

This man loves to stick used chewing gum under random table. Every time he does that I felt a little annoyed.
He asked me :

Why does it matters? It is so small, no one cares.
I do. I tried to explain about why small things matter to everyone. IF we put 1,000,00 people with the same attitude together, the small problem will eventually turns into much bigger problem. Imagining much bigger picture will help, because we can't change everyone's attitude, we need to change ourselves first. It is the closest we can get to help anything. 

The small chewing gum, or the small tissue paper and candy wrapper, everything matters. It shows how you see and approach life, how you care about environment and how you tell yourself who you are. So it matters.

Because I see these little things and I care.


Several days later, we saw something on the roof top of his car. I asked him :

What is that? 
Later on, we found out that someone stuck used chewing gum on his car.
That is exactly what I was trying to explain to him before. Sometimes God gives you much clearer way to explain stuffs so you can see better, that is by metaphorically speaking : in your face!

Karma. Ha.


Apps : Young Kids & Mobile Apps


Although I don't quite agree with kids under 12 to be engaged with game consoles and other devices, I am very much interested in how kids interact with those devices.

I got curious over how their brain processes it, how they familiarize certain patterns and steps, how they explore it. The fact that they can interact with those games even though they can't read, always fascinates me. 

Good mobile applications for kids don't even need instructions to explain the flow, because most kids don't read at a very young age and it is hard for them to focus on reading when they are too excited to play the game right away. *I remember skipping the conversation parts between players when I played Pokemon Red - teenage years. I bet that goes to everyone else too, except for curious-avid reader I suppose. 

I don't have a chance to be around young kids that much, so I suppose my finding's accuracy will be highly downgraded. At the lab, I usually watch Fayyadh explores my iPhone. I watch him trying games after games to meet his interest. Most of game apps are strategy or puzzle based so they are not quite suitable for a 5 year old. 

This writing is based on one of the good application I found interesting enough for young kids : Toca Doctor by TocaBoca & my humble observation. What I have in mind is a simple set of mini games to be completed that kids can relate to. I bought the app just because I was curious on how the full version will be, and how different each mini games will be - there is a lite version you can try, just type in "Toca Doctor Lite".


Mobile Applications for Young Kids :

1. Interface.
Kids are attracted to simple, colourful interface.  I love the simplicity of it. It kind of reminds me of activity books I used to have when I was very young, back when there is no such thing as mobile application of course. 

2. Mini games
Kids are easily distracted, so a set of mini games might help them focus on each small task. In Toca Doctor, a player is required to examine a patient and solve simple fun puzzle. I played the whole set, it was super easy for me, but quite engaging. There are 21mini games to be completed.
eg : Broken bones need to be connected and bandaged or brush your teeth to kill the germs, clean up  wound and put a plaster and those simple stuffs. 

3. No instructions
The game is straight forward and simple. They point to each point that need to be inspected, and kids can solve it right away. I didn't even need to explain anything to him. 

4. Relate to real life
In this game, they ask you to be a doctor. In another game by tocaboca, called Toca House that let the player help 5 friends do chores at home : cleaning up, doing dishes, ironing, mowing the lawn in 19 mini games. It's easier for them to understand simple tasks when they can relate to it and much easier for us to explain.
eg : Why we need to clean the wound?
Because we need to avoid infection. 


Ps :
Parents need to be aware of the type of games they let children play. Children are a bit like white canvas, parents are the artist with paints and brushes in their hand.


It's amazing how technology is taking over the world.

I work as a conceptual designer for mobile application and during my free time, I explore the beautiful wonder of arts in current digital medium mainly in tablets and smart phones. One of my favorite topic is children's application. I'll share my finding here from time to time. Enjoy the geeky side of me ! :D - azreenchan

What matters to you?

I stared at the wall in front of me while listening to this. All these instax photos on my wall, the people that matters, the people that I love, the people that I care about. I can count them using my fingers.

We tend to hope too much for other people. We want the best for them. We have expectations.

Give and take.

 To cultivate the sacredness of each day, live to give. - Robin Sharma 
Sometimes I love people too much that it hurts.

I am here for you. I want you to reach for me when you need me, because I'll be ready. You won't be alone, I can promise you that.

My outward selfishness is just a mask.
Because I care too much that it is killing me.
My soft-heartedness is eating me alive.
Such irony.

For Sale : Sleepyheads Pencil Case



Hand-drawn Sleepyhead Pencil Case 1
Price : RM 28


Hand-drawn Sleepyhead Pencil Case 2
Price : RM 28


Postage :
Normal - RM 2
Express : RM 4

Email me :

Apps : Whale Trail

I found this game : Whale Trail early this week and have been addicted by it. Bubbly-gummy colourful interface and stages to unlock after you have collected certain points, for free. What's not to love? Still hoping for Locoroco on iPhone. 

*extra geeky note : in the game Locoroco, they specially created a fictional language for foreign players, combining Japanese music and altering little bit of Katagana to make beautiful sound. How cool is that? - try that link I've put, that's not even a real language! 

More reason to love this game is the catchy song, which I googled afterwards and found out there is the full version of the song on Youtube! That made up my weekend, and I've been repeating the song since yesterday :D


I can see my house from heere~

Updates updates.


I met Johan & Hani from kidsfeelgood@NTV7  ♥

In front of m apartment  ♥


Little Things 27 : Alone

1. When you are alone, you can see all the details on your surrounding. Like how two friends accidentally saw each other at the train station and got excited over that unplanned meeting, or how all the machines at the train station were broken and I don't see the point of giving away those paper tickets, or how the 1Malaysia train is still shiny and on-time, or how a polite girl offered her seat to an old woman who passed it to me *still feeling something was not right.


2. When you are alone, you can taste the food differently. You can focus on eating your meal. I became aware of the colour, the smell, and the taste. I keep thinking about the chicken *which I failed to know why. I tried going online using my phone, but got bored after 2 minutes so I turned it off again. I watched my surrounding and enjoyed my quiet time.


3. The cashier at Artfriend recognized me. I guess after several years, he should probably recognize me as much as I recognize him. He even remember 'the name' and give me discount for member. 

Alone today?
Bought new postcard paper.

I miss Basheer at Bras Basah, Singapore. They got a variation of interesting graphic books. I just don't like the fact that I need to convert it tho.


My brother & I :

Thank you for being my top list reader. 


Travel : Perhentian Island 2




Song for beautiful early morning : 

Travel : Perhentian Island 1


At last, after a month of keeping this in my box of paranoia, I'm ready to write about my trip to Perhentian Island! Despite all the things that happened, I can only conclude that in life, it won't be always sweet and learn from mistakes and don't judge, and remember that you are human and oh my, I learned so many things here in this trip, but I rather keep this to myself. Fair enough.


Things that I want to Share in this Trip :

1. On traveling
Be ready to sit in the bus for hours. Bring sweater or clean towel if it gets too cold. 

After 9 hours of bus traveling, I woke up to sun rise on a boat and clear sea water. 


2. On food
Foods are pricey and it tasted dull, I don't mind eating them if it's not 'that' pricey. But we had no choice. By 2nd day, all the food stocks that we brought in our trip ran out. 

Bringing bread, kaya, sardine, tuna, maggi, snacks, helped a lot. 
Oh, and you should probably bring your own bottled water to refill water, so that you won't have to buy pricey drinks all the time. 


3. On network
I used Maxis, and I hardly got network, except near water which is very inconvenient. * Nevertheless, I never even got any messages or phone calls in those 4 days, so who cares, right? Lol.


4. On activities
There weren't so much things to do. We relaxed at the beach, went on snorkeling and swimming, walked at the beach, searched for foods and talked and spent time together.

Snorkeling was the best part in this trip. I can assure you, you should try it at Perhentian Island. The truth is, I was a bit worried at first. One of my fear is deep water *that was why I took swimming lessons back when I was in Uniten. But this experience was meaningful and fun enough. *I still have a fear for deep water though.





Rant 1 : Passive aggressive

Personal thoughts : 
I think most of the time I am being passive aggressive. I don't shout or curse when I am mad. I deny it and say it is okay. But I do show it on my behavior, it's so obvious I can even roll my eyes at myself for acting that childish. 

PS : You need to tell me what's wrong,
or I'll be clueless and you will abuse me with the feeling of guilt.

Inspiration : Neil Gaiman

This is really good!
Be wise because the world needs more wisdom.
And if you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone who is wise and just behave like they would.
Go and make interesting mistakes. Make amazing mistakes. Make glorious and fantastic mistakes.
Break rules. Make good art. - Neil Gaiman


Little Things 26 : Japan


Guess what? I was throwing old things last night and I found something from my past in a big old box. I found letters, postcards, little things that I bought and got from Japan! It's been 12 years since my last visit to Japan and it's been a couple of months since I last heard about them. Let's reminiscing my childhood in pictures! :D


Fun looking stamps, envelopes & letters :


I remember this ! I was 13, my foster family took me to the city and I want to buy something to bring home. It was christmas holiday and it was really cold. I bought an exchangeable multicoloured pen and they wrapped it so nicely in printed Sanrio package with a sticker and small booklet hung on it! I was super excited, *normally we get plastik-pasar-malam if we buy such small things like pen. This is the mini booklet :


Postcards : 


Handkerchief *very womanly.




A box of Hello Kitty's stationaries :


Several keychains :


Travel : Lipis

I was on the track again for work, this time my destination was Lipis. I think this is my first visit here. Lipis is one of a town in Pahang with local heritage and ancient buildings. I've visited all 14 old buildings that were built on early 1900s and snapped some pictures for me along the way.  

It was a very hot day and I think I've never been sweating this bad that fast. I walked around the small town. People were looking, I wonder how odd for them to see a woman wearing office attire on a very hot afternoon, snapping photos.

I love those buildings, they got a year written on each of them.

I am not sure the name of the temple. That was my first visit to a temple. I took my shoes off, my feet cringed with heat. I saw an indian man came to me.

Can I take some photos?

He smiled and nodded. Yes, yes, you can even go inside.

My heart jolted. So I took several photos outside and more photos inside. The hall was empty, I felt a bit awkward. Maybe because I've never been to others' holy place before.


Old railway station, 1926. 86 years old. 
How can we compete with that?


I've also visited their local zoo, which is called 'Zoo Lipis'. Entrance fees for adult - RM 3 and children - RM 2. The zoo was deserted and I failed to see the beauty of it. Most animals looked weak and sleepy. Those cages were pretty small for each of them. I pitied them all. 

Even so, I saw many interesting animals like owls with HUGE evil black eyes that excite me, Malaysian foxes that looked different from what I usually see on TV,  Kongkang that my mom used to mentioned, monkeys with red asses, naughty hornbills and many other animals. 

Pretty decent for a local attraction.


For a person with a huge interest in traveling, I admit that I haven't really explore my own country yet. I've been here and there but not entirely on exploring mode - more like a short visit. But this year alone, I've been lucky enough to get a chance to go to many places in Malaysia.

Listing it down may not be helping much but I'm an avid lister :
Fraser's Hill, Cameron Highlands, Perhentian Island, Kuantan, Lipis, Bukit Tinggi.

*I've even marked down those places!