Hello Again Doodle !

Hello !

I've been hibernating for months ! Hardly done anything serious much these past few months. I've been actively writing in my other blog tho. There are many unfinished artworks and projects. There are many postponed little jobs here and there. I can't quite understand my artsy mood swings too.

Little did I notice, half a year passed like humming bird flapping its wings, so fast, almost unseen. I've grown into 25 year old working woman. Still with almost the same fashion taste, weigh much more than a year before, bushy eye-brow, and yeap, still the same person with a really bad communication skill.

Doodle, doodle. I'd be lying if I say I didn't do any doodles lately. I did! It is just nothing that serious. Sketchy doodles in my notebooks that I'll post on instagram. Naughty irresponsible behavior like sticking stickers at random random innocent places. Sleeping and acting busy. Painting my new apartment! Reading books. Scrolling blogs and instagram again. And many more important stuffs! *ahem*  

I miss those passionate hours. I do. 

* in the car with little naughty creatures *


3 comments on "Hello Again Doodle !"
  1. Salam ziarah dari Pemimpi Tegar. Jemput baca post terbaru saya. '' Siapakah mereka berdua itu? ''. Selamat membaca. Moga bermanfaat. ('',)

  2. Bushy eyebrow?.. sep! kita serupa... koh koh koh