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Pregnancy : The Last Few Dates before The Baby Comes

We had 4 silent years together.
We are both introverts and we hardly have any friends, so we were just together most of the time.
We fill each other's silences.

Those time we spent together next to each other, doing our things and not saying anything. When we walk along the beach, when we hike during our trips, when we explore new places on foot, when we go on dates after dates. I love that we can stay silent and be ourselves without feeling uncomfortable. And I love how we can talk endlessly to one another as well. No one knows me as much as he does. 

I'm thanking God for the time I had with him when I was not sharing him with anyone else. He let me be myself, and I can't thank him enough.


Our lives will definitely change once the baby arrives. 
We are saying goodbye to our honeymoon phase at this moment and getting ready for parenthood with open hands. Thank you Af for the blessed 4 years together ♥️

Wish us all the love and strength in this world.

Pregnancy : 8 Things I wish I'd Bought from the Start

I discussed with Af before about how the uncomfortable phases during pregnancy can be avoided/reduced if I had known what to spend on from the start. But it is already too late (for me) because I'm already reaching my final weeks but hopefully this will help new mothers in the future. 

This is for you, as a pregnant woman, not for the baby yet :D


1. Pregnancy body pillow - starting from the 2nd trimester
Yes, it is ugly, I understand that. But, to be honest, pregnancy is one of the most uncomfortable phase that I've endured for almost 7 months (especially after the first half of the pregnancy). If you have the budget for it, do spend it on the U-shaped pregnancy pillow, or you can always put a pillow shield around you every time you want to lie down (what I did throughout the pregnancy). But the pregnancy pillow will definitely help - I can assure you that because you'll be needing the good rest every day and sleeping is no longer your best friend when you are heavily pregnant. You can always pass the pillow to the next mother (like your siblings!) once your pregnancy phase is over. 

Alternative/cheaper way : You can get the affordable ones for RM RM 30+ to RM 100+ from Shopee/Lazada or you can make pillow fort every night using all the pillows at home. 


2. Lotion/oil for your tummy (or stretch mark) - starting from the 2nd trimester
I've been using Cosmoderm's Vitamin E oil for few months since I got pregnant. But by the 7th - 8th month, I started having these tiny rashes bumps on my tummy due to the sudden third trimester stretch. It got worse day by day. The oil (+the hot weather) didn't help much. It got to the point where I need to expose my tummy part for air at home and avoid fabric to reduce the friction =.= 

What changed was the free trial I got : Garden of Eden's - Jojo E Stretch Mark cream + skin serum. That helped a lot, the rashes got better, and the skin around my tummy got softer and moistured well enough. If I had known better, I would definitely splurge on this from the start. They are definitely expensive - but it works wonder. No more annoying rashes :F

Alternative/cheaper way : I didn't have time to experiment on this. I wish I know about this product earlier so I wouldn't have to endure the rashes phase. 

But regarding whether it works for stretch marks, I'm not sure - I haven't got them yet and I'm currently on the 38th week of my pregnancy. I'll update this after the baby comes out !


3. Pregnancy/nursing Bra - starting from the 1st trimester
You have to spend on this in 2 phases : 
  • The first trimester when your body starts welcoming the pregnancy phase, 
  • The third trimester, when it gets ready for the baby (the breast milk phase)
Say hello to your new body and just embrace this phase. 
No wires ladies, opt for comfort.

Alternative/cheaper way : You can buy bra extender clip for RM 1 - RM 3 on Shopee/Lazada, this will buy you some time during the early pregnancy phase. But eventually you'll be needing new bras. Checkout those online shopping sites (Lazada/Shopee), you can get good quality nursing bra from RM 9+. You'll go through changes, for sure. 


4. Spray Sanitizer - starting from the 1st trimester
You'll be visiting a LOT of public toilet (you can't avoid this) and sometimes those toilets aren't so friendly and you can no longer use the Asian squatting toilet because you are huge and no longer flexible :F Embrace the sitting toilet, use the spray sanitizer, bring tissues all the time when you go out. 

Alternative/cheaper way : Buy the combo pack, I think it will be enough throughout the pregnancy.


5. Compression socks - starting from the 2nd trimester
Please do spend on compression socks because you will have to endure the pain throughout the second half of the pregnancy. Muscle sores, feet aches, cramps at night. I didn't buy compression socks, so I know I'm talking by experience here. I do wake up at night because of the cramps, and every single day during my third trimester was tough on my legs and feet. It felt like I did half-marathon every day. 

Alternative/cheaper way : I don't know any cheaper way to reduce the muscle sores because they are every where, from your pubic + pelvic bones, down to your thigh, your calf, and your feet :F Daily foot massage from your husband helps too ! :D


6. Gym ball - starting from the 2nd trimester
I read that it helps reduce back pain, it gets you to move (minor exercise) and it helps a lot during your labour. I'm not talking based on experience because I didn't have a gym ball so I'm not sure whether it works or not. My back pain started during the 2nd trimester and it got better by the 3rd trimester when the pain moved to my lower body instead. But anything that help with your pregnancy exercise is supposed to be good :) 

Alternative/cheaper way : Pregnancy pilate/yoga 


7. Pregnancy clothes - starting from the 2nd trimester
I wish I bought at least :
  • 1 comfy maternity blouse,
  • 1 maternity jeans/much leaner comfy pants, 
  • 3 x lower waist maternity panties (the high-raised ones didn't work for me)
I don't have to go 'out' to work, but I do go out a lot for my checkups so I need outing clothes that are comfortable throughout the pregnancy (until the last few weeks). My maternity friendly clothes did worked for me from month 2-8, but probably not in month 9 when everything I wear looked hanging because my body was still not that big but my tummy is pretty huge and high-up. You can always wear loose blouse/jubah on repeat - those are the ultimate maternity-friendly clothes. but you need to figure out about the pants because it gets uncomfortable eventually.


8. Nursing Chair - starting from the 2nd trimester
I'm glad I bought Poang from Ikea quite early - I wanted a reason to buy a resting chair for reading actually and that's how I decided on Poang during the 2nd trimester. But I didn't realized how useful the armchair turned out to be during my back-ache phase. No chairs/sofa/bed in my house that are as comfortable as sitting on that chair (but I need to put a pillow behind my back during my 3rd trimester because of the huff-and-puff). I spent a LOT of time there during my pregnancy phase and I am soooo glad I bought it.  

I spent : RM 300 for the chair, but I'm sure there are other affordable nursing chairs around.  


Pregnancy is different for each person and even for each pregnancy itself. So you might find things that works for others might not work for you. But from what I can see, a lot of maternity products do help with the pregnancy symptoms, ease some discomforts, or make life better throughout some  of the phases. If you have some money to spend on any of the items, do so, if not, then improvise :D 

You don't have to spend on the most expensive/branded items because it is just a phase :) They are just going to make your life better. Good luck !