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Little Things 178 : Trauma

I realized that trauma is not something that will heal over time. 

People who are traumatized by something need to acknowledge that they have something in them that is wounded or affected. People who are traumatized need to embrace this trauma as part of their history in life, accept and understand that it will always be a part of them, possibly not all in bad ways. People who are traumatized need to be ready for any possible unwanted things that can happen in life and learn to differentiate between what's in the past, the present and the future. People who are traumatized need to know that they can still choose their story. Because we decide how we see the world, we decide how to accept it. Our lives are curated by our decisions and thoughts.

We are not controlled by our families, friends, teachers, bosses, community or government.
The world is, as how you view it.
You are not a robot, you have a unique individual mind. 


In a small group of people who are traumatized by the same thing/incident, each one of the group member will still face the aftermath differently. After all, our thought, our mind, and our feelings are not all identical to one another. 

Some take shorter amount of time to heal, some take longer time and some don't ever heal at all. 

My question :
Who should we rescue first? Ourselves, or other victims ?
How much information should victims share to make people understand?
Is it possible for some people to never heal without any help from others?
When should I come to help ?


I am convinced that I am much better than 10 years ago.
I think my major reason is the state of my mind. When I learn to accept, when I study and do research for better understanding, when I read, when I forgive, when I avoid things that triggers negative energies. I managed to bring the best in me. 

I think the time has come for me to help other victims too, but the ultimate challenge is how?

Food : Yogurt with Nutella

For late afternoon lazy snack, you can try this :

Natural Yogurt
Crushed Chocolate

Take some Nutella, mix it with odd-tasted natural yogurt and stir it. Add crushed chocolates on top of it and leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes. You'll get a decent taste of Nutella Frozen Yogurt :


Little Things 177 : Consumptions

Last year I spent around RM700 for books. I counted from all my collected receipts. That's around RM50+ or 1-2 books each month. Maybe I bought around 20 books or more if I count cheap books from Big Bad Wolf or second hand books as well.

This week alone, I read 4 books - 2 newly bought, 2 old books in my keeping, 1 just started last night. I tried not to buy as much books, but most of the time I can't remember how I even paid for them at the counter. It was an impulsive act. I am trying to read free digital copies on my iPhone as well. As much as I want to completely be paper-free and convert to be a digital reader, I still can't find the most effective device to buy and read digital copies. So I keep on buying more physical books. 


After some time, my eyes can skim as fast as it needs to collect important words from the text. I wonder when is 'too much' for an individual to consume information. If I can understand my body and muscle's warnings when they get too tired, is it possible for me to detect brain's exhaustion?  

I can live moderately on most of the things around me and I know when the time to stop or slow down.
But, am I secretly living like a greedy person when it comes to consuming knowledge and information? When is the time to say that I need to slow down? If people will gain weight every time we consume information, I might be considered as heavily-obese right now.

There is side-effects on everything if we consume more than we need.
So I wonder what are possible effects on this?


This week books :-
Displacement by Lucy Knisley
South of the Border, West of the Sun by H.Murakami
Rework by Basecamp
Damn Good Advide by George Lois
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

Little Things 176 : Toxic People

In your life, you'll meet a lot of people. 

There must be a time, when you'll meet these 'toxic people' : people who complaints everything, grunt at things, use sarcasm in every words, will dominate a conversation, all in all, if you are the sensitive type, you'll know they are 'toxic people' when you can feel the negative aura bursting from their body. You don't know why, but you can feel it when they are there and you don't feel comfortable being around them.

You can choose to walk away from them. 
Like any other energy, they are transferable. 
I call them dementor because they will consume your light.

Avoid them.

Book : Memento Bento by Alessandra Criseo

I followed Mais on Instagram and on Behance. 
I loooooove her clean-simple-stroke. 

So when I saw that she has started selling Memento Bento, I bought it right away. It is her Tokyo - Kyoto travelogue *coincidence? mihmihmih. I also bought Tokyo on Foot by Florent Chavouet several years back but never did any review on that :p I also have Craig Thompson's visual travelogue.

Price - I didn't notice it was £15(RM82) instead of $15usd, so with additional of postage fees £4.50 (RM25), the total was £19.50 (RM107). It was over my budget for such a tiny travelogue, usually I put a budget of around RM60+ for this smaller type of visual books. But because I bought it on paypal and converting isn't automatically done, I just assumed. I assumed it was in USD, my mistake. Anyhow, past is past, I received the book last week. 

I kept telling my family about it "did the expensive book arrived"?, "I bought a really expensive travelogue". Hah. Padan muka.


This is the stamped envelope :


I received a nice postcard as well :


And this is the book :

She drew things like : clothes to wear, places she went to, interesting things that they found, food and people with tiny cute stickers and images. I wish there were more doodles and stories, the book consists with 60 pages of doodles and all. I want moooore.

Anyhow, it's a wonderful book. 
I'm glad it's in my travelogue collection now.


Little Things 175 : Going Up

Here in Malaysia, you should know that when using the escalator, if you are on the right lane means you need to walk up the stairs fast and if you are on the left lane means you can just stand until you reach the top. That's the unspoken rule, if you notice how the system works in the city.

If you choose to stand on the right lane while the queue is long, especially in busier places like KL Sentral and Masjid Jamek, you'll stop the crowd. There's always some people who don't know about the unspoken rule that will stop everyone from going up. 

Don't be one.  

Run : Fitness, Health & Technology

There used to be a time when technology isn't as big as it is now. I remember doing outdoor activities without clicking on 'start' button to track my distance, I remember the time when I read Reader's Digest magazine every month to know about some useful tips and tricks, I remember the time when learning about things means you need to collect pamphlets, go to library or ask an expert.

Now, it is much easier.
Everything is on the tips of your finger.
I really enjoy technology, I found it very useful.


Here is how I used technology in helping me managing my health & fitness :

Mobile applications :
I've been using smartphone since 2012 and one of the thing that I really like to do is trying out new mobile applications. Throughout the years, I've tried many apps, downloaded and deleted some when I felt like the program didn't worked for me. There are a lot of applications available in the market, so it depends on the user's preferences to know what really work for them.

These are some mobile applications that I'm using :

1. Runkeeper - I keep track all my fitness activities using Runkeeper i.e : running, walking and yoga. I've been using the app. since 2012, so I'm comfortable with the whole system. Usually early each year, I'll set a total distance that I want to achieve for that year. Last year I aimed for 150km and this year is 200km. I can also see the reports on how much I improved, or how much calories I burned and that keeps me motivated. I guess competing with my Runkeeper's friend list also one of the reason for me to stay motivated.

2. Yogify - I downloaded the whole package in 2013 that includes 3 big programs : strength, balance and flexibility. I learned and followed the program level-by-level. It is very easy to use because I don't really need internet connection to load videos from youtube every time or pay for yoga classes. I can just click on 'Start' and do it myself on my own pace.  

3. Headspace - This mobile application is quite new for me, so I'm still trying out the free app. It teaches us how to meditate and tell us the importance and benefits of meditation in a nice convincing voice walkthrough and animated video. If you love science, read this.


Blog :
Other than keeping track of my activities using mobile applications, I like to write on health, fitness and foods every now and then. I keep track of my running events, my running tips & tricks and other useful knowledge that I found or experimented on my 'staying-healthy' regime.

The blog is a personal place for me to remind myself on things that I found useful, because I am aware of how vast the internet can be and I can't keep track of everything if I don't write it down. Perhaps it might help readers find useful things as well :)


Pinterest and website/blogs :
I also found Pinterest very interestingly reliable in finding out about almost everything for example : healthy food recipes, how to do smoothie and juices, running tracks, yoga poses, tips and tricks and fitness hacks. I pinned everything and keep in in a folder for my personal read.


What I want to try in the future :
I am very much interested in fitness trackers that can monitor daily steps, sleeping patterns, and calories. It is not as widely used in Asian countries as much as in the US yet, so it's quite pricy and it's hard to find one suitable for me in local market. Although I don't feel comfortable tracking everything, I'm interested in finding out about those invisible data in my body to learn about the technology behind it.

But then again, this is also interestingly yummeh : 


Last week, I found out about Oscar Insurance while I was researching on concept and interfaces for insurance based website and mobile application. I found their approach friendly and eye-catching, so I saved for my future reference.

Since their company is tech-based and uses fitness trackers in their incentive program for their members. Each Oscar member receives their own Misfit tracker and can even earn back $1 a day when they hit their personalized goals. It inspired to share few things about how has the technology helped or changed the way I manage health and tools that I'm using to keep track or improve it. If you are interested in learning more about them, check out their sites for health insurance in New Jersey and New York. They don't have it local yet, but they are expanding fast.

I am not in any way affiliated or received any compensation for this post, I just found their company interesting and I am free to share these knowledge with people :).

Little Things 174 : Light

1. Heliotropism is the motion of some plant parts like tree branches and leaves towards the sunlight. Even without eyes, plants can stretch themselves slowly to the source of light. Helios (sun) + tropein (to turn) = turn to sun.
I like that 


2. Earthworms are generally blind. But somehow even without eyes, they can sense dark and light using a special receptor on its skin. No eyes, but still can detects the source of light. It knows where is up, where is down. This I learned from I, Origins. 


3. Jellyfish and deep sea creatures like the monstrous-looking angler fish, can produce light also known as bioluminescence. For what use? To lure small animals and become its' prey. Curious smaller fishes see light produced in a deep dark sea when everything is pitch black. Pitch black, small light, that's where it heads to. 


Somehow every living things is attracted to the source of light. Without we realize, we are attracted to things that lighten our lives. Metaphorically speaking. If we fall in love, we feel like the person radiates some sort of positive energies that might as well make us feel the notion of light - even if there's no visible light around them. Thus the saying : "you lighten up my life", it just makes perfect sense. 

Ditto spiritual enlightenment. 
It uses 'light' in the word as well. When a person comes to an understanding about his/her life, like some sort of awakening from a semi-conscious state of living. Everything becomes clearer and brighter. Yes ?


Perhaps we are biologically created this way. 
Maybe we are not fully aware of how we tend to go towards the light.

It doesn't really make sense, but I like this idea. 

Little Things 173 : Tooth Brush

"There are 3 tooth brushes at the sink; green, purple and red. Your tooth brush is the purple one".

The possibility for him to ask you for the second time is high : "which one is mine?". You can just tell him this instead : "Your tooth brush is the purple one" - without any mention of the other colours. That works better.


*to avoid misunderstanding, 'him' in this post is my brother.

App : Useful Mobile Application for Local Use

Useful mobile applications in Malaysia : 

1. Public transportation
Moovit : You can check schedule for RapidKL bus and trains, you can plan ahead, check real-time location, find best & fastest way and even live reports/updates. Apparently like Waze, the company was founded and based in Israel.
Myteksi : Find nearest, cheapest taxis around you. 
KL Train : All train stations in KL city

2. Ticketing
Movie - GSC, TGV
Airplane : AirAsiaMHmobile : I found this really-really useful. Last year before I went to Istanbul, I downloaded the app. I was supposed to go separately from Ma's group because I personally bought my own ticket instead of grouping with the National Art Museum group. So I downloaded my e-ticket and kept track of the countdown flight-time using the app. From my e-ticket, it was stated 12 hours earlier than what the person-in-charge told us. I insisted that our flight was the exact same flight as Ma's but several people refused to believe me =.=' So I just tagged along, brought my bag and check-in despite being teased for being super early. Later found out that I was right, the count-down was right. So in 1 hour, they had to go home, pack their bag and rushed to the airport. Hah.

3. Communications and bills
Well, it's monthly commitment, almost everyone pay for these stuffs, might as well they do an application so we as users can keep track of our bills, add/reduce packages, be notified and such.
Line, internet & phone : MyDigiMyMaxis 

4. Report :
Crime : Malaysia Crime - not the best, got so much space to improve. They should consider crowd-sourcing crime report based on location. 
Traffic : Most people are using Waze. *I don't like the icon and characters tho..
Location-based report : Myhero

5. Groceries :
HappyFresh : Never tried this yet, but I think this might be the future for lazy/busy people to do grocery shopping. 


Other ideas they should consider :

Travel promotion platform : For example, Matta Fair, they should really consider creating a traveling promotion application - because the market is super huge. It is like a platform for traveling agencies and people who wants to find a good traveling promotion. All year long. Call it Matta, we like it just fine. 
Social event platform : This means combing all outdoor/artsy/hipstery/music/writers events in one go. Anything from Pipit, Caffa, Art for Grabs, One FC, to Urbanscapes. Users can find out about the events, buy tickets, vendors can rent a booth, share promotions, etc.
Local shopping platform : This means combining all local online shopping websites. So users can type in what they are searching for, and all available items from Zalora, Luzola, Lazada, Mudah, Lelong, etc list their available product based on the user. And we can compare listings, choose and buy. Like using Kayak or Skyscanner but for shopping and product/item comparison. 
National report : Flood, drought, dengue cases, accidents, diseases etc.
Bills : Housing bills like electric, water, broadband, Indah Water and all those things we need to pay every month in one mobile app. So users can keep track of all the house bills, pay right away, and plan ahead what to pay based on the priority.
Insurance : As a user, I want to keep track of my payment, read about my policies, what I entitled to, how much is my saving, possible additional mini policy, and perhaps digital insurance card.


Mobile applications that I don't find useful in Malaysia :

1. Any apps based on specific events. Events are temporary, it is much easier to track any updates on social media : Facebook or Twitter status. Imagine if I'm going to MAHA and downloaded the app, and the next time they will update it is the next 2 years - because MAHA is only once every 2 years.
2. Halal foods : We are in fact in Malaysia, we are surrounded by so many halal foods around us. It is useful when we travel to other countries tho.
3. Another image/video editing applications, there are too many of those applications in market.


Book : 1995 Sarin Attack and Social Psychology

I haven't update write anything on books lately. Previous read : Murakami's latest story for The New Yorker 3 weeks ago, titled Kino and Thomas Harris's first book in the Hannibal Series : Red Dragon - both I read digitally on iBooks.

Current read :
  • Underground by H.Murakami *I spent my MPH coupon on this book and didn't regret it.
  • The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris *second e-book from the Hannibal series
  • Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie *I borrowed from Ivy


Underground is a non-fiction, a compilation of interviews done by Murakami to Subway Sarin Attack's victims in Tokyo subway on March 20, 1995. Five members of the Aum Shinrikyo religious cult released sarin contained in a plastic bags in the Tokyo's subway train. 13 people died, hundreds of people severely affected and thousands more somewhat affected by the poisonous gas.

Sarin was originally invented during the WW2 by the German scientist. It is stated that Sarin is 20 times more powerful than cyanide. In the attack, the plastic bag contained with Sarin vaporized into the air in a gas form, everyone inhaled or touched it directly or indirectly were all affected.

Murukami tracked down hundreds of victims and interviewed some of the willing victims. Many victims turned down the offer to be interviewed because they rather forget the incident and some were still afraid of the Aum cult.

This happened around 20 years ago.

What hit me when I read the book : Those interviews make it real, all stories were told by the victims , it is connected like a huge invisible link that relates to so many big incidents in the world : the 9/11, the Holocaust, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the World War, etc. My purpose is to learn and understand, not to point fingers to who's responsible.


Things I found interesting about some Japanese people in the 90's based on the interview :
  • Normal salary-man (*that work 9am-5pm) took the subway to work. They took roughly around 1-2 hours to arrive to their office. They come in 1 - 2 hours earlier before they start working. We don't really do that here, we are always late. Office hour at 9am means we come in at 9.30am. *but hey I always come in around 8.50am.
  • Most people were aware of the existence of the cult. There were Aum school, Aum hospital, Aum research center. I found it odd, knowing how established they were. 
  • When the train conductor announced that there were a poisonous gas in the train and asked all passengers to leave the train, nobody panicked, nobody ran. Everyone walked out patiently like nothing happened *this is based on the interview. I found it hard to relate. How can they managed to be so calm in emergency situation? Were they really trained to be that calm or they thought the situation weren't as serious as it was?
  • There were many cases of post-traumatic stress disorder in those interviews. Mostly relatable, it's great to learn how people cope with traumatizing experience. 
  • I relate this incident with any other religious terrorism that happened in this world. 
  • Later in 2000, Aum removed Asahara as the leader and changed its name to 'Aleph', they also vowed to respect the government's law. 


At the same time as I was reading the book, I also took a course in Social Psychology by Wesleyan University. I managed to connect certain findings from all the lectures to the Sarin Attack incident :

  • Obedience to Authority : How the Aum followers chose to follow the order that had been assigned to them, even if they know how bad the effect would be. Why did they chose to do such an awful thing that cost other people's lives? How do some people choose to renounce their life and live a life decided by someone else? Is this a sign of weakness or total obsession? 
  • Countering Terrorism : It happened in Japan, it happened everywhere around the world. As a person, how would we react to this? What can we do to avoid future incidents? 
  • Bystander Effect : When a lot of victims passed out after they inhaled Sarin in the train, there were a lot of bystanders chose not to help. They stared, they ignored, they looked at each other. Only some people helped. In this situation, there were pro and cons. Pro : It would be dangerous for people that were not affected to touch or be near the victims because they might inhale the poisonous gas as well. Cons : Some people died because they were not helped or treated fast enough. Hundreds people were badly affected until now. So in this kind of situation, what should we do if we were the bystanders? 

PS : The lectures were given by Scott Plous, a professor of psychology at Wesleyan University. He managed to share a very interesting 7-weeks online course on social psychology with me. I highly recommend his class. The case studies, experiments and lesson were very useful and educative. The most important part is the lectures were not boring.


More read :
Interesting read on the Sarin attack, criminal psychology, influence of authority and study on religion/cult fanatics : Hist357

Little Things 172 : Obsession

Sometimes you don't sleep at night thinking about how the world is shaping slowly around you. You hear the rain talks in pitch dark night. You feel the wind dances early in the morning. You found your solitude, but you can't stop thinking about people around you. You worry about them.


People talk about obsession, layered behind other people, politic, power, religion, money, and all things attachable. We want too much, we want things to matter. Human want things to have meaning, we question - if life has no meaning, then what all these are for? Why we are even here?

So we search for reasons, we search for goals, we search for meaning.
We scrutinized every single thing.
Obsession in disguise.



If you can just let go. If you are ready to die in peace without being afraid of people forgetting you. If you manage to accept the thought of the world continues its journey without you leaving anything worth mentioning; your legacy, your achievements. Because you've done your story the best you could and whether it is meaningful or not is not in your outmost priority. You found peace within you and saying goodbye isn't something you are afraid of.

When the time comes,
you could see everything you leave behind and just smile.

That's the state I want to be in.

Little Things 171 : Mehhday & Sweet Things

It marked my younger brother (20th Feb) and older sister's (9th Mar) birthday few weeks ago. My brother just came back from Germany after 5 months student exchange program so we decided to celebrate their birthdays on the previous Sunday. We did another feast of syabu-syabu at home and invited some family-friends. 


And he made this tiny pavlova and meringue dipped in nutella for us yesterday, like he promised. Look at these beautiful coloured fruits :

These strawberries are mostly sour, but it tasted fine when mixed with Nutella. He bought 2 bottles of a really huge Nutella for 3euro, around RM 12 each. What we have in our local supermarket is around RM32++ for the big bottle one - *not even as big as the one he bought. More than double the price. 


Here is the tiny pavlova, his fourth try-out :

Thank you Mi !


Run : There's Hope

For years I've been trying to ask my whole family to try outdoor activities : jogging, running, walking, etc. Other than my brother, none of them really enjoy sweating much so it has always been only me and him for any events. Last week my sister bought a brand new sport shoes for my mom. Ma is one of the hardest person to go out for any outdoor activity so I never thought she would agree to join us on our Sunday morning's activity. But she did.

Somehow despite her unwillingness, she managed to enjoy the activity. Well I just assumed she did enjoy it by her mood and chattiness - *she would never say it out loud :D After my 40 minutes run, we all gathered back at one point and walked towards the parking lot. That's when we saw a big group of 30+ people doing aerobic. 

I'm not sure how or why, suddenly the 4 of us joined the big group and danced together along with a loud catchy music from the speaker. Of all my time spent making sweats, this, was the happiest time I've ever felt. The short 6 minutes dance session with my family. People kept on coming and joining the session, totally unplanned. It became a huge group in short time.


I feel like the door towards so many possibilities has been opened at that moment. I feel like there is hope, the are chances even for the most stubborn person. People can change, maybe little by little, the pace varies and differs, but if I wait just another day, maybe. Just maybe.

Little Things 170 : Free Education

I love to learn things. For years, I've been in dilemma between working and continue my studies. Considering I love to be financially independent and want to pay off all my loans as soon as possible, I chose to work. But it never stopped me from gaining knowledge from every possible sources that provide free education. 

I took online courses. One of the great thing about being a graphic designer is we have our personal time one-on-one with the computer at work instead of having to be engaged in social interaction. So while I design or illustrate things, I can listen to online lectures. Some people might have problem concentrating with multiple things at once, but for me, I've been using this technique since I was in school. I used to doodle stuffs while listening to lectures in class, so it isn't hard for me. 

If you agree on free education and manage to do multiple things at once, maybe you can try listening to online classes or podcasts. There are so many free online courses available out there :


I've been using Coursera since 2013 and it works for me. I took some classes on Psychology, Philosophy and Marketing. My participation for the classes consist of listening to lectures and answering quizzes, I don't really do recommended extra reading and assignments because I don't really have time to do so. So I never applied for any formal certificate from Coursera at the end of the course. Classes I'm taking are conducted by experienced professors from all over the world - it is fascinating to listen to passionate people talking about their specialties.

I've also tried Livemocha, iTunes U, and KhanAcademy. 
Livemocha : I noticed that it is quite challenging to learn languages while doing other stuffs, usually learning new languages need full focus and commitment. So using Livemocha while working didn't work for me. 
iTunes U : Usually each podcasts shared in iTunes U are quite long *like recorded lectures in 1 hour class and we as a listener doesn't really need to respond, so it is super-easy to get distracted. I didn't enjoy long classes much.
KhanAcademy : When I tried KhanAcademy several years ago, most classes provided were mainly for subjects like mathematic, science, chemistry, physics, coding, etc. It is great to learn things that requires calculation or additional skills at KhanAcademy but not so much for listening to lectures. 


If you spend your time in front of the computer a lot, please try free online courses. There are so much interesting stuffs shared by everyone for free. Make use of it. And if you are more interested in less formal things, you can always check out Ted talksBrainPickingsHow Stuff WorksLearnist or 99U.

Music : Sóley's New Album

I've been waiting for Sóley's new album for so long. "Ask the deep" will be available on May 8th 2015, you can get it from itunes soon. Last year's Krómantík was a little a bit different than 2011's - We Sink *the album I enjoyed the most. Most songs were voiceless and piano based, like watching an eerie movie. I knew about her being pregnant last year - so I wonder how she can write such whimsical eerie melodies while being pregnant. I thought all pregnant peoples will have this 'state-of-euphoria-that-make-them-all-giddy' but Krómantík was just too scary for my liking.

I'm hoping for a nice new whimsical album from her this year 



Little Things 169 : New Routines

This year, I turned 28.
I noticed several things changed : my body is no longer as skinny as stick, I even have excessive fats on my thigh and tummy, things that I never have during my early 20s. I gained 4kg since I worked at TRP one year ago, probably because of my random unhealthy food intakes. Wee ~
So I added these routines since early January :-

Routines :
  • Daily morning detox water with overnight lemon 
  • Daily green tea - 1 sachet = 5 glasses
  • Weekly run - probably 1-3 times
  • No more morning instant coffee
  • Start taking pure Spirulina capsule daily and cod liver oil capsule on weekends 
  • Finding organic DIY stuffs to make - *By now I've learned making various salads, sandwiches, detox waters, mask, and body scrubs. 

Things that I noticed changed :
  • I started having these tiny rashes-like-pimples on my chest, neck and face, I read about possible detox process symptom - when the body is eliminating toxic some people will get little pimples and it is normal. But it should go on for 2-4 weeks until toxic in your body reduces along the way. I had to buy Tea Tree Blemish Gel because I'm worried about these too-many-little-pimples :( Now I look like I'm having chicken pox. 
  • I crave for random food a LOT. It is very hard to control cravings, especially when I'm not used to random hunger. So I keep on eating things that won't help much i.e : junk foods. Fruits are just too expensive and I'm constantly hungry :( I promised I'll try to restock fruits weekly.
  • The first 2 weeks I stopped drinking morning coffee, I noticed that I was unusually cranky and started having more headaches. Well thank God, it stopped now.
  • I don't feel sleepy at work, I seriously think it's because of the green tea I constantly drink during working hour. *I'm not sure tho, hmm.. 

Adding new routines, eliminating bad habits and maintaining good healthy diet are really challenging for me. By now, I managed to keep it going for the third month. I like the research and reading part so much tho, so here are some links to my personal favorite reads :
Little Green Dots | The Love Vitamin | I Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning for a Year
and some other things I want to try this year :

  • reduce sugar intake
  • avoid processed and salty foods and also foods with MSG

Towards a healthy lifestyle ❤