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Mini Escapism : Langkawi Island + Family Trip

We went on a short trip to Langkawi.
My sister bought me a flight ticket for my birthday in January, and so I bought another flight ticket for Af (for his birthday one week ago). Af also wanted to bring his mom and little cousin (because they never travelled on a plane), and we kinda invited Af's other siblings too. So by March, the trip expanded to 7 peoples ( Af + Me, Af's mom, Af's little cousin, Af's sister + husband + baby).


Mini honeymoon turned into a mini family trip ! 
Af already went on several family trips with my family but we never went anywhere with Af's family, so I thought why-not :D 

I was in charged of the accommodation and the secretary of the family trip (so I take note all our spending except for the shopping). Af was in charged of the transportation and activities. 

Island Hopping
Note : We shared all $$ for us 4 people ( the working adults ) and here are all the $$ notes I collected from the trip.

Accommodation :

For a budgeted family trip, we can't stay in hotels because we probably need at least 3 rooms.
So there were several options :
  • Apartments
  • Home-stays
  • Expended families' houses
I used Agoda and searched for a nice apartment and I found Hotel Condo Asia 2, in Kuah, Langkawi. The apartment got 3 bedrooms, big living room, kitchen and 2 toilets with 1 queen sized bed and 3 bunkbeds (6 single beds). So it is really suitable for big families. It felt exactly like staying in hotels (with towels + toiletries provided, free instant coffees + nuts, fridge, washing machine, internet, full air-cond apartment and swimming pool). 

The place was really nice, I'm so glad ! It was nerve-wracking to plan for a nice stay when you know it's your in-laws first family trip with us :F 
The cost : RM 500 for (3 days 2 nights) 

Transportation :

We rented a new Alza, suitable for 5 adults + 2 kids :
  • Car rental costs (3 days) : RM 270 (RM 90 per day) 
  • The gas : RM 70

  • Flight Ticket : RM 160 +-
  • + 20 kg : RM 40

We had a decent big dinners twice and usual makan berlauk for our lunches. 

Foods :
  • Dinner (1st) : RM 134 (Open dinner - seafood in Pantai Cenang)
  • Lunch (2nd) : RM 38 (Random food stall from Pantai Cenang)
  • Dinner (2nd) : Free (Open dinner - Seafood in Kuah, Langkawi) - treat by *Pakcik Sab
  • Breakfast (3rd) : RM 48 (Mamak in Kuah)
  • Lunch (3rd) : RM 38 (Food stall in Pantai Cenang)
  • Dinner (3rd) : Free - treat by *Pakcik Sab
  • Lunch (4th) : RM 46 (At the airport before our flights)
Total : RM 304

Most of our activities consists of shopping. If only the two of us in this trip, we would probably hunt for as many sunsets and sunrise at the beach (Af's fav) and a lot of nature walks to their waterfalls (my fav), and shopping would be our least favorite thing to do. But family trip is different, we had to reduce the amount of nature walking and focus more on the shopping. 

Activities :
  • Island hopping : Total = RM 180 (RM 30 per person)
  • Dayang bunting tix : RM 16 (in total for 5 adults + 2 kids)
  • Makam Mahsuri tix : Total = RM 48 (RM 12 - adult , RM 6 - kids) 
  • Tanjung Rhu : Free 
  • Shopping in HIG mall + Pantai Cenang

I'm actually not quite fond of beaches (because it is super hot and surrounded by huge amount of water). I have this weird fear of water - so the boat ride was scary, especially when it randomly stopped in the middle of the sea, far from the island. Plus, my eyes can't process that much sun light, I'll usually have a bad headache afterwards. 

But, Pulau Dayang Bunting was definitely my favorite spot.
The beautiful greenish lake in the middle of the island was really magical :

First island by boat

Dayang Bunting Island

Dayang Bunting Lake

Tanjung Rhu


My first time to Langkawi Island was in 2006, the second time was 12 years later. We are going to come to Langkawi again for our real exploration in the future :) Perhaps another 12 years, when we are 43 ! :F