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Soft Reminder

I received this yesterday. A postcard and 2 tickets :

I bet this came from my dear friend that went to Paris couple of months ago with his family. Oh this pinched my heart a bit. 

One day.

April Post and Drawings Behind It.


It's almost May ! I've been a little slow in making more drawings due to the events preparation, fever, Pekan, laziness, work, distractions and hundreds of many excuses :D

And due to my tight schedule, I can't accept any commission work at this moment. So here I'm sharing with you some of my latest drawings. These are available for sale! I've been meaning to put a proper individual post on each drawings and tell bits of the journey along the process. But the next event will be in 10 days and I'll bring all of these too in hoping to sell everything.

Anyhow, if you are interested in buying any of these, do email me at And oh! *The drawing in the white frame on the right top corner is not for sale. That was a gift from my dear friend.



Mini 20 x 20 cm
Little Sleepyheads in the making :


Little Things 20 : Half Blind

This is how I see if I don't wear my glasses on *well, almost.

Half blind.

When I was small, whenever my parents took us out for dinner and on the way back home, I took off my glasses and stared at the window. You know how us, near-sighted people see the lights without any glasses on? It shimmers in colours, with dark black coffee skies as the background. I'll squeeze my eyes and move my face and those colourful lights will move along, dancing.

I can't remember the moment I can clearly see without any help from the glasses or contact lenses. I was  11 and it was so long ago. I remember saying this when I was 11 : "Aw, I can't be an astronaut anymore because I wear glasses. So I'm going to be an archaeologist instead."

Well, apparently I am not both.


The Sleepyheads United

Alhamdulillah, my artwork at SATU x SATU exhibition was sold last week. 
Thank you !


I watched several series of Grey's Anatomy while doing this *with non-stop tears. Also many other random movies. My mom just gave me "mehh..", after I excitedly showed her the finished work. So much of having real professional artist for a mom =.='

Anyhow, if you are wondering. These little sleepyheads are some of many random creatures that I usually imagine *due to my lack of confidence in drawing human, I feel comfortable drawing some random creatures instead. Although it is not quite right to adore your own drawing, I do feel excited to hang it on MY wall if no one ever buys it. I guess there's something about it being monochrome and symmetrical that attract me. Hmm. 

But thank you soooo much to Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous for buying it. I appreciate it. I'll draw one again for my own wall later when I have time :D


On canvas. Permanent Marker.

Being Far

It's Sunday morning in Pekan. Cold morning breeze kisses my bones softly. Last night it rained for hours. I woke up several times because it was too cold. My body aches because I slept sideways too long.

I am staring ahead at the green scenery. The air is so cold. So clear. So clean. It would be wonderful to wake up every morning to this.

Morning coffee, cold clean air, and I think I can work in peace.

Reading Session.

This weekend will be my reading weekend! I'll finish off the current book I'm reading and I'll start a new one. Since I've been occupied with events preparation, I have no extra time to do anything else. And I miss my reading session. 

Moleskine Notebook.

Hello ! 

You, Me & Us
On Moleskine Cahiers - Ruled Journal
64 lined pages. Last 16 sheets detachable.
9 x 14 cm. Acid-free paper. Inner pocket.




Travel Thoughts.

I was waiting for the train. It was raining. It was hot and raining. 
The first train came, I tried to fight all the barbarous women. They were literally shrieking, squeezing, pushing. I gave-up. I let them pass. 

The second train came. The door stopped right in front of me. I squeezed in. Thank God for being in the pinkish woman's coach, I don't need to squeeze in with men. The music was still blaring in my ears. I didn't reach out to slow it down. I was sweating lightly, tall enough to see most women in the sardine-packed coach. Someone leaned her body on my hand while I was holding the nearest pole. Ouch.

The woman next to me gave a smile, and asked me "Is this your stop?". 
"Yes". She smiled and hold my shoulder, gave me a space so that I can go out. 
"Thank you!".


I personally like big train station like KL Central. It is the closest I can reach to the feel of going to somewhere far. It almost feels like being in an airport. The waiting. The people. The smell of coffee. A place where everyone has a direction. People are stopping by before continuing their journey. 

The mere reason of going somewhere calms me.
It's like smelling a familiar perfume smell of someone in split seconds. 
The familiarity. The closeness. The longing.
And then it is gone.

CelebrateTv : DIY Crew

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CelebrateTV teaser

Here's what I saw early this morning.

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For Sale : Travel Sticker Pack


Do you love to travel? I do!
I love to travel so much, I made a travelogue so I can keep little bits of my experiences while going to places. Somehow along the way, I keep thinking, it would be so much fun if I have my own travel sticker pack, so I came up with this :


In this sticker pack, there are :

Letter + Envelope
and Ice-Cream!


Any early buyer will also receive The Sleepyheads sticker and a postcard :D

International buyer may buy it from my etsy and
Malaysian buyer can buy it from me for RM 7 :




I went to Publika Mall, Solaris Dutamas last weeked to submit my artwork for SATU x SATU group exhibition at Galeri Rumah Terang, Art Row. The launching will be on this Saturday and it will be exhibited until 10th May 2012. So be there! 

“We want to open up the arts to the public. Anyone can paint or draw. Everyone can be an artist,” said artist Ade Putra Masri, the co-founder of Galeri RumahTerang. The exhibition hopes to feature the artworks of new, amateur, emerging, established, students, and inspiring artists, on the walls of this 20m-by-20m art space.


Colourful Publika 


The Sleepyheads United on canvas :

Up for SALE. 
Update : My artwork has been sold. Thanks !



Art Friend.

One of my favorite art suppliers is Art Friend in The Garden! You can get quite a handful types of each things needed. Soooo many papers, so many canvases and colours everywhere. I am very thankful for having reachable art store to restock my things :D 

On my first trip to Singapore, I got a chance to visit Singapore's Art Friend at Bras Basah. *Basheer Singapore also located here at the Bras Basah's Complex. And many other little art stores. Lucky we walked around the hotel's area, or we wouldn't know such place :D


Random Thoughts.

This is one thing that I believe in.

When I want something, I'll work for it. I put my thoughts & efforts to achieve it. No matter what comes in my way. If something does comes in my way,  I'll put it on hold, or I'll do it anyway in little segments. 

I don't believe in blaming people on something that I choose not to do. I don't care if I am broken hearted, depressed, stressed up, too busy, no money, currently studying, exams, projects, being sick, no father, no parents, sick siblings, no skills, lazy, tired and several thousands excuses people made up. I don't care about those excuses. 

It's either you want it bad enough you'll find a way, or you just don't.

I've had it enough with people blaming other people for ruining their dreams. Those are just excuses. You can do it anyway. Believe me, you can. Sometimes people choose to be blinded by excuses. 

The worst is having to listen them blaming others.

Open your eyes and stop blaming others for your own weakness.

Little Things 19 : The Beatles

Singing this reminds me of my afternoons after school, playing Tiberian Sun for hours in the hot computer room at home until my eyes ached. The big house did left a huge lonely feeling for a growing teenager like me at that time.  Good old days. 


Review : Book Adaptation to Films

Last week I watched several book adaptations to movies. Those are :

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
We Need to Talk About Kevin
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
The Hunger Game

I used to think Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer was an odd story, because I can't follow the storyline while reading it. It seemed a little bit jumpy and it was hard to imagine scenes when it didn't flow in a normal pace. But the movie was great and beautiful! I might tell people to just watch the movie instead of reading it. *and I did bought the book because of the nice illustration on the cover. Judged a book by it's cover? - failed.

Next, I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, *one of my highly rated book. The book started slow in the beginning, and it was a compilation of complicated words that had me check on my dictionary on every 2 pages read. I bought the book at MPH several years ago because I like the cover *again, and I felt intrigued  by the thickness and super small font size.  
The movie was downright BAD. I can't seem to find climax of the story, I didn't learned anything about any characters, I didn't know which part it focused on. When the book was good, the movie seemed surreal *in bad way. They failed to send any messages here and I felt frustrated. Because the book wasn't this bad! 

I've never read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I saw the book at Popular but I haven't bought it yet. *in my wish list. I love the movie nonetheless! It was be-au-ti-ful ! I am serious. Machines were everywhere. The clocks, the robot which was called automata, and all those machinery things. I am definitely going to buy the book someday. And we will see how Brian Selznick created the written words for the book.

I had a hard time putting up words to write about Hunger Game. All in all, the movie was slow, half of the movie was to tell & explain everything about the game. In the other half was while they were in the game, but it wasn't much blood spilled as I thought it would be. So being in the game didn't seem like receiving death ticket that much. I suggest you to read the book instead of the movie.

PS -
Last week I watched a handful of movies and series while doodling.

Little Things 18 : Dance

Sometimes I feel like dancing in the middle of the room, while listening to the loudest song in my head and not worrying over what others might think or say. Just be in that moment.


Sleepyheads 2



The first quarter of 2012 has ended well. 

Here is the sleepyheads in many other sizes. I spent my weekends drawing these precious little sleepyheads to be printed soon. Many asked how I managed to draw in clean strokes without any  sketches? I guess you need a sprinkle of obsession and being a little control freak might help. It gives you mild headache and blurry eyes, once in a while. *not highly recommended. 


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