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Little Things 126 : Silencing the World

Shy rain and dusty hot wind. Everything looks grey and unhealthy. Another hot season and sleepless sweaty nights, I've aged more than I should in a short time. I can't wait for my time to be away from the city heat. 


I almost finished reading H.Murakami's short stories compilation in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. In the mid-way through the book, I realized something that I've been missing. My written words. It has been so hard to write nowadays, and I've been wondering why it feels more like a task than a passion. And I figured that maybe I am clouded by unfiltered world of thoughts by the society. I knew social media can do so much harm than good to me.

I started with deactivating my Facebook and my Facebook page. Next thing I know, I logged out from Twitter and Instagram. Still considering whether to stop using Tumblr all-together or just try to avoid using it for awhile. Like all addiction, I keep on accidentally 'clicked' on the Ig icon but the login process takes too much of my subconscious mind so I cancelled right-away.

And I began writing again.

Little Stories 78 : Morning Talk

I had a rough night. 
This morning I woke up feeling exhausted. It was too hot, too depressing, and I can't sleep for weeks now. I doodled almost the whole Muji's notebook cover while watching W! interview session on Youtube and my last Youtube video last night was a snippet from "La Vie en Rose" - 2007 acted by Marion Cottilard. I watched it several times by now, those beautiful quotes by Edith Piaf haunted my night.


Just when I thought I missed a seat in the train this morning, a woman stood up abruptly and ran to the train's door. She was half asleep and almost missed her stop. I took the seat, next to an old Indian woman. She smiled and greeted me. 

We talked about about the train schedule, about how time flies so fast nowadays, about work, about healthy food, about cancer, about people dying. She said how we need to start taking care of our food intakes, there are too many people dying because of cancer and we consume too much chemicals. "People should stop eating fast-growing chickens they are selling, foods with too much Ajinomoto, fruits and vegetables sprayed with tiny bits of dangerous poison." I nodded, and she kept on talking.

On our stop at KL Sentral station, she handed me a small mango from her tote bag. She said she was meeting her sister in Klang, and she picked up those 2 fresh fruits from her garden at home in Seremban. One for her sister, and another one she gave it to me.

"Taste it, it is quite small but it is really sweet.
No 'racun', It's from my own garden",

and we bid our goodbyes.


Little Things 126 : Nothingness


Little Things 125 : Health & Body


I've been using Runkeeper since April 2012. 
Wrote a review once in this blog, quite a time ago, now it improved so much. I just realized I reached more than 300km since I started tracking my session. o_o This year I'm aiming for 100km, and I am less than half way to go. 


Today I went out for my usual running session. 
Other than my brother, I still haven't seen any Malays working out in my area. I wish I can see more of us doing something healthy especially in the weekend or early morning/late afternoon daily in our park.

I still can't accept how all of us spend money to eat too much food and spend more money afterwards to go to the gym. And I also can't accept how we can let God's given healthy body slowly dies inside by not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

By smoking or eating excessively or not meditating. I feel like, I'm borrowing something from God, the best way to appreciate this is by taking care of my body as best as I could. So I used to silently think; "How could you kill your body, it is not really yours", every time I see people smoke too much cigarettes or eat too much foods until they became extremely overweight. I-just-can't-process-the-selfishness.

But then, it's not my life, why should I even bother.


Little Stories 77 : Monopod

We spent our Sunday celebrating my Dad's birthday.
After we had our dinner, my sister suggested to take group photos;

Aja : Reen, do you have a monopod?

my dad half-listened to our conversation and said,

Dad : What? Who menopause? Your friend?


Doodle : Fall



I remember doodling these kids in my book last year, I was in my emotional phase of my life and day by day I continued the doodles I did on the previous day and noticed the continuity. 

So I scanned and coloured it and make a simple gif last week. 
Love the innocent dotted texture for low resolution gif. 

Little Things 124 : OS X

I can't help but to notice this pattern has changed :

OS X :
10.0 - Cheetah
10.1 - Puma
10.2 - Jaguar
10.3 - Panther
10.4 - Tiger
10.5 - Leopard
10.6 - Snow Leopard = I'm still here :D
10.7 - Lion
10.8 - Mountain Lion
10.9 - Mavericks
10.0 - Yosemite

Why Yosemite ?
Why did they changed from an animal to a place after this long ? :F

Design : Infographic

Another infograph posted in The Rakyat Post's new media last week, click here for the original post. It wouldn't be cool to upload every single thing that I created, but I am super excited over this particular infographic :D

About the infographic :
1. The original written information were taken from Savemoney & Jobstreet. 

2. Those little buildings were bought and re-edited from Shutterstock because I didn't have much time when the task was given. But other things were vectorized by me. I am still in the process of improving my vectorizing skill so I happened to be quite excited over the little airport or the little duck, or the grass texture, or the traffic light or the graduation hat or even what to represent a geophysicist. Even the airport was slightly referred from KLIA2 :D

Example of what I did :
  • Google an example of a geophysicist
  • Vectorize equipments and simple landscape using flat design

3. Flat design - it worked best for me so far, yes, it is quite over-used and in-trend but it has been a great starting point for me to learn Ai. A lot of referance from Google's 2014 latest illustrations and Behance.

Learning has been super fun. 

Doodle : WIP

I'm working on digitizing my girls for future stickers :

Tablet : Bamboo fun super old.
Software : Photoshop CS4.

I've been using the same old tablet for quite some time. Among all the things that were given to me as a birthday present, this one has been helping and teaching me for years (+4years). I love how we have a mutual understanding :)



There are certain things in life that I want to forget.
Because if I don't, it will keep on replaying over and over again, like broken record player.