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Little Stories 83 : Random stories on Toe, Job and Plants

1. One red toe :
My toe got injured mysteriously several days ago and it was so painful that I can't walk. I got couple of days of MC but I still work from home anyway - look how dedicated I am, still working on my MC days :D I think it's going to get better soon because I have another running event next week. I need that run.

The doctor said maybe I've been putting a lot of pressure on that particular tiny toe without realizing. From my shoes or running activity that morning when it happened, even though I've been using the same shoes for years and I've been running all the time. She said I need to rest, and gave me a bundle of medicines that I'm not going to eat. Now I got one fat toe. 

Imagine one fat red toe can cause the whole leg to be in awful pain. That it takes your ability to walk properly and go to work - because it's still too far to be walking in odd manner and twitching from pain on every step.


2. Offers :
It is like the universe heard my calling - I got another great job offer before I applied for it. It is exactly like things that I've written in my invisible yearly planner. I am very very thankful for this.

I got several issues that I need to consider before making any decisions. Like can I take 2 weeks off to visit Azmi in Germany *early next year/end of this year? Or is there any possibilities in future improvements, what will happen after I work for 6 months, or 1 year? Will it keep on getting more challenging and can I learn new stuffs/knowledge, be exposed in new fields? 

I think I have some issues with self-improvements. 
I am always hungry for more :F


3. Tiny plants :
I bought some tiny hanging plants last week and hung it at my windows. The apartment is still almost empty except for my working space, so I try to put some colours using plants. But it is quite hard to find nurseries in the city. Yesterday I just found out that one of the plants that I bought got a tiny flower and it bloomed in the morning, it went to sleep last night. This morning it bloomed again.

How can they know that it is already morning? 


Little Things 152 : On Being Too Judgemental

The amount of fear in our society is getting too obvious since everyone's commitment with social media consumed the internet. It's easy to turn blind-eyes towards these ridiculous dramas. And it's much easier to keep on arguing and putting up thoughts. 

There is a thin line between what is right and what is wrong. 
Sometimes things that are right can be wrong in different situation and vice versa. So who are we to put on an exact decision on those things? We are not the one who should judge. 

You do what you feel right.
And leave the rest to the One who ought to judge and decide. 

Book : Murakami's Style

Finished reading Dance, Dance, Dance by H.Murakami. 

I still hate all the unexplained things in all of his books. As a writer, I thought explaining odd things that happened in your book is your responsibility - because after all, the writer control everything in the fictional world that he created. But for Haruki, he feels much more comfortable leaving all those holes empty and unexplained. As he said that in the 'real world', a lot of things happen without us knowing why and no one can explain anything. So that's how he holds on to his stories. 

Well I hate it.  

Little Things 151 : Little House 1

My new place located right in front of a train station. 90 steps from the counter, to be exact. On the highest floor a small one room apartment could reach without a lift. I have 13 windows, including 3 in my room and 2 in the small kitchen with a balcony outreaching sunrise and all the other windows are in the living room with the view of beautiful city Kuala Lumpur from afar. Don't you feel me? :


I fell in love with the place when I first saw it. 
It was one of those random outing day to new places and from the train ride we saw those little buildings. 

"Look at those nice buildings!", I exclaimed.

"Do you want to stop here?".

And we went down and walked towards the apartments. I asked the guard if we could take a look around. We walked until the last block and snapped few picture of advertisements hanging on apartment windows. Later that night I texted all those numbers and Googled all the advertisements available online. That same weekend, I made an appointment to view one of the apartment with the landlord's friend - considering she is not living in the area anymore.

That afternoon I met her with her 2 children. 
I remember her opened up the front door and showed me around.
If there is such thing like falling in love with a place to live in, then that was the moment when I first felt it. Those huge windows, beautiful views, the small size, the apartment is enough for me. It was almost as I imagine a place that I would lived in be. 


I discussed the offer and agreed with the landlord to rent the place.
In 2 weeks since I saw it, I moved in and signed the contract.

When it's love, you'll just know.

Little Things 150 : Salad

Take few leaves from lettuce, wash it clean, let it dry a bit, and cut it in small sizes. 
Boil some broccoli, avoid salt altogether. 
Open a can of tuna, my personal favorite is tuna in water - almost tasteless without salt and oil, giving strong tuna's taste and smell.


Put several chunks of tuna in a bowl, don't forget to keep the remaining in a clean tupperware. 
Add in boiled broccoli and lettuces in the bowl, add some Kewpie mayonnaise and several fried anchovies too. Mix it up with forks until they blend in nicely, add some more mayonnaise if you are not used to veggies. Finally add some cherry tomatoes in the bowl to add cheerful colours instead of all depressing green stuffs in a bowl. 

Additional of boiled egg with a pinch of pepper or grilled chicken breast can make your meal lively too. 
Happy salading 


PS : Welcoming the 30's.
On second note : Do we 'boil' broccoli? Do we actually call it 'boil' ?

Random Post

Didn't know people were buying this Dynomighty wallets until I received money to my Paypal account early this week. Thanks for your support guys ❤ 

I've been using this wallet for almost a year now,
still looking fine :)

And for everyone in my Etsy, I can't thank you enough.
184 sales, over the years ! (❤ .❤) 

Little Things 149 : Whines

It is something about knowing what you want in life that makes it clearer to the eyes. It will somehow become a direct point A to point B, point B to E, and it goes on to a definite point at a time. 

I ask myself why people complained so much in life? 
GST, petrol, education, salary, chances, money, time, a list that can keep on going as far as any human can think of to complain about.  The answer is clear, you don't know the exact thing that you want. If you do, you probably don't really do anything about it except : complaining to yourself, or to the public. Whining like the world is going to listen to your thoughts - instead of doing something about it. 

Well guess what, 
words are only words, without action.
Remember that the world/karma/life doesn't owe you anything - at all.