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December 21, 2009

December 19, 2009

A Girl with a Smile :)


My old artwork - 2005
Aibo 1999

Places : Umrah

December 08, 2009
I went to Saudi Arabia for two weeks with my mom early this year. It was a really great experience. Let me tell you briefly about our journey. :)

2nd day -
After long 9 hours flight, we arrived at Jeddah Airport and later another 5 hours by bus to Madinah. I remembered arriving really late at night, the mutawwif recited some do'a and I was mesmerized by the light from Nabawi Mosque. We stayed at the Fayroz Al-Shatta hotel, room 505. Suprisingly, Madinah looks a lot like Putrajaya!


The temperature was 8'C, I was shivering. :D

3rd day -
We went to Al-Ula, a long 5 hours ride by bus. The journey was a great eye opening. Mountains of rocks along the road, the desert, buildings far across from each other, camels. Yes, it was less green more brown. Hardly plants anywhere. You may be wondering what's so special about them. Well, surely it was a view that can't never be seen in Malaysia. It was new to me. And I love nature, I can see their uniqueness. :D

After we arrived at Al-Ula, we started our first visit to some abandoned village by mud and Mammoth Rock in the middle of a desert.

Interesting fact =
  • The old village was a about 700 years old. It was totally made of mud, water and straw.
  • There's no such thing as road tax or income tax in this country.
  • Al-Ula means Higher Place. It is located about 400m from sea level.
4th day -
We went to =
  • Al-Ula Museum of Archeology & Ethnography
  • Madain Saleh - The Village of Saleh. About 20 minutes drive from our hotel. The place was guarded by several guards and fenced. There were many little purple flowers everywhere making it seemed like a purple grass. The flower only blooms in the cold season. The most interesting part of Madain Saleh is the tombs inside of the rock mountains. It was nearly 2000 years old. There were about 130 tombs can be located around the area.
  • Old abandoned railway station - I really mean old fashioned one.
  • Islamic Castle - It was built to provide water for pilgrim. The idea came from Harun Ar-Rasyid's wife
5th day -
I love the architecture of old buildings, they've created some story and it can be seen by just watching them. The effort, the idea, the culture, the plans. Everything seems so beautiful. Places =
  • Nabawi Mosque
  • Quba Mosqua
  • Qiblatain Mosque
  • Kurma Field
  • Bukit Uhud - Remember the Uhud war, where the archer were located on the small hill while waiting for enemies. There you go. It's about 9 km long.
  • Pasar Kurma - I was suprised by the variety of fruits they sold here. Kurma, Kismis, nuts, etc.
  • Journey to Makkah
6th day -
In Makkah

7th day -
Places =
  • Syafa' Hill - Located at the top of the hill, it was windy and so terribly cold like I've never imagine this country would be.
  • Hanging Rock
  • Old Museum - Oh they provided us with a great delicious lunch! I'm serious.
  • Taif
  • Fruit market
8th day -
Miqat for umrah at Ja'ranah.
Done my umrah.

9th day -
Places =
  • Jabal Thur - This was the hill where Rasulullah hide with Abu Bakar As-Siddiq when they went out from makkah and being hunted by the Arab Quraisy.
  • Padang Arafah
  • Go through Muzdalifah & Mina
  • Miqat for umrah at Tan'im
11th day -
Places =
  • Camel Field - It's a very small field I guess, and it was my first time drinking camel's milk. I can assure you that it was really fresh, just came out straight from the camel. No preservative, no anthing added. Lol.
  • Miqat at Hudaibiyah
  • Museum of 2 mosque - Nabawi and Masjiidl Haram.
  • Expedition to Gua Hira'. About 45 minutes of climbing towards the top of the hill. We started climbing at about 10pm, we didn't bring any light, the hill was lighted by the moon. Seriously enchanting. It was sandy and rocky. Rocks everywhere, almost no path to use. I'm suprised by my mom's determination to climb towards the top. But the view from the top of the hill was breath-taking. We can see the whole city, shimmering with lights. It was in the middle of the night. At the most important place in our history.

I'm sorry it's almost impossible for me to every single things. :D

Play with clay.

December 01, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a time when I want to play clay so much. So I went to a place that sell safe softest clay for children from Korea that cost me RM50 for a box with some colorful tools and 6 colors of clays and I spend days playing with it.

Event : Art for Grabs

3rd Pipit Anniversary at Annexe Gallery, Central Market.

The Pipit is a little bit different from Rantai Art. I prefer The Pipit :D

The website :

Let me share with you some picas :

It's my favorite! Everything was hand-made by her.

Random picas :D

I like the hanging things !! :D

Any updates on links let me know. :D