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How to reach my dream?

December 06, 2007
My dream since I was small is to be a traveler, to take pictures of many great places and experiencing different cultures. To be on the Eiffel Tower, to see the big cathedrals in France, to visit Turki and Romania, the ancient city with beautiful gothic buildings, morning market in Indonesia, busy road of Japan, tall wall of China, wide greenery in New Zealand.

Not to be attached with the work in the office and meet clients and projects and due date.
Just to be a freelance photographer or a journalist. 
Learn new things, languages, cultures, foods, see friendly faces, make lots of frens..

But I feel like my whole future already been written off and tied up on my feet,.
After I finish my degree year, I'll have a debt about RM 40k, with no job or money to pay and I need to work for a lot of years to finish it off.. and at the same time, thinking about having a family and settle down. Then children on the way, more responsibilities.. until the day that I die..

I'm not sure if I want that.. not to enjoy go to places and reach my dreams.
I can't imagine, having to bury my dreams because of that.. call me selfish, call me ignorant..
Of course I want a good happy family and good income..
but not yet.. wait, I need to achieve my dreams first..

aaaaaaaahh.. what to do?