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Avoid Flabbiness . Random Gibberish


I'm going to share with you some tricks to maintain body weight. I'm not aiming for toned up muscle, just to avoid flabbiness. I know I may look skinny and it's a bonus for me to go for toning up session *easier due to lack of fats. And for people who thought I'm all skin and bones, well they are just wrong. 

This works for small-framed Asian woman.

Do this daily :

100 x star jump
20 x sits ups
10 x push ups
100 x hand grip each hand.

Stretches are really important. You should do this for 15 minutes before starting and after any session. Use basic yoga stretches, it can help you tone up and be more flexible. 

Due to my quite small hands, I had to buy hand gripper from Daiso, which only cost RM 5 with spongy handler. I've tried my brother's hand gripper that he bought so expensively from some fancy shop, it does no good - I can't even hold it properly because it is too big. So yes, for small Asian people, just buy it from Daiso. Same function. It got several levels with different colour handler. 

And hand gripper can replace stress ball. Instead of squishing stress ball, you can use hand gripper instead. 


On weekend :

300 x star jump
25 x 2 sits ups
10 x push ups
100 x hand grip each hand

I hardly go out go for a jog these days because I go to work from at 8am and go home at 8pm. On weekends, I usually stayed at home working on personal projects. I can't imagine how low my stamina is, I'll probably going to be puffing badly on 10 mins run. 
*still planning on dozing off at weekends. zzz.

Extra :
We have small wrist. We as in my siblings, my father, my aunty, my uncle and such. Although my dad is quite big, muscled and tall, he has a small wrist. It's genetic. It's funny how we analyze and discuss over it. This issue has been discussed several times because I have such a small wrist, as small as small children and my mom loves to make fun of me. It seems easily breakable. Due to this, I can't wear any bracelet or bangle. I customize things instead.

They should really consider making small watches & accessories for people with small wrist. 



Cream Puffs & Si Kuning

Cream Puffs!
I love them to the bits. 

One day, I should learn how to make them. I read the recipe to make one, it seems easy. But I've never bake anything by myself other than shrink plastic *and that does not counts. I love the cold custard in the crispy choux pastry ball sprinkled with powdery sugar. Definitely going to try it someday!

Not mouth watering enough. 
This looked like a bun :

Sugary stuffs ! 


Here, after 10 months, I brought "Si Kuning" back home from the lab. Took deep water bath with dynamo tasted water and then sprinkled it with my "Biskut Merry" perfume. "Si Kuning" is my 23rd birthday's gift from my colleague at the lab. Other than being farted to, hugged, and pillowed by the lab's people, it stays next to me most of the time.


Work Related : Hello Babushka Phone Strap



I've introduced you to Babushka before! It's a Russian nesting doll. The one that opens up to the little version of itself every time and when you line it up together, it seems like a whole family gathered in a line. I love them dearly. I've made my version of little Babushka and it is up for sale. And since I just love to give presents, every purchase will receive a version of little babushka on a sticker & also owl-charmed phone strap for FREE.

Adopt your own hand-made little Babushka phone strap today.


Colors :

baby blue


Book : Confetti

Another guilty pleasure : Confetti by Brittney Lee

Bought this book from her etsy shop 2 weeks ago. It arrived yesterday !
She is one of the artist for Tangled : Rapunzel. My favorite ever Disney animation.


Here goes :


Doodle spotted!

Digital illustrations & sketches :


She is a really great Paper Cut artist :

A little pricey for me,
considering I need to convert it to RM.
But, ah well!


My Weekend

Will definitely do something totally different this weekend.


Weekend Update :

1. Saturday snap shot :

2. Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale
Bought 2 books.
Met Emila Yusof and said 'hello' !
Brand new books :

3. Bus ride 
Rapid only serves people with Touch & Go card.
Metro is a lousy service bus.

4. Dinner with dad & tokmak
Super full.

5. Eat Tart Nanas - My favorite.
Once, I ate the whole 'balang' on my own.
So I know how bad I can react to something that I like.

6. Go out on weekend night.
 It's been awhile.


End of weekend!

Instant Photo Experience

Fun things called instant camera.
I learned this when I visited Japan, 
usually the Japanese love to take instant photos.
They usually stop by at a photo booth, or use their polaroid @ instax.

Innocently, I've become accustomed to their habit too.

Here is some collection with Ohta family.
I was the darkest one among them, the only Malay.
* can you find me in those pictures? :D


Found a photo booth when we were wandering in 
a shopping mall - Singapore.


Forced my mom to take photos with us, for the first time.
We were quite awkward.
- Melaka, twice!


Bought my own Instax several months ago,
for the same reason.


Many ways of keeping photos alive,
in the midst of everything so digitalize.

Ghibli Animation Film

I grew up with Hayao's animated film. I remember watching Kiki's Delivery Service when I was very young. I can remember the tape from our parents' friend in Japan and we watched it over and over again using my dad's VCR player. Although we hardly understood what they were saying, due to some lack of exposure in maintaining our Japanese language knowledge, we can understand the storyline just fine. Afterall, children do learn from observation, and they can relate to the real world quite easily.

One of my favorite character is Susuwatari, a hairy big-eyed dust spirit that floats around in the movie : Totoro. They have also appeared in Spirited Away as the Bath House's slaves, with such long thin legs and eat colored star candies. I was excited by the sight of those star candies, it reminded me of my childhood years. Star candies are called konpeitō in Japanese. 

* Susuwatari eats Konpeito *

I've watched a bundle of Hayao's animated films : Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Laputa, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies - to name a few. Last 2 weeks I bought The Borrower's Arriety's DVD. Ahh, such pleasure. The background illustrations were super overwhelming :

How can I not watch a 2D animation when these beauties are still exist?


My Travel Memory

Let me share my visual travel memory and some little things 
that I've collected over these few years.



Those are some stickers, 
tickets, postcards,
rubber stamp *quite expensive (>.<)"
photo booth's pictures.


2010 & 2011
Took the pictures at the same place, but different years.


Pipit 8th 

Those are MiniFanFan's postcards, 
Pipit's sticker pass,
Zamzammee's phone strap, 
Charms : Bird & clock,
My previous wooden magnet,
Individualism badges, 
Wooden camera phone strap, 
another phone straps by my little friends.
Hope to spend time at Pipit again in future!


Bandung 2011


Melaka & Concerts

It was Kak Mas's wedding and we took the opportunity to have our small trip around the old town. Those concert tickets were David Choi's - twice and Kina Grannis ! Both my favorite youtube artists. 


Cameron Highlands

It was supposed to be work. We were working on Tourism Pahang website. 
So my team and I went there to take lots of pictures.


Perhentian Island

With my colleagues.


Melaka & My Raya

Melaka again ! with my colleagues.
And photos for our first day of Raya at Johor.


Pipit 9th :

Click to get a bigger view.



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Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)