Cream Puffs & Si Kuning

November 30, 2011

Cream Puffs!
I love them to the bits. 

One day, I should learn how to make them. I read the recipe to make one, it seems easy. But I've never bake anything by myself other than shrink plastic *and that does not counts. I love the cold custard in the crispy choux pastry ball sprinkled with powdery sugar. Definitely going to try it someday!

Not mouth watering enough. 
This looked like a bun :

Sugary stuffs ! 


Here, after 10 months, I brought "Si Kuning" back home from the lab. Took deep water bath with dynamo tasted water and then sprinkled it with my "Biskut Merry" perfume. "Si Kuning" is my 23rd birthday's gift from my colleague at the lab. Other than being farted to, hugged, and pillowed by the lab's people, it stays next to me most of the time.


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