Don't be a Writer.

Don't be a writer if you are afraid of other people's reaction on what you write. The reason you write something is usually because you want to share your thoughts and opinions with everyone. Living in this world where we can't stop what other people feel and think, you should already know the consequences before you start writing.
People judge. 
Some might disagree. 
Some might get offended to some extent where misunderstanding occurs.

I've been afraid of writing all my life. I've been putting walls around me. Just because I thought I was respecting everyone's differences and my thoughts are just some thoughts. My blogs were plain dull and factual. I don't show emotion. I was a hypocrite in disguise. Creating a world where I respect everybody and keep my mouth shut. 
I hide my sarcasm.
Don't be a writer if you are such person. Too afraid to point out what you feel and think. Don't be a writer if you can't show your attitude and personality. Don't be a writer if you are too afraid of other people's reaction. Don't be a writer if you will just cry under the blanket when you receive some hatred mail from people with different way of handling disagreement.
We are different. 
Writing means you are sharing some pieces of you with the world. A writer needs to be ready for the consequences. If you are not ready, then don't write. There is no point of writing something and deleting other people's comments when they disagree with you. You are supposed to embrace critiques like your best friend, because that will help you improve. 
No one is perfect.
If you just want praises and flowers all your way to becoming a good writer, just stop. Because you are just living in your imagination.
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