My cat Awan, is now 17 weeks old.

Awan loves to shout.
She literally SHOUTS when she is hungry.

She knows that every morning, I will wake up to give her breakfast. 
She even waits for me to wake up. 

I saw her sitting patiently next to me this morning. I was too sleepy to pat her before I drifted off again. 

I love waking up seeing Awan :D 
I let my room's door a bit ajar so that she can sleep with us.
It might sounds creepy, waking up and seeing someone is staring at you. But I know Awan is just waiting for her usual breakfast. If she is too hungry, she will just scream to wake me up. And I am too soft-hearted to ignore her (=.=)'

Awan, 16th weeks.

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