My Weekend

Will definitely do something totally different this weekend.


Weekend Update :

1. Saturday snap shot :

2. Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale
Bought 2 books.
Met Emila Yusof and said 'hello' !
Brand new books :

3. Bus ride 
Rapid only serves people with Touch & Go card.
Metro is a lousy service bus.

4. Dinner with dad & tokmak
Super full.

5. Eat Tart Nanas - My favorite.
Once, I ate the whole 'balang' on my own.
So I know how bad I can react to something that I like.

6. Go out on weekend night.
 It's been awhile.


End of weekend!

3 comments on "My Weekend"
  1. I've been really busy,
    afraid I will have nervous breakdown!

    Juggling with too many jobs at one time.
    And I'm so worried and exhausted.

  2. Can I spam my own blog?
    Is it considered spamming?


  3. It's like a conversation with myself.