Hello !
Last weekend at Pipit was super awesome.
All pictures were posted in my facebook page : azreenchan.
Feel free to tag to your fb page/personal fb.

I managed to control myself from buying things!
There are too much of awesome handmade things.

Somehow I bought a postcard from :
and asked  for her autograph!


How was your Pipit day?
I hope to participate in future Pipit again.


4 comments on "Our.Pipit.Day"
  1. omg awak terlslu pndai melukis!
    <--- kelebihan ryn jugak,
    KALAU BOLEH RYN RASE NAK KEJE NGN AWAK tp umo bru 15 thun (2011) .. hehe

  2. anyway, done follow, hope u will follow me back :)