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November 30, 2011


I'm going to share with you some tricks to maintain body weight. I'm not aiming for toned up muscle, just to avoid flabbiness. I know I may look skinny and it's a bonus for me to go for toning up session *easier due to lack of fats. And for people who thought I'm all skin and bones, well they are just wrong. 

This works for small-framed Asian woman.

Do this daily :

100 x star jump
20 x sits ups
10 x push ups
100 x hand grip each hand.

Stretches are really important. You should do this for 15 minutes before starting and after any session. Use basic yoga stretches, it can help you tone up and be more flexible. 

Due to my quite small hands, I had to buy hand gripper from Daiso, which only cost RM 5 with spongy handler. I've tried my brother's hand gripper that he bought so expensively from some fancy shop, it does no good - I can't even hold it properly because it is too big. So yes, for small Asian people, just buy it from Daiso. Same function. It got several levels with different colour handler. 

And hand gripper can replace stress ball. Instead of squishing stress ball, you can use hand gripper instead. 


On weekend :

300 x star jump
25 x 2 sits ups
10 x push ups
100 x hand grip each hand

I hardly go out go for a jog these days because I go to work from at 8am and go home at 8pm. On weekends, I usually stayed at home working on personal projects. I can't imagine how low my stamina is, I'll probably going to be puffing badly on 10 mins run. 
*still planning on dozing off at weekends. zzz.

Extra :
We have small wrist. We as in my siblings, my father, my aunty, my uncle and such. Although my dad is quite big, muscled and tall, he has a small wrist. It's genetic. It's funny how we analyze and discuss over it. This issue has been discussed several times because I have such a small wrist, as small as small children and my mom loves to make fun of me. It seems easily breakable. Due to this, I can't wear any bracelet or bangle. I customize things instead.

They should really consider making small watches & accessories for people with small wrist. 



2 comments on "Avoid Flabbiness . Random Gibberish"
  1. "They should really consider making small watches & accessories for people with small wrist."

    Agreed! :D If I ever buy watches with chain straps (or a variation of a chain), memang kena buang multiple pieces of the chain in order to actually have it fit my wrist. =_= But I'm no longer a fan of jam besi anymore, I use cheap leather straps yang lubang2 tu (sometimes tebuk sendiri :P).

  2. Wow.
    How did you tebuk sendiri?