Review : Stumble Everyday.

I'm using this interesting website called Stumbleupon.

This is how you use it.

1. You register for an account, just use your Facebook account, easy.

2. Choose topics that you are interested in. 
For me, I chose travel, arts, crafts, language,, self growth, design etc.

3. And there you go. 
Click on the 'Stumble' icon on the upper left corner & you will stumble on interesting websites randomly.

4. You can 'like' it and share it with people too.

How this website can help you?

When I do research, I can just choose a specific topic and stumble it.
It will show me some interesting websites from all over the world. 
I don't know how they chose the websites, but yes, all the websites are interesting.

Easier than using Google, where you have to check each website from their listings. Some are even obsolete, that will just waste our precious time.

Hope this can help you find new things!


I love stumbling to some random arts & crafts websites.
Such an inspiration.

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