Pixie Me : 10.11.11

November 10, 2011

My Daily Photo :

Maroon Checker Shirt  + Blue Jeans


Thanks for all those phone straps orders,
I appreciate your support.
Phone straps order is currently closed.


Oh Shaun!


8 comments on "Pixie Me : 10.11.11"
  1. awesome doodles! thumbs up girl!

  2. You wore this during the Pipit Market, right? I had this kind of shirt when I was a teenager...same colour, same design ;P

  3. Apparently at Pipit I wore the purple coloured one.
    This was maroon.
    I got almost all colours. Haha.
    Checker shirt obsession :D

  4. alamak..bila ye phone straps buka utk order semula ye ? v__v

  5. Most probably the third week of December 2011 :D
    Off for traveling session!


  6. glad someone is still rocking the bawal tudung azreen! :)preg