Why I use Mac ?

I love Apple.

My first Apple product was my silver iPod Shuffle that I bought myself, back when I was still in Uniten. After several years, my iPod finally died and replaced by metallic blue iPod Shuffle that Zami bought for my 23rd birthday. Last year I bought my first MacBook Pro. At work, I use iPod Touch for research & development purpose. So yes, I am an avid Apple user. (*obviously aiming for an iPhone in near future)

It just works with me.

I've had my doubts before I bought my mbp. 

People says :

  • Mac is pricey.
  • It is hard to find Mac's pirated software.
  • What if it's broken? It must be costly!
  • And it's always about money.

Now I am a Mac user and I don't feel like going back. Why?

1. The smoothness, the OS.
I can't say much about the technical part. I'll just go for the easiest way to explain this in normal language. I've tried Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It's obvious that I'll always love Mac OS.
It is super easy, all the shortcuts by the tip of your fingers when you navigate your Mac. I love how you can move from a software to other application easily. 
You may take time to learn all the shortcuts and the whole use of your trackpad, but when you do, you won't realize how efficient it is until you start using other laptop back.

2. Application
You can buy applications and softwares directly from your Mac. How easy is that? Any games, editing softwares, learning applications, all in App Store. For a starter, you can buy legal softwares easily. I'm still against pirated softwares & I'm trying to convince readers to stop using them as well >.< It's just the same concept as stolen goods. You are stealing softwares when you use pirated softwares.
So, if you are worried that you might have problem finding pirated softwares when you use Mac, stop worrying! There's a lot of open source softwares available.

Take GIMP to replace Photoshop.
Take OpenOffice to replace Microsoft Office.

3. No need to format constantly >.<
I hate having to format my previous desktop pc. I hate to constantly be aware all the time on anti virus softwares (*renewing my license every year). I took a great care of my previous pc. No weird softwares, no games, so it works fine for years. But some people need to format their laptop several times a year. Well, I'm too lazy for that. 

4. Hardware failures? 
I've had a problem with charger before, I brought it in to Apple Store at The Garden. Filled simple form, and walked out. Several days later, they called me, and gave me a brand new charger. Not even a week. Happy and thankful. For any Mac user that still in warranty, do extend your AppleCare Protection Plan, it's worth it.

5. Still can't get enough of Windows?
Well you can use BootCamp or Parallels Desktop to run Windows application on your Mac. Can Mac's applications run on Windows? No. So, you have the privilege of using both when you use Mac. 

Yes, I know I can brag about how I love my Mac, but it has flaws nonetheless, like how heavy it is, being 15'', I'll add 5 kg every time I bring my mbp and its charger. Imagine having to bring a 5 kg bag to places. And the SD reader doesn't work sometimes, it's annoying. 
I guess that's it! :D

For any readers that are still considering to convert to Mac from PC, well, do your research. Some people might feel differently afterwards. There are good and bad reviews on Mac, obviously. It's all depends on each individual. 

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2 comments on "Why I use Mac ?"
  1. well, i think i read somewhere that you can boot mac in windows, but it needs a lottt of works. cant back up my claim, tho.

    one cool albeit small thing about mbp, that I noticed on my friends, is that the apple symbol is translucent. meaning you can see shadow of the person using the mbp, if you peer from the front.
    not usefull, but still, kinda cool.

    -ios n win7 user-

  2. Wow, really?
    I never know that.
    I should try that one later! :D