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Little Story 226 : Fancy Brunch

November 06, 2017
Honestly I've never been to a fancy brunch session, because :
  • I hardly do any social gathering
  • I don't go out that much *I stayed at home gathering fats on my thigh
On Miss Chin, travel + travelogue :
My one and only friend, Tasy asked me to join her in meeting our former teacher from our high school; Miss Chin. I don't have many people from school that I'm still in contact with, and Miss Chin is the only teacher that we still meet every few years for 'borak2'. 

She's also my favorite teacher, I don't think she knows it. I love creative writing and English since I was in high-school, so I sometimes send my stuffs to her to let her read and improve - she was my EST teacher. She is also an avid traveller, she travels every year, and once she let me do her Europe travel scrap book during my holiday - where I collected all her photos and do cut + paste with her small notes & trinkets. THAT, was where I get the idea to record all my travelling experiences, because I felt really inspired by her travel stories. By 15, I already decided that I wanted to travel as much as I could and by 17, I decided to share my travel stories in my writings + photos (but I found writings alone will be a bit boring to read, so I doodle + illustrate). 


On the brunch + beautiful foods :
We set the meeting a week before, so I had already put a mental note on going to meet Miss Chin during the upcoming weekend without no excuse. I can be annoyingly super-anxious and cancel last minute, but I tried not to because I really wanted to meet Tasy & Miss Chin that weekend.

So Af drove me to Tasy's house on Saturday morning, we bid goodbyes ❤ and Tasy drove her car to Pavillion. Miss Chin was already there by 11 am, and I think we arrived 15 minutes late like a proud Malays 😅 . It was my first time in 'Wild Honey', so I didn't know what to order - they suggested to try the 'European' breakfast set (consisted of poach eggs, slices of chicken ham, roasted tomatoes and a lot of juicy mushrooms), Tasy ordered her 'Canadian' set (layers of pancakes and honey + jam) and Miss Chin ordered the 'Berkley' (greek yogurt and a lot of fruit compote and berries). 

They are vibrant and full of nice colours, I really love how they are presented. So I had to take some photos of the blog. Here's our lovely foods photos :

Note : If you don't do fancy places much, just ask people to suggest the meal for you and you can read up the description to see whether you might like it. It's okay to ask, don't feel inferior 😅


I'm glad I decided to go out and meet them,
it was so refreshing ❤

Mini Escapism : Video Compilation ❤

November 01, 2017

This is a compilation of our trip to Pantai Air Leleh in Pahang, 5 days trip in Sabah and a short weekend escapade in Port Dickson by Af :