Little Things 237 : Paying PTPTN using KWSP 2 (updated)

I currently have a remaining balance of RM 22,730 for my PTPTN loan from my full loan of RM 40k in 2010. I graduated almost 7 years ago from Uniten and I've been paying my PTPTN religiously. Some of my friends finished paying off their loan, some (like my brother) still shamelessly refusing to pay it.

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So Af and I discussed about our education loan, and decided that we should try to pay some of our PTPTN using our KWSP - Akaun 2. Several weeks ago, we went to KWSP to ask around about the procedure, the process sounded easy so we decided to proceed with our plan. After we registered for the i-Akaun at KWSP, we went to PTPTN in the same week to apply. I had to wait for 2 days for the online application before receiving a message on my phone and went to KWSP again to sign a form.

1. At KWSP (I was in Raub) :
  • Register for i-Akaun
  • Print out your EPF statement to see your balance and decide how much to use. (You can only use the money in Akaun 2)
  • Time : less than 5 minutes
2. At PTPTN (in KL Sentral) :
  • Bring your transcript and statement of graduation from your university.
  • Take a number, wait.
  • Tell the guy at the counter (about taking out your KWSP to pay PTPTN loan)
  • He will then ask you to fill-in a short form
  • He will ask how much you want to use from your account to pay your PTPTN
  • He will give a form (for you to bring to KWSP)
  • Wait 1-3 days, you will receive a sms about your application
  • Time : less than 10 minutes (depending on the crowd at PTPTN)
3. At KWSP again (in Petaling Jaya) :
  • I received the message
  • We went to KWSP in Petaling Jaya (bringing my transcript, the copy and the form from PTPTN)
  • She asked for my fingerprints on my form
  • Settle, wait for 7 working days to see the deduction
  • Time : less than 5 minutes
After a week, I received a text message stating that my application got rejected because of incomplete documents (not my fault, I did asked the counter whether I should submit any documents and she said "NO"). Af's application was successful, his loan is now 10k lighter. So after 2 weeks, I decided to reapply :

1. At Home (online) :
  • I got online and applied to pay my PTPTN using account 2 again
  • In 1 day, I received a text message stating that my application has been received and I need to go to any KWSP to submit my documents (University transcript & graduation certificate)
  • Time : less than 5 minutes

2. At KWSP again (in Petaling Jaya) :
  • Take a number
  • The same woman at the counter asked for my IC
  • Submitted all printed documents & showed the original copy for approval
  • She asked for my fingerprints on my form
  • Settle, she said to wait for 7 days for it to be approved
  • I mentioned about previous rejection (she said it was odd that I got rejected, the application was pretty straight forward. I should have received a phone call from KWSP if they need more documents - but maybe I missed the phone calls, maybe )
  • Time : less than 10 minutes

3. The application : 
  • After 7 days, I checked my KWSP status : DILULUSKAN
  • I checked my PTPTN account and received the latest balance of RM 7,786 (Aug 2017)


I decided to use 15k to pay my PTPTN, and because it is more than half of my remaining PTPTN balance, I should get the 10% discount (I'm not sure why I didn't get the discount). I saved long years of interest fee. So, the balance of my education loan now is : RM 7.7k. Way ahead of my original timeline to finish off paying my education loan :D I am so happy, I can't believe I paid up so much over the years and it is almost over soon ❤
  • Education loan (2010) : 41k
  • Current loan (2017) : 23k
  • Current year : 7th year after graduation
  • Pay-out (KWSP) : 15k
  • 10% discount : 1.5k
  • Balance : 6.5k
During 5 years of my early working life, my salary was so low I had to pay the minimum payment requirement. The 2 years after that was a great career time. My main goal is to pay in less than 10 years, at least to be free from my education loan. And then I will think about my next step to pay off my apartment loan (which seems like a looooong way to go) - but step by step guys !

Note : I will ask the PTPTN about my 10% discount and will update this blog post later.

Update : I went to Ptptn and asked them about the 10% discount, and they told me that the discount will be added in Sept. And I just checked my account today and noticed that I received the 1.5k discount ! My current Ptptn balance is updated and the remaining balance of my education loan is 6.5k. I can even pay it full by the end of this year if my account is strong :F

Extra notes :
  • Your KWSP account (Please apply for i-Akaun at KWSP)
  • Ptptn applicants - Check your PTPTN loan balance here.
  • MARA applicants - 
    • Apply i-Akaun at KWSP & take fillable form
    • Go to MARA HQ and request to pay MARA using KWSP (more forms)
    • Go to KWSP with forms, submit documents and leave fingerprintsss. 
2021 update : I finally finished paying off my student loan, during the pandemic. Alhamdulillah !
9 comments on "Little Things 237 : Paying PTPTN using KWSP 2 (updated)"
  1. Hi Kak Reen, 10% discount tu nanti akan reimburse balik dalam akaun KWSP. Sebab haritu saya bayar full amount guna KWSP lepas tu diorang reimburse balik amaun yang diskaun tu dalam akaun KWSP. Lama jugak la, dalam 2-3 bulan ambik masa.

    Tapi untuk kepastian nanti Kak Reen tanya balik dgn PTPTN/KWSP ye.

    1. Hello !
      Oh tadi akak pergi ke Ptptn tanya, dia kata mmg akan automatic deduct kat Ptptn sendiri nanti. Tapi kena tunggu bulan depan baru nmpk balance loan akan berkurang sbb discount tu :D

      Tahniah dah bayar full amount !! :D

  2. I amazed on how you manage your money. (^_^)

    1. Duit pinjam kena bayar cepat2 >.<
      Haha, baru tenang dlm jiwa.

  3. Its so good to see how dedicated you are in settling your PTPTN loan. Good job! I just settled my loan as well via EPF and with some personal savings. It's a huge relief! For those people who still have PTPTN Loan, the government has made it so easy for us to pay. For me, I didn't even have to go the PTPTN office. There's a helpline no which is available till 10 pm guys. One phone and you will get all the details! Make use of this opportunity!

    1. Oh that's great, congratulation to you !
      I'm getting there, few more months I hope :D

  4. So that means we can't settle it with transcripts is it? If we settle it with transcripts it will be rejected? Please help me with this

    1. What is settle with transcript ? What transcript ?

  5. Awesomeness. Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I did the same thing as you did and I'm currently waiting for EPF to send me the text.