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I think I've been super productive these couple of months. I love making and creating things without anyone telling me what-I-should do or not-do. I think there is something about being an artist, you kinda choose to follow your instinct and passion. 

As a designer, I had to follow all the designer's rules and requirements made by clients. Although it is good (in a way), I always thought it was somehow giving me limitations and I'll be stuck and depressed (every day). It did taught me how to be a better designer, but I was born a rebel. I don't like to follow :F I think if Yayoi Kusama listened to other people's critiques since she started making art, she won't be the legendary Polka-dots Queen now. 

As an independent illustrator, I can experiment on things that I want to learn and explore. I can use the same colour all over again, I can try different styles and decide on how the end product should be. All my syok-sendiri stuffs that make me feel excited to work everyday. ❤

Here are the things I made since I work as a full-time independent illustrator :



They are available at my :

Local e-store (Malaysian only)
Etsy (International)

And I am forever thankful to people who chose to
support me on my Patreon (I love you guys forever)
❤ ❤ 

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