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Little Things 24 : Perspective

May 31, 2012

While I was on the field trip to Cameron Highlands.

The four of us *my team went there bringing several cameras along. I think there were 2 dSLRs, 3 digital cameras, and 1 iPhone *had to mention it because I used up most pictures at Cameron from the phone. 

Back from the field trip, they gave me all of the photos taken there. I was the one who analyzed, chose and edited it for our use. The thing is, although all the photos were taken on the same day, on the same place, none of the photos are the same.

I love how I can see the timeline of those 3 days on the journey from different peoples.

Most of us were on the same place at exact moment, some of us saw the very same thing, but it was portrayed in different ways, each photos gave a unique touch of each person from their eyes.

When I look at those pictures, I can't stop to wonder what each of us thinking.

Did they smell the damp moss like I did?
Did they feel like the roses were talking with themselves like I did?
Did they touch the tea leaves using their fingertips like I did?
Did they feel the weather changes like I did?


It’s the simple things in life that are the most extra ordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.
Paulo Coelho.

Little Stories 8 : Voice

May 30, 2012

I knew since I was able to differentiate between voices a) that can sing and b) voices that can't, that I am categorized in the section b ) voices that can't sing. It is written all over me. So I hardly sing, well I don't actually sing at all except on Sunday morning when my mood is really good and I put on Neil Sedaka or Rod Steward so loud in my room before my sisters complain about it.

In my family, we are divided into 2 groups :

1) Good voice : My dad , Aja & Azura
2) Bad voice / Pretty Bad / Tune Deaf : My mom, Azmi, & I !

We took it well, we know we can't sing. It is just like someone who can't draw -  that is what I used to tell myself. It is not a 100% skill that we can learn. Singing is half skill, and half gift/talent. Some people are just born with it. 

Apparently I can't sing, and I am okay with that :D

PS : Last night 3 hours session with my siblings left me with sore throat. 


Little Things 23 : My Books

May 27, 2012

Finally I have the chance to really use a space for my books *only novels, educational magazines & graphic books. A space where my sister won't say my books are too many, or I should put my books elsewhere so that she can put her stuffs, or I have to put my books at random places just because it is disturbing her. 

I dislike those double rows though.
And I dislike the imbalance feel.
And I have a habit of rearranging my books every couple of months for fun.


Random thoughts : Invisible Frame

Most time I look at people around me, imagining I am out of the invisible frame that separates us. I see how people talk, react, portray feelings, solving problems. I give that silence a space,  a time to think to myself. Not to judge, but to learn. 

When I am in a group of people, this is what in my head :
Come on Reen, talk. Think about something funny to say. Laugh. Okay, it least smile a bit, give some reaction. Don't snort! Stop making those uncomfortable faces. You should talk a little bit. No. It is simple, just say something! 
It's exhausting. The inability to connect with others and respond. I rather sit and be myself. Most of the time I stare at the window, or I watch them like I watch TV. Intently and quiet.  

Sometimes I feel awed by people who talks brilliantly. They know what to say, how to respond, to give polite pauses when the time is right, little smiles, loud sincere laughs. *envy*


Travel : Cameron Highlands 3

May 25, 2012

Things that I love while I was visiting Cameron Highlands :

1. Moss and trails = Mossy Forest

I love trails, in the jungle, those silence, those smells of damp trees, cold sweats, little excitements over odd new findings. I love those little mosses along the road, on the tree trunks, being so tiny and damp with various of textures and gradients of green colours. I got excited over them all. Some of them looked like tiny soldiers, standing so straight!

One of my favorite place there was Mossy Forest. It was closed when we arrived at the entrance *for renovation. But luckily we got the permission to enter the forest because of our works! 
We hiked up and down half-done wooden stairs, still wet with cements until the end of the trail. How joyful. 

Extra tips : Do bring a bottle of water, it's a quite a long journey. And preferably wear shoes !  


2. Gardens

There were rows of flowers in various colours, cactuses, and fruits. I don't know how they maintain such place because it was remarkable and peaceful. I should probably try to plant some trees at my house as a self-theraphy. Although having dear Awan should probably be enough for now. 


3. Morning walk and light breakfast

We walked briefly to the nearest rows of shops next to our hotel. There is something about silent morning, and hot drinks that give me such serene feeling. 

For Sale : Mini Sleepyheads

May 23, 2012


I thank all new owner of my original illustrations on canvas. 
I sold all of them, hoping for a new loving home for them all 

Now I am accepting orders for mini sleepyheads on 20 x 20 cm or 15 x 15 cm canvas. 
Each illustration is different because I am not reprinting them. 



Email me :


Travel : Cameron Highland 2

May 22, 2012

Advises to Share from this Journey :

1. Bring a lot of socks if you plan to walk a LOT. 
You should change your socks daily. One pair of socks = One day. And extra another one pair of socks for nightwear when you go to sleep because it can be a little cold up there.  

2. Bring a bottle of water while trekking
Especially when you go to Mossy Forest or walk up to the top of Brinchang Mountain. We cheated, we took a car ride up to the top of the mountain :D

3. Bring thick sweater
For small person like me, my fats weren't enough to keep me warm at night because it was so cold! But it is quite warm in daylight.

4. Some farms are closed on Tuesday
And some farms are closed on any random days except on weekend :(

5. Must go places :
Mossy Forest
Strawberry Farm
Rose Centre
Boh Plantation

6. Wear shoes
If you plan to walk a lot, then wear shoes or at least comfortable sandals. Slippers is not recommended *for no specific reason, I don't really like slippers.

7. Robinson Waterfalls is literally dead
Although it is still listed in the Cameron Highlands map as one of the place to visit, I think it is not really a place to enjoy anymore.

8. Get ready for hours of dizzy road ride
I didn't enjoy those time while we were going up and down the hill. I was a little dizzy and tired *even though I was only a passenger, imagine being the one who drives the car.

9. Plan Ahead
You should buy the map they sell at the hotel or any farms. I think it is RM 4.90, if I was not mistaken. You can get the whole list, contacts of the places to visit. Useful item.


Travel : Cameron Highlands


Busy busy month. I've been to so many places these past few weeks. Despite so many stories that have been brought home, I had a hard time trying to sum up those experiences in this blog. Sometimes words don't come easy, huh. 

Anyhow, along with work assignments, those 3 days in Cameron Highland was a great personal exploration. I took a LOT of pictures both for works and for personal usage. Little tin soldier walked around the hills with me, good times :D 

This post is only to share my favorite macro pictures taken by dear LX3 at Cameron Highlands. I found many little things and textures along my journey there. Little flowers, mossy grasses, insect, thorns and such. I am quite fond of those little trinkets that people hardly notice. 

Well if you are such person, enjoy these photos! Some pictures look a bit odd tho, but I love them nonetheless. 



Little Things 22 : Random Smiles

May 19, 2012

* I need something to remind me why I should smile *


1. Meeting Awan after 2 weeks of travelling :


2. Eating iced strawberry cheesecake in the hot afternoon :


3. Buying close-friend cute case :


4. Selling many artworks :


5. Finding childhood in old books :


6. Tickling sleepy kittens :

7. Collecting more instax pictures on my desk :

8. Knowing where Totoro is hiding :


9. Watching sunset :


10. Watching David Choi live :


Lesson : Walking Away

May 17, 2012

If people hit you, don't hit back.
You'll learn something much bigger when you choose to walk away.
You can't change human. But you can change yourself.

When people judge you, when people criticize, when people hurt you with words, learn something from it. You should know that if you fight back with the same manner, you are exactly like them.

Lick your own wound.
Walking away is not because you are weak.
It is just because you have better ways to handle it.

❤ May Gift-away ! ❤

May 11, 2012


Hello hello hello !

It's been a long busy month. I'm still having fun being super busy packed with activities until the end of May. I'll probably be on and off for this whole month. 

So, I've been wanting to do a proper gift-away for a while now, and I think it's about time to thank readers and visitors for all your lovely-powerful-inspiring supports ❤ 


Here :
'Me' on Moleskine Cahier - Ruled Journal
64 lined pages.
with the last 16 pages detachable + inner pocket.
9 x 14 cm.
Acid free papers.

Little rules to enter the gift-away are :
1. Post a comment here to inform me that you'll be joining.
2. The more, the merrier, share it with the universe! *share on blogs, twitter, fb, etc.
3. You need to be a notebook + doodle lover.

I'll use to pick the lucky winner :)

Like I've said before, we need to share things that we love with people.
It brings good karma!

By the end of May 2012.

Remember my tin soldier?
You can follow his adventure with me through his instagram
He travels a lot! *For real!

Well, and yeah here is my instagram too.

For Sale : HootHoot Charm

May 07, 2012

Hello !

Little Hoot Hoot Charm
It's up for sale :

RM 2 each + RM 1 postage in Malaysia.

Email me :
to order.


For Sale : Sleepyhead Sticker.



I made this sleepyhead stickers for you !
It's up for sale :

RM 3 for 2 pieces + postage in Malaysia.

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Pipit Wonderful Market 8 : 2012

May 06, 2012



Pipit Wonderful Market 8 was a fun success ! Although none of my close friends or family came to support me this time, except for one former uni friend from Uniten *thanks Ayman!, I had fun there meeting some great artists! esp : irene and minifanfan! :D And the crowd was overwhelming. And I met several online friends. And and and and, it was a bless to get a chance to be there T^T

Thank you everyone for coming , and stopping by and saying "Hello", and buying stuffs, and for every smiles you gave me yesterday.