Little Things 126 : Silencing the World

Shy rain and dusty hot wind. Everything looks grey and unhealthy. Another hot season and sleepless sweaty nights, I've aged more than I should in a short time. I can't wait for my time to be away from the city heat. 


I almost finished reading H.Murakami's short stories compilation in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. In the mid-way through the book, I realized something that I've been missing. My written words. It has been so hard to write nowadays, and I've been wondering why it feels more like a task than a passion. And I figured that maybe I am clouded by unfiltered world of thoughts by the society. I knew social media can do so much harm than good to me.

I started with deactivating my Facebook and my Facebook page. Next thing I know, I logged out from Twitter and Instagram. Still considering whether to stop using Tumblr all-together or just try to avoid using it for awhile. Like all addiction, I keep on accidentally 'clicked' on the Ig icon but the login process takes too much of my subconscious mind so I cancelled right-away.

And I began writing again.

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