Little Things 30 : Paper Birds

Do you know the feeling when you are so annoyed with everything and you can't understand your current mood swings and you search for loud song to bury those noises around you and you probably come across this and you click on the play button and scroll the youtube page to read the first comment and you read this :

I hate to ruin the mood but... those are paper pterodactyls. 
And those 179 likes on the comment alone came from people like me, who found the little stupid joke on random place, funny.


Huge spoiler : 
Lexie died in a plane crash! Lexie! Our Lexie Grey died in season 8 because she decided to stop acting in Greys. And for that, Abas Azmi, I give you thumbs up *for keep hitting me with spoilers that I don't want to know early every season and this is a huge spoiler ever. Ha. 

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