It's been almost a year since I finished my studies in Uniten.
4 years of freedom as a student.

Both my younger sis & bro (*in the picture) just started their degree in MMU.
All the best!


What I've learned from my 4 years of university life? 

1. One of the useful learning process in graphic field is by learning from someone else's design. You imitate, you improve and you learn. If you learn designing from text book, then it will be obsolete, out-dated. The greatest teacher in graphic supposed to be professional designers who currently works as a designer. It's by experiences. If only I found out about this earlier.

2. You learn something, you use the knowledge, maintain it, keep it in your head. It's really important. Eventually it can help you in your future job. Those XML, HTML, CSS, CISCO, PHP, VB and those things that you want to forget? Those knowledges are your income.

3. It is super easy to score something, if you just make an extra effort on each subject. Do the works, go to class, answer every quiz, finish up your assignment, meet lecturer and study smart. It's a constant process. 

4. You will have all the time in the world. Use it well. Start your online business. Start writing. Start freelancing. Start photographing. Start early, there's too much free time.

5. DON'T PROCRASTINATE. Easy, just do the works given to you. Get it ready early. So you don't have to do any last minute works. I started my FYP 5 months before the due date, and that was good for me. I got time to relax and take it easy.

6. It's okay if you don't blend in. Seriously okay. I survived 4 years.

7. This is the time to read a lot, have fun a lot, do anything, anytime. Because once you start working, your time is not yours anymore. You are paid to work for your boss.

8. Make friends that worth to keep.

9. Flings are just a fling. Don't worry much. You will laugh about it in the future.

10. I don't mind continuing my studies in near future. But I need to pay off my loan first. Get scholarship!


3 comments on "Graduation."
  1. nice... Tahniah baru graduate .. kte baru lagi kat uniteng teng..

  2. congratulation reen :)
    I agreed on point 6.
    U don't need to be in a group to be or feel strong.
    U don't need to impress silly people just to blend in.
    It'll be hard. But u'll survive.
    I know i did. for 1 year. huhu
    N proud of myself!

  3. Yeah, thanks Tasy!
    For stopping by, for reading it, and for replying!
    Excited to see familiar face commenting.