and I'm beginning to hate it.

4 comments on "Everyday."
  1. OMG seriously?? That's bad for your health. What do you do that takes up 12 hours?

  2. Yeah.. About 9-10 hours at the office.
    And 3-6 hours at home for freelance.

    I work in IT field,
    Yeah, so it's more than 12 hours!
    12 hours is just the minimum hours.

  3. my brother is a programmer and he sits for a long time. I've noticed his postures are getting worse this few years and he keeps complaining having back pain.

    I myself use to sit for hours, playing computer games that until quite a few times my elbows begin to hurt. using the mouse is not the natural position for our physiology. I've stopped the games and spend less time on pc so i now feel quite a lot better.

    quite sad actually, but working nature nowadays requires sitting a lot. esp archi n ITs.
    at least buy a comfy chair. I dont get ppl who spend lots on their comps, yet use hard stool :S

  4. I hope I don't have to work in front of computer for long! Working myself out from the daily office life.