Little Stories 46 : Morning Caffeine

I dozed on the bus, holding the remaining 2/3 of IQ84. The sun shone directly on my face, but I was too sleepy to complain. Waking up so early for a dizzy morning? Maybe it is not a great start after all. It is Friday and I woke at 4am.

I stepped off one station ahead for the nearest 7/11 and bought myself a can of Nescafe, "please mild caffeine, make yourself useful today". A can of Nescafe contains about 60+ mg of caffeine and it will usually goes into the system in 30 minutes, lasts around 2-5 hours. Moderate caffeine intake is around 300 mg for normal people. Information taken on their website for random fun facts. 

I am a light-drinker.
Thank you morning caffeine.

7 comments on "Little Stories 46 : Morning Caffeine"
  1. nice info! based on research,wanita yg minum coffee 2 cawan sehari lebih kurang stress dari yang tak minum coffee langsung :P

  2. Fiey !
    Mumsy mesti selalu minum coffe sebab nak stay-up study and jaga those adorable kids of yours kan ! :D

  3. Uwarggghh! I tak minum coffee langsung. So, i'm very much stressful then both of you la ek?

  4. Ye ke?
    Coffee so nice, bila tak reach pening state la..

  5. Maybe I drank too much of the strong one while in mrsm, not I don't even know if the caffeine is working or not when I drink them T^T

  6. Ah.. you became immune to them.
    Yeah, no fun.. :(

  7. :(

    Need to find stronger ones then ;p