Little Things 65 : Let's Read

March 05, 2013

I was in the woman's coach in the Komuter this morning. There were more than 70 women, *I counted. Some stared empty at the window, some religiously played their smartphones, some were asleep and some chatted.

No one held a book.
No one read.


My sister went to the clinic yesterday and she complained that she had to wait for hours doing nothing. By nothing means socially active on the net using her smartphone or play games, I bet?
Why didn't you bring a book and read while you were waiting?


A conversation with my brother :
I think I want to be a writer.

If you want to be a writer, you need to read and write obsessively. Do you do that? That's the first step to become a writer. If you don't read, how can you learn to write. If you don't write, how can you improve?

Saying is one thing, doing is one step further. 

6 comments on "Little Things 65 : Let's Read"
  1. lol. i read books all the time in my journey to work and back home (i took trains). plenty of times i missed my stops when i was too absorbed in the books :D

    write lah, make interesting stories

  2. Write, write, I am writing :D

  3. i love your blog . secretly inspired when i read your blog. input=output . couldn't agree more :)

  4. Aww, Mira, thank you for your support <3

  5. some people read e-book from their smartphones, like me :)
    but still, I prefer reading a real book than an e-book of course. hehe

    1. True, I totally agree with you :)
      Physical books are more personal.