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I got two tickets to the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2013 in conjunction with Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) on the 27th and 28th February at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. While thinking whether I should go or not, I came across my daily blog feeds a few minutes afterwards : 

So I forwarded the email invitation to my boss right after and asked if I can go to the conference with my colleague, Kak Intan. Off we go ! 


I listened to almost all of the sessions throughout the 2 days conference. Many well established and inspiring speakers shared their opinions and stories regarding social media experiences, I thanked God I came ! Click here for the list of the speakers and what they talked about. 

Some short summary :
  • I loved eccentric Althea Lim, the Co-Founder of Gush Cloud in Singapore, I remember she said something about how to know  how influential a person in the social media network is by their Klout Score : 80 - 100.  Other than Klout, we can track by using Peer Index and Kred.
  • Brands are using people on social media to do marketing, and that is how much your influential level counts. Some company hire people in their marketing team based on how influential they are on social media network. If you have 30k followers in your Twitter, they want to know how did you do it ! 
  • Jason Cruz from Philippines mentioned a lot about how noisy the internet is, and how we need to choose to absorb good knowledge instead of taking everything in. He kept on mentioning " Don't quote me on the internet :-  on things that he is not quite sure of ! ".
  • Kang Hyun Bin, the director of the famous mobile application from Korea shared an interesting statistic on Line's achievements. He is one funny guy, his slides was super fun ! Surprisingly Line downloads reached 100 million users in 19 months ! That's not even in 2 years time. 
  • Jeremy Wallenberg from the United Stated shared his experiences in the previous Obama's campaign. There was this video shown on how they can make a difference by using technology : simple things like online mobile application to pay for parking ticket additional time , locating the whereabouts of all taxis and public buses, etc.
  • Ms. Kounila Keo from Cambodia is a journalist and she shared about how the current new generation in Cambodia faces the internet since the past 2 years. She also said how the journalism changed from the traditional newspaper as the main reporter for the society to something much more vast and exposed.  She was sharing something from a writer's view, which I took a great account to.
  • Celebrities like Dato' Fazley, Sazzy Falak, Nik Micheal, Aishah Sinclair and Miss Malini shared their experiences on their point of view. How the fans helped them to improve, how they engaged with the fans, how they handle bad critiques, and such. Some celebrities got their own strategies to fully utilized their social media network. Inspiring Miss Malini from India with more than 1 million subscribers shared how attached she is with the online world to get to her level now. She is a professional entertainment blogger.
  • YB Dato' Saifuddin and YB Tony Pua shared on how social media was used in political field. It was a well-behaved session until an audience shoot things about politic which was not supposed to happen. 

There are many more other great speaker's point that I did not mentioned here, but overall, it was a great exposure to me, learning from the experts. 

I also met an eccentric inspiring young girl : Dayang Melati
She talked passionately about her personal project on Inspiring Youth


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