Food : Cakes De Lemari

Hello !

I used to dislike cupcakes before this year. I hated the colourful icings and spongy cake. But that changed since I tasted 1) Tasya's little cupcakes made for my & aja's birthday , and also 2) cupcakes from Cakes De Lemari, a brand new little cupcake shop in Equine Park. 

Without icing, cupcakes taste a lot better !

Sugar, colours and everything sweet? 
I suggest you to try cupcakes from the shop.


By the way, my handsome-single younger brother is currently working part-time there, soooo if you want to meet him and exchange nice small talks, now it's your time ! 
PS : He is currently doing his degree in Cyber. Hewhewhew. 

This is cakes in the jar :
Tiramisu, Caramel, Rainbow& Chocolate.


Here is a rough map I did on GoogleMap,
it is near Maulana & Snogurt, Equine Park.

7 comments on "Food : Cakes De Lemari"
  1. Ooh I'll go there tomorrow (and meet your brother!)

    I kid. The cupcakes look amazing though *___*

  2. Aha, Kiwa, they closed on Sunday !
    Plus my brother is only working from Tuesday - Saturday , if I am not mistaken :D

  3. Does Cakes De Lemari means 'Di Almari'? Betul ke? Kalau betul, i suddenly thought of Cakes De Gerobok.

  4. Yeahh, sort of :D
    Comel kan?

  5. Hello, do you have the contact number of this bakery? Thank You :)

    1. Yeah, here :

      B-10-G, Putrawalk, Jalan PP 25, Tmn Pinggiran Putra, 43300 Seri Kembangan
      03-8940 4833 :D