Little Stories 43 : SPM

On the day my SPM result went out, *that was like 8-9 years ago, I went to my school a bit later than my friends. When I arrived, I saw all my genius classmates with their happy faces. Being surrounded by all straight A's best friends was not really a good feeling. 

I went to the desk, uttered my name, and the teacher gave me my SPM slip,

Congratulation, you got 5 A's and 6 B's. 

I cried in my heart, "Shoot, I am never going to leave Malaysia".

I dragged my feet, feeling like a total failure and suddenly my Motorola vibrated in my pocket. I saw my old-time-super-genius childhood crush's name on the screen. Gah , not him please.

Hello ?
Hello ! How was our SPM's result? *super-excited mode
Erm, I got 5 A's, and 6 B's. How about you?
Congratulation! I got straight A's.

That was all I can remember on my SPM result's day. I didn't even feel like celebrating. 

But anyhow, even so, I achieved many things in life that all my genius friends didn't. Maybe they achieved what's best in their field and felt fulfilled and Alhamdulillah for them. But my road is all bumpy and interesting and different and fun, and I loved it nonetheless. I chose the road hardly taken, and I am having fun. 

Thank God I didn't try to become a lawyer/doctor/engineer like you, I am happy experimenting with my current life, and it's colourful.
That is not helping, Reen. 
PS : All the best for your exams, Min & Tasy ! 

5 comments on "Little Stories 43 : SPM"
  1. it's great to have you color your own paths, some of the 'geniuses' who got the straight a's might be just following the flow or what their parents told them to do (im included). when i finally understood what i really wanted, it's has been a bit too late to start over. dah jauh ketinggalan berbanding kawan2 yg chase their dreams and go through the challenges, struggling and working hard everyday. i respect you for choosing your own path rather than taking the safe and easy one.

  2. Ditto 1st comment above; although I do not have any regrets about the paths that I have chosen. Happiness & success come in many ways and definitions. Just follow your dreams and do not let others dictate your life and the way they want you to be.

    If anything, I do envy you, wahai BK, haha!

  3. Hime & RaW : Yeaah, this is actually a kind of pujuk-diri blog post on my SPM results and the after-effect, after 8 years !

    Farik : Huhaha, it is bad when all your friends are getting straight A's, you'll be thinking how on earth did they do that !

  4. I got 5A's too. Thank goodness I didn't failed my BM like I did on my trial. :D

    It was 5 years ago. What I remember the most was, I lost my freaking phone on the way back to my aunts house and I also lost my way to hers because I took a different bus T^T