Little Stories 42 : Bless you Wednesday

March 13, 2013

I pulled out the last RM 50 from my money case, money that will last almost the whole week. I put it along with my Touch & Go card, thinking I need to top-up the card so I can pay for the taxi ride to work with smaller change. 

Suddenly I heard the train, I walked faster, swiped the card, and I felt something different, lighter. "Where is the money?". I silently used less obscene curses while trying to find the money but I failed. So I sat in the train with my most dumbstruck face that I could ever unintentionally do , rewinding the past few minutes that had just happened. 

The train arrived at my stop, I asked my colleague to pick me up, but my wild guess was : she was still on her way to work, probably she did not check her phone thus not replying my text. So I walked. 

Thinking I need to walk for more than 2 km to the destination might not help, so I laughed - not in a disturbing evil way, but little laughters that could somehow ease the negative thoughts. Halfway through the expedition, drenched with morning sweat and countless reasonings, I saw my colleague and she gave me a ride. 

An interesting way to start my Wednesday. 


Lesson number 1 : Keep extra money in my bag.
Lesson number 2 : Learn to curse properly in anger. What is 'stupid' ? Is this all I can do?
Lesson number 3 : Don't leave the house with empty stomach, because now I am starving.
Lesson number 4 : Learn to ask for help.
Lesson number 5 : Survive.
Lesson number 6 : Laugh at little incidents and take note.
Lesson number 7 : Enjoy the rest of your day.

PS : Thank you Miss Faizah, for the ride and for the RM 8 duit kesian.
I'll pay you back !

3 comments on "Little Stories 42 : Bless you Wednesday"
  1. Haha nasib kau ni mengingatkan kat nasib aku pulak. Jadi hari yg sama jugak lak tu. Maybe situasi lain sedikit still duit dah tiada dalam tangan =].

  2. sy slalu campak balance coin dlm handbag sbb i know oneday those coins yg sy campak will help! and my hubs says handbag i ni mcm dustbin :-p

  3. I got this little coin purse, tapi bukan cukup pun nak guna naik teksi, aha.

    Hari yg menarik.