Little Stories 45 : Fayyadh

March 29, 2013

Fayyadh entered standard 1 this year, I hardly see him at the lab like I used to. It's finally school holiday and he stopped by yesterday. He brought a jar of keropok and sat next to me. When he is not influenced by Ariff - *our animator, he is a very nice thoughtful boy. Boys being boys, sometimes they can be a bit annoying.

Story 1 :
Fayyadh : I hardly see you.
Me : Yes, you started to go to school?
Fayyadh : I don't come here often, I go to school.
Me : Do you have many friends there ?
Fayyadh : *silently counting* , THREE ! 

Story 2 :
Fayyadh : My hair is short.
Me : Yes, you cut your hair?
Fayyadh : Do I look like Aaron Aziz?
Me : Ahh, you look even better than him.
Fayyadh : *huge grin*

Story 3 :
Fayyadh : Kak Reen, I brought you keropok.
Me : Oh thank you.
Fayyadh : For you it's free, for everyone else, it's 3 for RM 1.20
Me : *huge grin*

Story 4 :
Fayyadh : Kak Reen, why your iPhone is so small?
Me : This is not an iPad, of course it is small.
Fayyadh : Why don't you buy an iPad instead?
Me : Because I already got an iPhone. Why I need more?
Fayyadh : Well, throw this iPhone, and buy an iPad.
Me : No ! *(O.O)*

Story 5 :
Fayyadh : Do you know what is this? *showing an icon on the iPad while playing game*
Me : No, what is that?
Fayyadh : A shovel.
Me : You can read that?
Fayyadh : No, I watched it on Youtube. They said it is called a "shovel".
Me : *impressed*

Fayyadh : What is this?
Me : It is a 'chest'. *reading the label*
Fayyadh : What is a chest?
Me : It is a thing that we use to keep items.
Fayyadh : Okay, I am going to keep my things in the chest now. 

While playing a game on iPad.
4 comments on "Little Stories 45 : Fayyadh"
  1. I always like Fayyadh - as a name. Kids are soo adorable. Him as well! He looks way better than Aaron Aziz. For real!

    * i want to keep some of stuff in my chest as well!

  2. Kannnn, he looks better than Aaron Aziz, mesti besar nanti handsomeeeee :D

    Your chest? Hahaha.

  3. awww, he has "heartbreaker" written all over his face!

    Sekarang dah handsome, besar nanti taktahu lah macam mana!

  4. I hope he wont grow up and stay adorable !