Event : Brooks 2013


Hello !

I registered for 5 km run solely because the venue is in Bukit Jalil near my hometown, and for the pure joy of running with the crowd again *If I am not mistaken, more than 12,000 people registered for this run. This time I did not trained like last year in the IMU Charity Run, I only reached a total of 10 km training before the event. 

We arrived quite early and I had to wait for my turn by myself. My 5 km run started at 7.25 am, and this time I took 40 minutes to reach the finishing line *average speed for someone lack of training :p
I wish I remember to bring my iPod.

My brother and I got a mini trophy; mine was a bronze one for 5km and he got the silver one for 10 km. I think I need to check on my weight, I looked like I lost some weights in most photos (?). 

Starting line : 10 km

My brother and I

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  1. congrats! :) I was there too! din't expect to see so many ppl actually!