Little Things 244 - Shikataganai

There are certain things in life that we can't change.

I've stayed at home for more than a year now, since I had Sofi. We hardly go out. We don't really go to public places or gatherings even before the pandemic. Sure it wasn't healthy, but I was determined to not let her be sick from cold or flu or fever for at least a year. I tried my best to let her grow in a controlled environment (which isn't healthy I know being sick is a part of growing to have a strong immunity).

Because I'm always worried, anxious. 


I'm trying to have a peace of mind nowadays.

'Shikataganai', letting go of things that can't be changed or helped. I'm trying to not be controlled by things that I can't do anything about. 

For example like how the pandemic is still the hottest topic in our daily life and every single day is a reminder about it. I'm already staying at home and we are taking all the precaution : wash hands, clean up and sanitize things from the outside world. I don't know what else could I do to avoid this pandemic. 

So I try not to feed my mind with fear. I've already tried my best to prevent it, I rather not have my daily life affected by thinking about the possibilities, every hour, every day. 

That's when shikataganai comes in, I need to be reminded to stop worrying about things that I can't do anything about. Still try to have a normal life, but at home, in a safe space. Letting go of the "what-ifs". I'm accepting that I've tried my best, and if bad things still happen, it is things that can't be controlled. 

I can't be afraid of living. 

I can't live in fear. 


Stay safe everyone. 

I hope you are well and I hope we can all survive this together. 

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  1. yeah even it been months im stil scared with going outside freely . be safe