Doodle : Sticker

When I was small I bought a sticker book from my hometown's pasar malam. I went there several weeks later to buy cheap looking RM 1 stickers that I started to collect since then. My older sister taught me how to differentiate between unacceptable pirated stickers and the one that looked decent enough to be in my collection. 

I grew up collecting stickers. Years later I still have the same notion everytime I saw those colourful stickers at stationary shops. The excitements when I saw colours! To name a few, these places provides a huge collection of imported stickers : Art Friend, Sketch & Crop. I love them, I want them.

They inspire me.

These are all my stickers that I've drawn, printed and cut personally :



You can order these stickers :

5 comments on "Doodle : Sticker"
  1. Art friend = heaven for arts people

  2. Assalam, may I ask, how did you turn the doodle to digital? Scanning into Ai, isit?

  3. Naurah :
    Agree ! :D

    Adora : Waalaikumusalam,
    I just paint it digitally using graphic tablet. It's not vector - not with Ai :)

    Fauzan & Mr. IQ :
    Terima kasih :)