Book : Blanket

October 20, 2012

When I received duit raya from the boss for last Eid, I secretly went to the Borders by myself to buy a graphic novel + visual biography by Craig Thompson , Blanket. I aimed for this book after I saw it a few weeks earlier and googled pages from the book. Ps : I bought the last copy :D

I've been searching for graphic novel about life, mainly on personal thoughts and opinions. Blanket looked like a hole that let me peek inside Craig's past and thoughts. What made him produce Habibi? That was the real question. I heard some good and bad reviews on Habibi from my colleagues and Goodreads. On rough statement, Habibi consists of beautiful intricate illustrations, and Arabic calligraphies. It is NOT suitable for kids and immature adult, in a way, I am sure it touches a lot about sensitive issues ; religions, races, beliefs, history, slavery, nudity, sex etc. 

So I am pretty curious on what makes him did all those interesting research - because Habibi shows that he did his research. I don't really recommend this type of reading, except if you are purely interested in such heavy topics and open-minded. 

Anyhow, in Blanket, it is mostly on his childhood and love stories. I love this book.
PS : Be warned that there's nudity in this book. Not suitable for under-age. 


3 comments on "Book : Blanket"
  1. sangat suka novel grafik tentang hidup. i wish one day i will have the chance to publish my own

  2. A 'ah, waz try la buat novel grafik begini.
    Best laaaah. Pengalaman hidup :D