Little Things 41 : Personal Dream

October 05, 2012

I guess one of the bad thing in growing up is you will eventually get used to things. If you are fine with the consistency, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you are not such person, you may feel bored easily. Adventure and new things are what you keep on having in your random thoughts. 

Sometimes I get annoyed with myself for having such thoughts and being 25, I know it is getting quite wild and hard to control. Since I started to gain my own money by working, I see many roads and possibilities. Life is much clearer. If only I can take out my passport and buy ticket to somewhere far. If only I can stay at some random foreign country and try to make a living by being a waitress in a coffee shop and slowly learn the city and culture. If only I can just leave things here and actually learn about life in new ways.

Sometimes it's getting wilder. I asked my mom ;

Me : I want to go somewhere far, and stay there to learn. There is more than this.
Ma : Why you keep on wanting such things? You don't want a big house, you don't want a car. Why? I am not like that <-- saying that she doesn't understand my need for such things in life 
Me : But I've been here more than 20 years already.
Ma : Don't tell me you aren't planning to get married.
Me : I don't know, it is not something in my list yet, I guess.


I leaped with excitement when my uncle said that his family is going to Beijing and asked us if we are interested to join them again. Yes! So my brother and I are going to Beijing for this winter season in December. 

My salary isn't high enough to actually use it for fun. But the strong will to be on the road keeps me work hard to achieve this. I need to do this, or I will keep on thinking about it for the rest of my life. And I want what I want, or at least I'll fight for it hard enough.

2009 - Umrah
2010 - Singapore
2011 - Indonesia
2012 - Beijing
2013 - ?

When you want something bad enough, the world will conspires to help you. I just need my parents' blessing and money, a lot of money. Or I need to marry a nice rich traveller that love me to bits so we can explore the world together ! 
Okay, where should I start?


2 comments on "Little Things 41 : Personal Dream"
  1. To marry a nice rich traveller sounds the best of all. But, *slap head from your back* wake up! Reality~

    I love travelling too. But money was my biggest issue that'd stopped me. Sad story. Just sad.

  2. Bila ada duit, just go! Masalahnya manusia ni, ada duit, dok pikiaq, nak bayar bil, nak kena buat itu ini...masalah ni tak berkesudahan dan kalau fikir kan pasal ni, sampai bila2 pun tak ke mana2 :)
    Bila rasa nak pergi, cukup duit, then just go! Duit boleh dicari. Doodles banyak2 hehe...
    But anyway, good luck in finding rich traveler that does not love anything else but you! Haha...