Little Things 40 : Baking

October 04, 2012


I fought with my inner self and found something to calm it down a bit. I keep thinking : do something new. So I made a bunch of cream puffs until late at night. 

For people who know me well, it is amusing to actually see me in the kitchen for other reason than being force to find something to eat and cook. Because I hardly eat for fun, so baking for fun is probably one of the oddest thing I could do.

I dragged both my younger brother and sister to keep me occupied in the kitchen and helped around. I know they were there because I looked too enthusiastic and they didn't have the heart to reject my excitement. Thank you  With simple tutorial from youtube and short reading from the net, I took a note and started it. After several arguments over how to make the filling and the filling actually shouldn't turn out a bit lumpy - wild guess : that was cooked eggs because the milk was too hot :D But the filling was nice and creamy enough.

It turned out okay.

It wasn't perfect, but it was decent enough. 
My siblings ate it happily.

What I learned?
I saw how my siblings supported me on that night. It was a rare occasion- we don't really do such thing for fun. We slowly turned into adult, with our lives to handle, and our own problems to solve. That night, I learned that sometimes people do something out of love, and to show supports. For that, I thank them 

Baking is still strange to me. And eating for fun is still new.
So we will see how it grows in the future. 


You can find tutorial on the net,
there are sooooo many easy tutorials to follow, I don't want to repeat things thousands of people already shared. 
I find myself a bit chessy when I post on my baking experience. 
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