Books : Ghost Stories

I managed to read Coraline in 2 days while on my way to work. 

I need to imagine myself being 13, that is the appropriate age to read the book. It was somewhat creepy and ghastly. If I was 13 when I read the book, I might feel little uneasy while reading. I want to read-aloud this book to my children someday- I listened to Neil's Gaiman version and I loved it !


When I was young I read Goosebumps series by R.L.Stine. I even read all ghost story books in the library. I bought Gempak every month when I was in primary school because of two things : 
1) ' Jangan tutup lampoooo' short story 
2) Scary comics by Octopus, Fakhrul Anour and Baba Chuah - those were the days when Gempak was far cooler than now. 

It's ironic. 
I don't like ghost stories nowadays. I hardly read ghost stories. Let alone watching horror movies. 
I tried to read some of Stephen King and Dean Koontz which later turn into thriller - than horror. I read Dracula or vampire stories that turned into romance and mystery instead. 

I once read a review on the scariest fiction novel, which is Amytyville Horror by Jay Anson, so I ordered the book from Depository-books, which later after 2 months of waiting, they said they don't have any book left in their stock and returned my money. I took that as a sign, maybe I shouldn't read the book.

If I can feel sadness, inspired, happy, excited, anticipated, anxious by books, is it possible to feel scared as well? Can I really feel goosebumps while reading until I need to stay with my siblings or in daylight to keep on reading? Can I feel the dampness of the back of my shirt from the cold sweat? Is that possible? Is there any writer good enough to write such books? 

Does anyone has any recommendations? 
No, I don't watch movies, I want books. 


After I watched Hotel Transylvania & read Coraline, I can imagine them being best-friends.
So I doodled this yesterday.

5 comments on "Books : Ghost Stories"
  1. I read The Passage by Justin Cronin last year. Not sure if you had read it or not. But the story did bring goosebumps to me. It brings shivers down my spine and yes, I had to keep the lights on while I was reading it in the midnight. And surely, I'm too scared to read it alone.
    But I'm not sure if it's a horror type of novel or not. I'm not sure either if its the nervousness I'm feeling actually.
    But I'm just recommending it to you because I do feel all of those and it's a really good book for me. I'm also eagerly waiting for the sequel this Dec. :D

  2. singgah.comel dodol eh doodle kamu hehee :D

  3. Safurah : Ahh, really? I've never heard of it before. I'll keep that in my list. Thank you for sharing. I'll be hunting down the book ! :D

    Salads : Terima kasih daun keladi ! :D

  4. I don't read scary book ver much since I'm a scaredy cat, but I think Earthsea first book was quite scary.
    Not scary because monsters or vampires, but because the main character has to fight his own 'devil' which was created through his mistakes.

    Dunno if that suits you. but have a look, Ursula l GUin

  5. The Thin Executioner is my current favorite.

    Quite gory if you ask me but it is a good book paired with wild imagination :)